Spotify Lifts The Limits: Free Unlimited Web Streaming For All

spotify_logo_detailBefore, Spotify would allow users to stream free music from their 20 million and counting song library, then begin limiting the amount of time to a certain number of hours a month after a 6-month trial period. But now, no holds barred; Spotify web streaming is free, and it’s unlimited.

It’s the crux of Spotify’s success: well-rounded desktop and mobile apps, coupled with the superior song library, and lots of free streaming features, and you have an unstoppable music streaming service — something the upcoming Beats Music will have a quarrel with.

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The 2015 Subaru WRX STi Is No Joke, Sports A 305HP Turbo 2.5L Engine

15CL_VL9_3C_AF36135_011319__midEnter, the all-new 2015 Subaru WRX STI, announced at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Powered bya 2.5L boxer that uses a single turbocharger, the 2015 WRX STI has 305 horsepower, while the standard car has a 2.0L 200 horsepower engine. In the spirit of limited edition things, the Japanese auto-maker will also produce 1000 STI Launch Edition cars with special WR Blue paint and gold BBS forged allow wheels — typically seen on its rally cars of the past.

Other features the STI receives are Brembo performance brakes, Active Torque Vectoring all-wheel-drive, the traditional spoilers and 4-door setup designed fr proper aerodynamics, and finally, a set of stiffer springs and chassis. Pricing and availability for Subaru’s new child are not available at this time.

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The Moto G Google Play Edition: $180 For A Lot Of Phone

moto-g-google-plyThis is pretty unusual, considering that most Google Play Edition devices are high-end devices, whereas the Moto G is an entry-level device, sans 4G LTE even. Regardless, Google and Motorola have collaborated to create a completely crapware-free version of the device.

For only $180. That’s the eye-catching part, for the 8 GB version, or alternatively, $200 for the twice-as-big 16 GB model. Pick your (light) poison.

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Google Buy’s Tony Fadell’s Nest Corporation For $3.2 Billion

nest-protect-xlThe Nest brand of smart home appliances will live on, under Tony Fadell’s leadership, as it always has been, but under the watchful eye of the Google banner, thanks to the recent and sweet purchase of $3.2 billion — in cash. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval, but from the looks of Google’s track record with acquiring companies, it should go past without any fuss. Keep in mind that in the past, Google Ventures had already invested over $100 million in Nest, so this was a follow-up move, more likely than not.

Nest CEO had the following to say about his company’s acquisition:

“We’re thrilled to join Google. With their support, Nest will be even better placed to build simple, thoughtful devices that make life easier at home, and that have a positive impact on the world.”

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The Mercedes-Benz S600 V12 Is Nearly Autonomous When Driven (Or Lack Thereof)

13C1105_01-820x420The new Mercedes-BEnz S600 V12 turbo comes with a 530HP engine boasting 830Nm of torque, with fuel consumption less than a fifth compared to the outgoing model. Besides the undoubted level of luxury that comes with this vehicle, there’s technology.

In fact, the S600 V12 has so many driver assists, it’s a nearly autonomous car, with LED intelligent lighting, Magic Body Control suspension that uses cameras to scan the upcoming road surface and adjust how the car rides accordingly, the standard Driving Assistance Plus package with active lane keeping assistance, active blind-spot assistance, plus Distronic Plus cruise control with steering control, and automatic braking.

In other words, it’s very, very safe, and very, very technologically adept. It will arrive in U.S. lots in March, with as-of-yet unannounced pricing.

Windows 9 Is Apparently A Topic At This Year’s BUILD 2014


Microsoft is quickly developing the Windows brand, releasing Windows 8, then patching it with Windows 8.1 only a few short months later. Fast forward to 2014, and there’s also bustling chat about the next Windows version, Windows 9 “Threshold”, where the April 2014 BUILD conference will introduce the subject, officially.

As Windows insider Paul Thurrott states, the upgrade will not only bring back the Start menu as if nothing has ever happened, but will also run full screen Metro-style apps with the traditional desktop apps, somehow, all in the same environment.

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Beats Music Launches January 21st, With Tons Of Music Suggestions

beats_music_2Beats, the famed makers of headphones and the like, will attach their brand to one more category, to go up against behemoths like Spotify: music streaming. At launch, the service will  be free, but then to continue offering 20 million tracks, will be followed by a $10 monthly charge (and includes offline playback) — just like Spotify’s mobile + desktop subscription. But, there are differences between the services. Also, Beats Music is founded by Beats Electronics’ Jimmy Iovine along with Dr. Dre, Luke Wood, Trent Reznor, and Ian Rogers.

The group decided that the main issue with a music streaming service is choice: too much of it. By creating iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and web apps with intuitive and detailed suggestion features, backed by music experts from Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group, including independent labels, Beats Music will apparently create perfect playlists based off a user “liking” or “loving” a particular genre. The rest is up to the user, and the service.

AT&T gets in on the action, too: by offering a Beats Music Family Plan with 5 accounts across 10 devices for $14.99/month.

Big names besides artists and publishers will back Beats Music, too —  Rolling Stone and Pitchfork, as well as radio stations will all offer official playlists. Perhaps the most intriguing feature will be “Just For You” – which will deliver at least four personalized album and playlist selections each day, based on one’s musical tastes, time of day, and so on.

Time will tell how this will go.

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