Motorola Makes A Deal With 3D Systems To Build The Modular “Ara” Smartphone

motorola-ara-bigAn upgradeable smartphone, camera, storage, processor, and all? Surely, indeed it is possible. A couple months back, Motorola unveiled the Ara project, which would take a base smartphone design and configuration, and then allow the user to upgrade the device as seen fit, most likely in order to keep it on par with newer handsets.

So, Motorola partnered with 3D Systems, and together are building what Motorola calls “the factory of the future,” to complete an end-to-end fabrication process for ‘Project Ara.’ Moto is tasking 3D System with “multi-material printing capabilities including conductive and functional materials” to build these modules, such as the chassis, battery, etc., and help it eventually launch the ‘Ara’ phones.

However, the whole deal is off if 3D Systems cannot prove to Motorola if its young manufacturing process, actually works. Thus, the bets are high, and the payouts even higher.

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Xbox One Gets Torn Apart, Reveals PC-Like Internals

xbox-one-torn-downThe team at iFixit have already torn apart the Xbox One and have not only discovered why it’s so big, but also how similar it is to a high-end gaming desktop. A big green motherboard, a Blu-ray drive housed in gray metal, and even a standard 2.5-inch SATA II hard drive makes the Xbox One seem as if parts can be replaced, but doing so would void the warranty.

Also, the Xbox One’s fan is enormous, taking most of the internal space, which is one of the things that required such large casing.

In the end, iFixt gave the Xbox One a solid 8 out of 10 in terms of “repairability” — ease of switching parts and opening the device — so that takes care of that.

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Kawasaki Built The Motorcycle Of Your Dreams In The Future, But In The Present

originalUnveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show is the Kawasaki  J Three Wheeler EV. It’s the bike you’d want in the future, built today, but not available today. It functions in several modes two of which are: Sport (seen above in a lustful manner) and Comfort mode (reminiscent of a four-wheeled ATV). To control it, the rider would sit on it like any other motorcycle, but the rider’s hands would go into an enclosure that controls the two front wheels, giving practical and refined control.

And my gosh, is it amazing looking.

Photo credit: Getty, Gizmag

Google Wallet Launches (Again) As A Pre-Paid Debit Card

gwalletSince many of us are still attached to plastic and data strips to pay for goods and services digitally, Google has created a pre-paid Google Wallet debit card, issued as a Master Card, for those in the United States who have verified their Google Wallet accounts.

Should one be interested in having a specific card for an even more specific service, hit up the source link below to know how to get started — that Google Wallet won’t open itself, you know.

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Cupertino Gives Apple The Approval To Build Its New Spaceship HQ

apple_campus_2_sept_13Two years after the late Steve Jobs proposed an idea for a new Apple headquarters in Cupertino, the same city where the current Apple base is located, comes the approval from the city’s council to build the new “spaceship” building. In order to reach an agreement, Apple had to work some strings, and will be giving back 35% of sales tax to the city, thus when permits are administered Apple can begin constructing the base today.

The specs? A 2.8-million square foot glass-clad structure, which you see above is the main hub of the whole affair, with an underground parking facility that can hold around 2,400 vehicles. A 100,000 square foot fitness center, a 120,000 square foot auditorium, and plenty space for the company’s famous  research and development division will be available, with the entirety of the building meant to be as eco-friendly as possible.

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Wireless Charger For The Nexus 5 And Nexus 7 Now Available

nexus-wireless-chargerCompatible with the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and Nexus 7, and available the Google Play Store, the new wireless charger is compact Qi-standard black power cube that ships with a 9-watt AC adapter and a micro-USB cable. Should you want it by the end of the week, you can splurge for the $17 overnight delivery or $5.29 for ground shipping.

The charger itself costs $50 plus tax on its own, but it will pay off on its own thanks to ease-of-use.

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Verizon Moto X Users Start Receiving Android 4.4 Kitkat

Moto X SoftwareGoogle and Motorola are making good on their promise to make Android software updates in a “timely fashion”. Starting today, Verizon Wireless users of the Moto X will start receiving the Android 4.4 KitKat with all of its original features plus updated Moto X exclusive features, like Touchless Control and Active Display. Meanwhile, for the the other carriers, Motorola states that the updates are on their way “very soon”.

The countdown begins.

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