The New Mac Pro Is On Sale, Ships On The 30th

mac-proThe new Mac Pro, shaped like a small trash can, is actually more of a design feat than you might think for a computer. Quad-core and six-core models start at $3,000 and $4,000 respectively. , Meanwhile, Apple says it’ll ship your new Mac Pro by December 30th, if you order on-time.

Oh, and the base model will get you a 3.7GHz quad-core Xeon CPU, 12GB DRAM, two AMD FirePro D300 GPUs, and a 256GB SSD — all of which would allow you to connect to three 4K displays, or six Thunderbolt displays. However, if you max out every setting, you’re looking at around $10,000, sans mouse, keyboard, monitor, speakers, or anything else that you’d need to make use of your new Mac Pro.

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Spotify Rolls Out Redesigned Desktop And Android Apps

spotify-desktop-updateEvery time the team at Spotify publishes a desktop update, a user thinks they’re getting a fantastic new and fresh design. That never happened, until today.

Completely refreshed, with new artist pages and a darker user interface, the Spotify desktop and Android app redesigns look absolutely fantastic, where Spotify was lacking. Users on Mac are seeing the update roll-out gradually, while Windows users are receiving theirs at a slightly slower pace.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for our desktop update, eagerly and with much anxiety.

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Motorola Adds Wood To The Moto X, But Makes It A $100 Premium

We Are The RhoadsClient: MotorolaGot wood? OK, that doesn’t really matter, in this case.

Well, if you do, then Motorola has the phone for you. With finally adding the wood option to the Moto X that launched months ago, the Moto Maker lets users have more of a say of what their phone might look like, besides just different colors.

Besides the $100 catch (added on top of the Moto X’s existing price), there’ s two week waiting list. So, yeah; that’s that.

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Google Glass XE 12 Update Adds Wink To Take Photo, Hangouts And YouTube Apps

Google Glass on Stefan!The Google Glass camp just got a massive boost in features, potential, and also privacy concerns. You’re now allowed to send SMS, chats or even video calls using the Hangouts app, and YouTube for simple Glass video uploads, along with Google Play Music playlist and All Access viewing.

But the top feature on this list? Wink to take a photograph. It’ll be that simple for a Glass wearer to shoot and capture what he/she pleases when wearing the headset.

Also added in the XE 12 update is an optional lockscreen which turns on if Glass is removed from the head, or you simply turn it off. Guest Mode is being axed however, because it required too much work on Google’s part; with that issue, the Glass dev team suggest creating a demo Google account to associate with just the headset, but that’s the user’s call.

And that settles 2013 in terms of updates for Glass. It’s come a long way, and will go even farther.


The Word From Microsoft: A New CEO ‘In The Early Part Of 2014’

MicrosoftKeeping the technology industry on the edge, Microsoft will announce its new CEO “in the early part of 2014”, with tons of popular and current technology candidates being the subject of Microsoft’s new CEO position — like Nokia’s Stephen Elop or Ford’s Alan Mullaly.

In fact, Microsoft chairman John W. Thompson stated that looking at “over 100 possible candidates”, the tech giant has whittled it all down to, “a group of about 20 individuals”.

Time will tell who it is.


Xbox One Has Been Bestowed With Its Own Verizon FiOS App

xbox-one-fiosFor those of you with fanciful Verizon FiOS service, like myself, your new Xbox One will now have wireless access to a lot of your favorite TV channels — 74 of them, in fact — through a strong WiFi connection.

This cuts the need for a cable box to make use of the HDMI-in connection on the Xbox One, and instead just lets you sit back, relax, and enjoy some TV for the holidays.

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San Francisco Debuts Free WiFi On Market Street


San Francisco promised city-scale free WiFi nearly seven years ago — that never happened. But starting today, SF residents can begin enjoying 50MBps internet on Market Street, the busiest place in San Francisco, along a 3-mile stretch of between the Embarcadero and Castro Street.

This serves as a space between the full-fledged roll-out and the possible success of the current experiment, as well as determining if the trial should continue.

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