The Redesigned (Again) Google Play Store Is Rolling Out


Every so often (which as of now, seems to be pretty often) Google redesigns the Play Store for Android, tweaking visual elements and sometimes adding completely new ones. This time, Google is making the apps, books, music, movies and more that the Play Store offers navigable via a tab-centric interface.

The update requires Google to flip the switch on servers, meaning that there’s no way to force the update on your end — patience, my friend.

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Alphabet Reports 3rd Quarter Earnings, Google’s First As Subsidiary

Alphabet-Logo-Google-Android-AH-1Despite the fact that Google on its own is rather large, it is now a company inside the larger network that is Alphabet, as announced earlier this year. Today is earnings day for many major tech companies, and Alphabet is coming out the gates, swinging in the green.

At $7.35 per share on revenue of $18.68 billion, analysts expected $7.21 earnings per share and $18.54 billion in revenue — thus it’s been a great quarter. About $5.1 billion has also been authorized in share buybacks.

After this quarter however, Google will be responsible for reporting its own quarterly earnings, as financially the entire web of Google and Friends (including all projects) hasn’t been organized yet; wait for the fourth quarter of 2015 for that.

The Leica SL Is A Full-Frame DSLR Without A Mirror, And It’s Sublime To Hold

20150924_155215Meet the Leica SL, a camera that is designed as a high-end professional DSLR — sans mirror.

It’s a new camera, with a full-frame 24 megapixel CMOS sensor, ISO of 50 to 50,000, 11 frames-per-second shooting at full resoltuion, 1080p HD video at 120fps or 4K UHD a 60FPS. All of those fantastic specs aside, Leica is also touting that the SL will have the fastest AF in the land of full-frame cameras. The EVF (electronic viewfinder) is also one of the best in class, with 4.4MP at 60fps,at  x0.8 magnification.

Aesthetically, the Leica SL is work of art, kept simple. Machined from two blocks of aluminum, the SL is dust and water spray proof (meaning water will slide off the lens), It also makes uses of the fastest SD card standard (UHS2), with support for two SD cards, along with a built-in GPS module and WiFi.

As for lens support, the SL has pretty much covered all the bases in the Leica catalog, with support for SL (obviously), S, R, M, T and Cine lenses. The first lens suggested for use with Leica SL is the 24-90mm lens, seen in these shots.

Some of the SL’s neat tricks include remote shutter/exposure control from iOS or Android, ultrasonic sensor cleaning, a touchscreen for use with the customizeable Leica Professional user interface, a battery that requires only one flip of a latch to remove/replace; its usage of which is rated at 400 frames. The port selection is also stellar, with a full-size HDMI-out, USB 3.0, and more.

And of course, the Leica SL is made in Germany with a launch date of November 16th. MSRP for the Leica SL (body-only) — remember this is a Leica — is $7,450, while the first SL lens, the Vario-Elmarit-SL 24-90 / f 2.8-4 ASPH, will be available at Leica stores and vendors for $4,950.

More shots plus presser, after the break.

HTC Announced The One A9, But I Mistook It For Another Phone

htc-one-a9Yes, this is supposedly a new smartphone from HTC — it is — the One A9, but it is mysteriously, actually suspiciously similar to the design to the latest iPhones.

Keep in mind Android manufactures have (sometimes wrongly) been accused of ripping from Cupertino’s designs, but this foray by HTC is close to a blatant copy and if I were Google, I’d be slightly nerved.

Regardless, available as a $399 unlocked smartphone (carrier versions are incoming) with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, a 5-inch 1080p screen with an octa-core Snapdragon 617, a 64-bit chipset with four cores clocked at 1.5GHz while the others buzzing past at more a modest 1.2GHz, with up to 2TB microSD card support, the One A9 establishes itself as HTC latest effort. Its slim aluminum frame contains a 2,150mAh battery that should benefit from Marshmallow’s battery optimizations. Imaging comes from a 13-megapixel sensor with optical image stabilization.

Other than that, and a launch date of sometime in November, the One A9 is a the true successor to the One M9, and for all intensive purposes, seems like a safe bet (or perhaps a desperate one) for a company on the edge of descending into obscurity.

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Lenovo’s Yoga 900 Laptop Touts Intel Skylake Chips, Still With An Unusual Hinge


Just  about every major PC manufacturer has debuted new Windows 10 machines this Fall, and Lenovo just made the cut with its Yoga 900 — successor to the Yoga Pro 3.

Still sporting the high-durable but unusual hinge design (now tightened) of the previous model, the Yoga 900 trades in a sliver of its thinness for a much-needed power upgrade over the Core M setup — ta 2.8 pounds and 14.9mm (0.59 inch) thick, it’s still in ultrabook territory.

Relating to specs, one starts off with a Core i7 Skylake processor, either 8GB or 16GB of RAM and with 256 or 512 solid-state drive storage options. The touchscreen is still 3,200 x 1,800 pixels in resolution, and for that (and many other reasons) the starting price is set at $1,200, at Best Buy and on Lenovo’s website starting today.

Colors include gold, silver and “clementine orange” — with get this — matching hinges.

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Brooklinen Luxe Sheet Review: Yes, I Do Sleep In College (Sometimes)

P1000096Actually, I do — in all seriousness there is a time between 12AM and 7:30AM that I find to sleep on most days. Personally, I have no qualms with my reduced sleep schedule, maybe because at the ripe age of 19 the concept that is life and staying up late hasn’t hit me at its hardest yet. But, I do have to say that the right gear in college does make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

In this case, it’s a sheet set from Brooklinen — my second time looking at such a thing from the Brooklyn-based bedding company.

Tesla’s Software Update Adds Self-Driving To The Model S

press01_autopilotIf one thinks about the scope of this of Tesla leadership and engineering, this is amazing: version 7.0 of the Model S software adds self-driving to the Model S. Like any major update, the software will be rolled out slowly over the U.S., then Europe and Asia (pending regulatory approval).

Keep in mind this isn’t full autopilot: the update adds what Tesla calls, Autosteer, which keeps the car in lane while avoiding other vehicles and keeping a safe speed. Auto Lane Change is another feature part of the update: the Model S will change lanes by itself when prompted by the turn signal, and finally Autopark: the Model S will find a spot, and park in it.

In the planned version 7.1,  the Model S can be sent to a garage and then be called to come and pick the driver up — and so on, in theory. However, Tesla lead Elon Musk made sure to warn that drivers should still be aware and even still keep hands on the wheel, not only to mitigate potential risk, but also to keep the driver liable of any potential accidents.

But, I don’t think anyone is keen on crashing a Tesla, so that should help.

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Skrillex Getting Spooky At Pier 94 NYC This Halloween, Bringing ‘Marshmello’

skrillexIt’s been rumored that Skrillex would make a return to the grandeur of New York City at some point, but no one expected it to be on Occtober 31st — Halloween, to those of you potentially living under a rock.

It’s not a one-man show however; good old Skrilly is bringing the aptly-named “Marshmello” to the stage at Pier 94 in NYC. It’ll be the sweetly named DJ’s first time ever performing a live show, with the current line-up consisting of Skrillex, Marshmello himself, Sliink, Leikeli47, Jahlil Beats and Vindata.

Naturally, being that EDM and the happenings in this city are of our utmost attention, keep your eyes peeled (and your costumes ready) for a special feature during and after the event at Pier 94 — sorry, the Pier of Fear.

Until then, don’t let the scary sprites bite.

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