AT&T Books The Tech Press For A NYC Event On July 16th

whats-nextBased on current trends with other press events for consumer technology going on in July and flooding into August, AT&T’s invite for a July 16th media event in New York City comes as no surprise, really. Along with their fast and reliable 4G LTE network come a possible announcement for LTE-Advanced or maybe even new devices. Time will tell!

Apple Has iOS 7 Beta 3 Ready For You Risky Types


Of course, for those with an Apple Developer account or activated UDID code for their device, you can begin downloading iOS 7 beta 3. The fixes, improvements, and additions are part of a mind-boggling and long list, along with new animations, placements, and even speed changes.

Check it all out (with an excellent quantity of screenshots) at the source link.

Via: 9to5Mac

Windows 8.1 Will Be Ready By “Late August” For Manufacturers

windwos 8.1

Current developments of the Windows 8.1 operating system update are mostly just incremental: finalizations of features mentioned here and there, while readying the software for PC manufacturers so that they may begin shipping new devices with the new update.

Users who have existing Windows 8 machines will be able to receive a free upgrade of the operating system by holiday season’s beginning.

DROID Ultra Pokes Its Head Out For All To See

droid-ultra-leakedWithout a doubt, things are brewing at Google’s mobile phone division; not only Android, but their newly-acquired hardware company: Motorola. Besides the introduction of the upcoming Moto X phone, a new Droid Ultra XT1080 has surfaced on the XDA Developers forum, courtesy of user xavierk75. The proof of support for Verizon is on the hardware: it has LTE, EV-DO Rev. A and WCDMA (850/900/1900/2100) radios, in addition to NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi 802.11ac, along with some form of Android 4.2 or newer.

ViaXDA Developers Forum

HTC One And Galaxy S 4 Play Edition Hands-On: It’s Just Amazing

DSC00754The two best Android smartphones have finally shed their “software customizations” and joined the nearly holy crop of stock Android devices. They’re beautiful as it is, but to see them with Android 4.2.2 aligned in such a way to compliment the hardware, well, it’s just too much happiness to take in at once.

Now it’s time to move onward with initial impressions and testing notes, including hands-on video, after the break. Also, it is worth noting that while both devices are in their purest forms, a few software changes had to be made it make the experience actually work.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active Review: Takes Abuse Kindly

Galaxy S4 ActivePerhaps it is impossible to stop reviewing Galaxy S 4 models. Whatever the case may be, here’s another version of the S4 this time, the Active. Aimed for those who live life a little closer to the edge, the S4 Active is everything the original device is, except it sports IP67 certified dust and water protection, which lets it be completely submerged in three feet of water for 30 minutes.

Add to that the 1.9GHz quad-core processor and 2,600mAh battery, nestled behind a 5-inch 1080p LCD TFT screen with exclusive availability on AT&T’s 4G LTE network in the Untied States, and you have a pretty nice device.

But how much does it like getting dirty?

HTC Made Only A $41.6 Million Profit In Q2 2013

THE HTC ONEIt’s been an unfortunate few business quarters for HTC, and it’s only getting slightly better. Profits were at $41.6 million from a mere $2.8 million last quarter, based on unaudited figures. While it sounds like a great improvement, even with revenue also jumping to $2.4 billion, that’s a poor show considering it’s a 20 percent drop relative to the same quarter, last year. It looks like HTC’s success is closely being tied to the old adage, “it has to get worse before it gets better”.

Via: Reuters