Netflix Has Reached 29.9 Million Paid Subscribers, More Than HBO

netflix-appletvOn the premise of keeping the report short and sweet, Netflix has two industry-changing claims to make: it has more subscribers than HBO and Netflix users streamed 5 billion hours of content over the third fiscal quarter.

During that time, 1.3 million new subscribers were added, domestically, totaling to 29.9 million paying members.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and CFO David Wells said in a letter to shareholders this afternoon that as a result of the increase, the company had passed the 40 million members (unpaid and paid) milestone, thus beating HBO’s own population of 28.7 million U.S. customers.

In other words, Netflix is here to stay.

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LG G2 Review: Elated Execution, But Strange Outcome

LG G2By and by, there are smartphones using Android software that poke their head out of the masses and are actually noteworthy, then are reviewed and juxtaposed to the lead devices of other platforms: Apple with the iPhones, Samsung with the Galaxies, HTC with its Ones, and Nokia with its Lumias. At least, in theory. Only a handful of devices from each line are successful, but you get the idea.

Of course, no one ever considers LG for such a role. Despite being responsible for the Nexus 4 (and its successor), LG has never had enough reasons to push an ANdroid device as a flagship, far and wide for all to see.

That’s what the G2 is for, in LG’s first act.

NVIDIA Makes Us All Happy With The New GeForce GTX 780 Ti

geforce-gtx-780-tiSure, it’s just a new graphics card for desktop computers, to be used for gaming, rendering, and all other intensive visual tasks. But it’s more powerful. Who doesn’t love more powerful and capable computer hardware? Only when it doesn’t serve any new features or tasks, of course.

That’s where Nvidia got it right with the new GTX 780 Ti.

Besides G-Sync, a built-in module designed to reduce visual tearing instead of using V-sync (which take processing power) forces a monitor’s refresh rates to match that of the GPU, Nvidia added Twitch recording and streaming features to their Experience app.

Currently, the new GPU’s pricing and release date are unknown, but hardware like this is typically priced very close to a full $1,000. Still, despite the fact that it support 4k resolution — 3840×2160 pixels — Nvidia suggests using two high-end cards in SLI before using a new 4k screen.

That will take some time to lift off, for sure.

Windows 8.1 Is Now Available As A Free Download (For Previous Users)

update-windows-8-1If you had Windows 8, you’re in luck: Windows 8.1 is here, via the Windows Store 7AM ET, the exact minute the OS update will start appearing in the Windows Store as a free download. If you have Windows 7, you’ll pay the same price Microsoft was already charging for Windows 8: $120 for the standard version, and $200 for Windows 8.1 Pro. Sounds reasonable, indeed.

Changes to the operating system include: addition of a “Start” screen button to the bottom left of the screen, backgrounds for the Start screen and desktop, a boot to desktop option, Bing universal search throughout the system, more split Metro apps, redesigned Microsoft apps, and new settings for the Metro interface.

The only con of the upgrade is that users will need to reinstall all apps, but personal files will be retained, so it shouldn’t be any trouble.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, ready your Windows 8 device, and get Windows 8.1.

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Sony A7 And A7r: The Mirrorless, Full-Frame Cameras That Change Everything

a7Sony’s new A7 and A7r models have breached a new wall in the world of photography: small bodies and mirrorless sensors, as well as full-frame sensors and resolutions, making them “complete” cameras.

Both new cameras still use the E-mount lenses that Sony has made popular with their cameras over the past few years, but to take full advantage of the new gear, new full-frame lenses should go along with it. Both cameras feature Wi-Fi, NFC, headphone and mic inputs, and a new BIONZ X processor that Sony improves JPG quality and also enables full HD 60p video.

For those of you wondering: a full-frame sensor lets more light reach it, meaning better photos in the dark, a field-of-view that is also wider, which gives that grandeur you see in professional photography, and the soft depth-of-field that feels comfortable.

In other words, full-frame sensors are the best.

Nike+ FuelBand SE Is A Firm Update To The Fitness Tracker Industry

nike-fuelband-seNike has gone on a full fitness tracker barrage today with the announcement of the Nike+ FuelBand SE. Retailing for $150, it features black with neon color accents (crimson, volt, or pink), is more flexible, slightly more weather resistant, now regularly reminds you to get up and move, and features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for low-energy use. Also, Nike is pairing it with an updated iOS app.

Pre-orders start today and the launch date is November 6th.

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Apple Said It: October 22nd Press Event Planned

apple-lots-to-coverIn fact, Apple is totally not done yet with announcing devices this year. As quoted for the press invite, we still have “a lot to cover.” Hmm.

This could allude to more than just one new iDevice like an iPad, iPad mini, or iPods, but definitely the Mac OS X Mavericks Gold Master, and Macbook Pros. All will be understood come 10AM PT on the 22nd of October.

Apple Hires Burberry’s CEO To Head Its Retail Operations

burberry-appleEver since Apple’s failed use of J.C. Penny’s retail expert for about three months, a new figure to lead its retail position has been in need. Enter, Angela Ahrendts, currently CEO of Burberry, who has been recruited to fill a position that will be created just for her when she switches companies next spring — as a senior VP reporting directly to Tim Cook and responsible for the “strategic direction, expansion and operation” of Apple’s retail stores.

This should be interesting. Press release, after the cut.