iFixit Tears Apart The iPad Air To Figure Out What’s Inside

ipadairifixitlolzScoring a two out of ten for intense difficulty to disassemble and repair, the iPad Air is not only glued tight but contains a soldered battery and lots of sticky tape to prevent tampering with. The only good thing about taking it apart, however, is the fact that the LG-supplied display is thinner than before and the LCD and front glass are separate components, making ti easier to replace if broken. That’s why we all love iFixit; they do the things not many are willing to with the latest technology.

Less than ideal, of course, but that won’t prevent tons of people buying one this year.

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Google (Finally) Announces The Nexus 5: Snapdragon 800 Processor, Android 4.4 KitKat, 5-inch Screen

nexus-5Hello, Nexus 5. Google’s latest flagship smartphone, nearly a year since the debut of the Nexus 4 features all the latest bells and whistles.

An LG-produced 5-inch (technically 4.95″) 1080p display at 441PPI (pixels-per-inch), with a Snapdragon 800 processor running at 2.3GHz, Adreno 330 graphics, 2GB of RAM, 16 or 32 GB of storage, an 8 megapixel rear camera/1.3 megapixel front, and Android 4.4 KitKat. Powering it is a large 2,300 mAh battery with the capability of wireless charging built-in. It weighs 130 grams and is 8.59mm thin.

As for 4.4 KitKat? It features several design tweaks, features, and general bug fixes. Voice control to wake the phone, like the Moto X, is also an available feature.

Available for purchase immediately, the Nexus 5 will start shipping tomorrow, November 1st, with models that 350 for the 16GB off contract and $400 for the 32GB version. All models come in white or black.

All new Nexus 5s will work on T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint 4G LTE networks, as a fully unlocked devices (sorry, Verizon users).

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The FAA Will Allow Tech To Be Used During Takeoff And Touchdown

flight-tech-yseWhile the FAA still suggests you keep your devices in airplane mode, the government agency has given the all-clear to make use of electronics during takeoff and landings (thus during the entire flight), with several airlines making changes to their policy by year’s end. Of course, there may be a few airlines that still follow the rigid, old policy, but it’s good form to see the change.

Meanwhile, I don’t suggest creating a tech command central during takeoff, but that’s your choice.

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Scientists Find The Blazing Hot Sister Planet To Earth, Called Kepler-78b

Kepler 78-bKepler 78-b is very similar to Earth. It features a similar mass and composition, with lots of rock and iron in the surface. It’s only 1.2 times wider than the Earth, and orbits a star that  gives it sufficient energy like the Earth. The difference? As researcher Andrew Howard states:

“From an Earth-centric perspective, we’d like to have liquid water on the surface [and] this planet is obviously way too hot.”

That’s what kills it for us. Kepler-78b is 100 times closer to its star than Earth, so its orbit is only 8.5 hours and a surface temperature of — wait for it — 3700 to 5100ºF. Asinine levels of UV radiation coupled with that and lots of lava, and you have a planet that could never realistically support an Earth-like atmosphere; forget about your terraforming project, kiddies.

Meanwhile, scientists are still interested in researching the planet, one reason being of which: why didn’t it fall into the star at some point?

Via: Nature

Google Glass Update For Its Explorers Includes A Mono Earbud

earbud1Not exactly the design update we were looking for, but Google Glass is still in its closed beta testing phase, and the few hundred to thousand Google Glass Explorers will begin receiving their new Glass headsets, fitted with a new mono earbud that attaches to the unit’s micro USB port.

Otherwise, it seems as if aesthetically, the design remains the same as before. Feature-wise however; that remains to be seen.

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Bang & Olufsen Announces WiSA Wireless Speakers: The BeoLab 17, BeoLab 18 And 19

beolab-17At a press gathering in downtown Manhattan, B&O held its global press event announcing three new speakers.

The BeoLab 17 is Bang & Olufsen’s first take at a high-end, wireless WiSA standard compact loudspeaker. Created from one sheet of anodized aluminum, it utilizes no welding, and is relatively small, but aims to produce big sound for big bucks (about $3,990 per set).

According to B&O CEO Tue Mantoni, the grille padding on the front of the loudspeaker can be removed to suit one’s aesthetic tastes (called “broken ice”). And then, there’s more.

Somehow, Nokia Sells 8.8 Million Lumias, 400% Increase In The US For Q3

LUMIA 920 IN YELLOWThat’s an increase of 400% for purchased units in the North America alone, which amounts to 1.4 million units. Somehow, despite the fact that Nokia is struggling with getting the right earnings for their quarterly reports, they’ve managed to pull this feat off, which shows promise for the platform.

However, with only $162 million in profit from $7.79 billion in revenue, Nokia, still needs some work.

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