Samsung Galaxy S5 Coming Out In April With Gear Successor, Says Exec

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

A Samsung executive vice president of mobile business Bloomberg on January 6 that the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be launching in April.

On top of that, a much more advanced Galaxy Gear successor would appear in that month as well, but will also streamline its design to remain appealing (and perhaps have a feature set that could warrant its purchase).

Outside of the official statement, more tech news outlets believe that the Galaxy S5 will depart from the primary design used in the last two smartphones, along with new features, such as possible eye scanning technology, as well as a new display (with the rumored 2K resolution) and a new software layer on top of the latest version of Android.


T-Mobile Uncarrier 4.0 Plan: Paying Termination Fees For Customers To Switch Carriers


T-Mobile CEO John Legere will have a way with words at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, but meanwhile, the company’s press department out of Washington published something interesting. Uncarrier 4.0, that is — in other words, T-Mobile’s plan to pay a customer’s $350 early termination fee from another carrier (Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T), so that he/she can make the transition to T-Mobile, starting Thursday, the 9th of January.

The caveat(s)? First, you have to  trade in your existing phone, buy a new T-Mobile phone, sign up for a new T-Mobile plan, and even port your existing phone number to T-Mobile — it’s quite a list of things, but to be expected of if you’re switching carriers anyways.

Also, $350 isn’t strictly the amount T-Mobile will pay; rather you have to provide proof of what the carrier you’re leaving will charge you to terminate the contract, via mail or via this website, afterwards, T-Mobile will take care of the rest.

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Gigabyte Aorus: A Dual GPU Laptop Less Than An Inch Thick

X712Color us impressed by the Gigabyte Aorus gaming laptop, but it takes a lot and shoves it into a very small package. The 17.3-inch model is a mere 0.9-inches thick and weighs 6.4 pounds, despite the fact that it is housing a pair of NVIDIA GTX 765M chips in an SLI configuration ,a quad-core Intel Core i7-4700HQ processor, two fans, four vents, five thermal pipes, 32GB of memory, a pair of 512GB SSDs, a 1TB HDD, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, backlit keyboard, Killer networking chip, dual HDMI ports, a Mini DisplayPort and a VGA socket.


Unfortunately, the battery life hasn’t been mentioned, but with specs like those aforementioned, they must be in evanescence. But still, you could control entire drone squads guilds from a machine like this, so it should be great. The Aorus ships in March for $2,100 or $2,800, depending on configuration.


Electric Grand Prix: The First Formula E Car Is Here

5 January, 2014, Las Vegas, Nevada USA©2013, Lesley Ann MillerLAT Photo USAWe have to face the facts: the beautiful sounds of a naturally aspirated fossil fuel-powered engine will not last forever, and the silent hum of an electric is more akin to what we’ll be used to in the coming decades.

However, that doesn’t mean that Formula E can’t be fast — thankfully. The first Formula E car off the line is the  Spark-Renault SRT_01, made in collaboration with McLaren, Williams, and Dallara, presented at a lot in Las Vegas during CES 2014. Battery life is the main issue: 440-pound energy packs used by Formula E cars will last just about 20 minutes (for one hour races), and racers will have to pit and change cars when power is low — which would be frequently.

But the 230 horsepower with a top speed of more than 150 mph isn’t something to be easily reckoned with; plus there will be further progress. Formula E will see its debut for a 2014-2015 season, and all the teams participating will base their deigns off the existing model seen above.

This should be interesting.

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Sony Puts In Work On Its 20MP a5000 Interchangeable Lens Camera

a5000-1-820x420Just a new camera from Sony, very much akin to the physical appearance of the NEX-5N: the new a5000 interchangeable lens camera. Featuring built-in WiFi, a weight less than 8 ounces, a 20.1MP APS-C sensor that is paired with a new Bionz X processor (the same used in the Sony a7 and a7R full frame cameras), and finally, a ISO of 16,000. A user can rotate the screen 180 degrees, as well as use the 16-50mm kit lens for video.

Sony will sell the a5000 in black or silver for $600 in a kit starting in March, with the 16-50mm zoon lens.

Sony Xperia Z1S: Waterproof, 20MP Camera, And A Lot Of Power Is All Quite Nice

sony-xperia-z1sA new flagship smartphone from Sony is what makes the gears of a technology-head turn. First of all, there’s an IP58-certified waterproof design, with 4G LTE support on T-Mobile exclusively, starting on January 22nd at $528 outright or $22/month. Specs-wise, there’s a 5-inch 1080p Triluminos display, Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, 32GB of storage, 3,000mAh battery and — wait for it — a 20.7-megapixel camera with f/2.0 aperture.

It’s a solid device on paper, and perhaps one of the most promising Android devices of the young 2014 year.

ASUS Makes The Convienent, 28-Inch, 4K Display For $799

asus-pb287qFinally, a 4K display that can be used with a computer setup, that doesn’t cost more than the computer. Priced at a budget-concerned price (at least, for 4K resolution) of $799, ASUS has created a 28-inch 4K display called the PB287Q, worthy of any great computer setup. A quick 1 millisecond response time, the rich 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, DisplayPort, MHL-capable HDMI and a rotatable design makes it all very, very satisfying.

The specific launch date? Unconfirmed, but ASUS does say the second quarter of 2014.


Samsung Can’t, Won’t Stop: Galaxy Tab Pro Series Comes In 8, 10, Or 12-Inch Sizes

tab-pro-12Here is the Galaxy Tab Pro: a series of tablets that come in the 12.2-, 10.1- and 8.4-inch screen sizes — all of which have the same great 2,560 x 1600 resolution with LTE and HSPA radios built-in.

The Galaxy Tab Pro (12-inch) will come with 3GB of built-in RAM, versus just 2GB in its smaller siblings, but otherwise the devices share the specs through and through, less than 8mm thickness, including the tasteful inclusion of Android 4.4 KitKat, with Samsung’s newest Touchwiz design, called Magazine UX, aimed to function like a magazine to display large amounts of data.

All of the tablets will also launch in the United States in Q1 of 2014, along with some premium software: Bitcasa, Bloomberg Businessweek+, Blurb, Cisco WebEx Meetings, Dropbox, Easilydo Pro for Tablet, Evernote, Hancom Office for Android, LinkedIn, LIVESPORT.TV, NY Times, Oxford Advanced Learner’s A-Z, and finally, Sketchbook Pro.

Samsung went all-out in 2014 for their tablet line. Press release, after the break.