Google Play All Access Customers Now Can Buy Glass

glass-all-accessTo celebrate (belatedly) the arrival of Google Play All Access on Google Glass, the big G will begin offering Glass to its All Access customers, which dramatically increases the pool of people that will have access to purchase the headset. “Feeling good” is probably the words uttered by at least a couple of the Google Play All Access users, that’s for sure.

Despite the fact that Glass is not technically finished, and would-be users will still be buying the $1,500 developer/Explorer model, it at least lets us all know that Google is thinking about taking Glass mainstream, for real.

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In Which, iFixit Tears Apart The New Mac Pro

mac-pro-teardownIt is quite a sight to behold — that is, the late-2013 Mac Pro’s design — and the amount of power squeezed into such a small unit. That all being pushed aside however, and the new (pricey) Mac Pro has just about the same weaknesses as any other gadget that the iFixit engineers expose: the inability to resist ingenuity, through dismemberment. It also turns out that the GPU can be upgraded and service is relatively simple.

That’s right, the Mac Pro has been torn apart, and now you get to see all the bits and pieces as part of a guide, at the source link.

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Helly Hansen Gataga Boot: A Snowy Winter Is What It Needs

DSC01461There are always a few things a New York needs — like books and coffee (or tea). However, sometimes it’s the very articles that are placed on the body that one must concentrate most, in order to ascertain between what is wanted and what is needed. What I’m saying is that it gets very cold in Manhattan, and a great men’s winter boot is quintessential.

Enter, the Helly Hansen Gataga boot, a Norwegian product, but with a universal purpose.

Google And Audi Are Teaming Up To Bring Android To Cars

audi-04Starting at CES 2014 next week is a myriad of crazy tech announcements, one of which will be between Audi and Google: Android-powered systems in Audi cars. By using Android to power an in-car entertainment system rather than just a phone and by enhancing its visual capabilities with backing from NVIDIA, Audio and Google could have really great thing going on here.

Now of course, it also takes one to consider this a treaty of war against Apple and its partnership with BMW, Daimler, and others to include iOS in their vehicles; all in due time, we’ll know how this will play out.

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NSA Agents Can Clone Consumer Hardware And Have It Bugged

hacking-codeThis is insurmountable in terms of violation of one’s privacy, but the NSA can do it all, and do it does.

According to famed German newspaper Der Spiegel, NSA agents have a catalog — basically, a list of tech items Seagate, Samsung, Cisco, Huawei, Dell and others — that if ordered by a “target”, can be intercepted during shipment, then replaced with a bugged version of the item.

For example, a new hard drive could be ordered by an individual, then installed per one’s own accord, and automatically activating access and monitoring for the NSA agent that started the operation. The same technique can be applied to popular websites, bringing up a rigged version of an authentic site before the server is beaten to the punch.

It’s incredible, but it is also horrifying. This is the work of NSA the elite hacker unit, called Tailored Access Operations (TAO). Bear in mind this sort of activity is not in place for every single American, but for specified targets alone.

Of course, who is to say that doesn’t change on a whim?

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Google Glass Prescription Models Are Coming In A Few Weeks


So far, the only optometrists who have signed on with Google to make prescription-fitted Googel Glass headsets are those from Rochester Optical.

In fact, a questionnaire was sent out the company’s customers, asking them what their preferences would be when using the Glass headset, as well as listing what the possible colors might be, when asked further about what shade would be most appealing to them:  Shale, Tangerine, Charcoal, Cotton, Sky, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Purple.

Even more detailed is the intel is Glass will be offered in three different frame options: Basic Plastic (CR39), Impact Resistant (Trivex), and High Index (Thin & Light).

Meanwhile, the holiday season is getting along with Earth rather nicely, and announcements such as Glass becoming widely available might be some of the first big tech news of the new year.

This should be interesting.

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Apple Reaches Agreement With China Mobile To Sell iPhones

iphone-5s-and-5cNo matter how long overdue it’s been for China Mobile and Apple to reach an agreement to legitimately sell iPhones on their network, everyone will come out a winner. Why exactly?

China Mobile has over 700 million subscribers.


Obviously, we’re speaking of the current generation of iPhones, the 5S and the 5C, both of which will reach China Mobile by  January 17th, 2014 and supports the country’s TD-LTE and TD-SCDMA networks, so there will be no skipping around over there.

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Oculus Rift VR Headset Will Get Publishers On Board Thanks To Former EA VP

OculusRift1Virtual reality headset maker Oculus Rift just got a major shot of adrenaline after months of popular appeal and developer unit sales.

By the way, that “adrenaline” is a $75 million investment and the addition of former Electronic Arts senior VP, David DeMartini, to assist with the publishing arm of the company, allowing for game developers to feel encouraged to build games for the headset, and also receive support for game production to speed up the process.

Till then, Oculus Rift will be under steady development going into 2014, when the headset launches.