Vodafone Reached A $130 Billion Deal To Sell Verizon Wireless To Verizon


Thanks to a $130 billion deal between Vodafone and Verizon Communications, which have joint ownership of Verizon Wireless, the company will now be in sole ownership of the latter.

To put this into perspective: Vodafone’s stake of Verizon Wireless was so large, it was worth $130 billion, and now that Verizon is the sole owner of everything Verizon Wireless, the company is independent.

The terms of the deal still need to go through administrative boards at both companies, but as it stands the official announcement should be posted on Monday.

Via: WSJ

Sony Xperia Z Review: Water-Resistant Smartphone Or Not, You’re Beautiful

IMG_20130901_122415We are entering a new age of mobile technology while already being part of one, as obvious or secret as it may be. Some smartphone are excel in number of processing cores, screen resolution, cameras, battery life, software feature, or even what raw materials they’re made out of.

But the XPERIA Z, built by the folks of a little company called Sony (we kid, we kid) is going for a different approach: being water-resistant, while looking like a normal smartphone. It’s no easy feat, but it’s been done.

Utilizing the same software as the Xperia ZL I reviewed not too long ago, the Z is only really different in terms of its physical body — and that means everything.

Top Mobile Phones for Gamers

sony-xperia-Z-ultra-xlThe gaming bug has bitten every gaming generation, with the console the only difference. These devices have created a new social group, the gamers. Now there are so many consoles to choose from. But they have one flaw: you can’t put any of them in your pocket. Today’s high spec smartphones can handle visually stunning games.

Each phone has its own app market where gamers can pick and download their game of choice. Other game developers make the game software available from their own website, for example, this site www.casinojuggler.com. Now let’s check out the best and the latest phones for gamers, in reverse order.

HTC’s Leaving Designers Questioned On Expenses And Stolen Trade Secrets

HTC One Software DeetsThings just can’t seem to be good at HTC. From the departing designers to product leads, there has only been drama at the Taiwanese Android device maker, famous for their introduction of the all-metal HTC One. Several top designers were arrested (while others released on bail) including Vice President of Product Design Thomas Chien, R&D director Wu Chien Hung and design team senior manager Justin Huang (who also personally sketched out the One’s design before the phone as produced).

These designers and other key role-players at HTC were on the verge of creating a new design firm in both Taiwan and mainland China, so much so that HTC claims it witnessed Chien taking vital information about the upcoming Sense 6.0 design interface and sending it to industry contacts via email.

It gets even better: while  design was done in-house, the three men used an external design firm to invoice HTC for over US$334,000 worth of commission fee between May and July — followed by the splitting of money between themselves. Oceans 11, anybody?


Apple Debuts iPhone Trade-In Program Inside Their Stores Today

iphone 5

Officially dubbed iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program, Apple’s new iPhone trade-in program begin in retail stores today. Owners will be able to trade-in anything from an iPhone 3G to the iPhone 5, afterwards receiving a gift card for the determined value of the device, while the unit will be sent to BrightStar for recycling.

Looks like a good way to recoup some funds before the upcoming iPhone announcement.


Android VP Hugo Barra Leaves Google, Heads To Xiaomi

hugo-barraHugo Barra, then VP of Google’s Android division has announced that he is leaving the company for Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. There he will be vice president of Xiaomi Global, in an attempt to widen their product portfolio and business. During his resignation he wished the active Android team the best: Andy Rubin, Hiroshi Lockheimer, Sundar Pichai, and Vic Gundotra.

And with that, Google will have to redistribute his responsibilities while also recuperating from the loss.

Via: Huga Barra (Google+)

Nintendo Is Thinking Flat, By Announcing The 2DS Console

nintendo-2dsReally, this is beyond even my comprehension of experimenting and figuring out what works, and what does not. The concept is sane, but the design, which lacks the clamshell that we’re all used to, doesn’t make sense.

Nintendo is going to produce and sell a 2D version of the 3DS, called the 2DS, as soon as they receive FCC authorization in the United States. Priced as a budget portable games console at $129, it can play all DS and 3DS games, just in 2D format only. It also includes wi-fi, multiplayer games, and the Nintendo eShop.

In the meantime, there’s no definite launch date.

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Nissan Wants To Sell Several Affordable Self-Driving Cars By 2020

niss-leaf-nismoBeing gutsy, aren’t you Nissan? Falling right on the same timeline as competitors in Asia and the the Americas, Nissan plans to have their own self-driving, affordable line of cars. Executive VP Andy Palmer wants the cars Nissan has planned fully autonomous by 2020.

To accomplish this feat instead of just making small talk, the company is constructing a facility to test self-driving systems that’ll be up and running in 2014.

ViaWall Street Journal