Google’s “Mystery Barge” In San Francisco Bay Must Relocate, Thanks To Lack Of Permit

gal-land-Google11-620x414Whoops, apparently.

Quietly advertised by Google as, “an interactive space where people can learn about new technology,” the mystery barge floating in the San Francisco Bay has been stationary for a few weeks now. However, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission received complaints of the construction of said floating mystery box, investigated, and found out that the permits required for the barge to stay in its location weren’t exactly in working order — in fact, there were no permits to speak of.

Thus, according to Larry Goldzband, the commission’s executive director, the big G must move the vessel, and send it to a permitted construction spot.

Meanwhile, Google hasn’t commented on what changes they’ll have to make in their plans thanks to this, inconvenience.

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Twitter Outs A Complete Redesign Of Their Web App

download (7)While most Twitter users don’t make direct use of the website, and instead of a myriad of apps and services that do the same, albeit with interesting user interfaces and effects, it comes as no surprise that Twitter wants to spruce up their design game, starting first with their mobile apps, then continuing onward with the web app, starting today.

Making use of the modern “flat” design principles, the new Twitter site has your profile pic and compose box in the upper left corner, with the feed and everything else in one centralize locations; your mentions and hashtags as buttons on the top navigation. It’s and excellent overhaul, and honestly, looks pretty good.

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BMW Outs The 4 Series Gran Coupe: 4 Doors, But Looks Of A 2 Door

BMW 4-SeriesKeeping the looks of a slim coupe with the adaptability of a four-door sedan, and you’ve got the new BMW Gran Coupé. It has actual rear space, headroom, and trunk capacity, and thanks to all that, BMW is calling a “4+1 seater”.

Specs stay rather mid-range, with engines to 306HP. At the top end there’s the 435i with a six cylinder, in-line 3.0L, while the 245HP 428i and 184HP 420i sit below, with smaller, four cylinder engines.

Transmission options in the U.S. (much like engine options) will remain very rigid, as only automatic will be offered, but the option of xDrive, BMW’s branded form of all-wheel drive. An M Sport package will also be offered, which boosts the wheels to 19″ alloys and enhanced styling with a navigational heads-up display.

Total price? Starting in July a steady $41,225 for the 428i and a hefty $43, 325 starting price for xDrive models.

Meanwhile, the fanciful 435i Gran Coupé will start at $46,725.

Google’s Q4 2013 Results: $16.86 Billion Revenue


It couldn’t be explained in a way any more sincere:

“We ended 2013 with another great quarter of momentum and growth. Google’s standalone revenue was up 22 percent year on year, at $15.7 billion”, said Larry Page, CEO of Google in a statement today.

He went on, stating that, ”We made great progress across a wide range of product improvements and business goals.  I’m also very excited about improving people’s lives even more with continued hard work on our user experiences.”

The words of Google’s CEO are simply stating the following: the company made $16.86 billion revenue, and were very much in line with Wall Street’s expectations for the company. The number represents a 22% year-over-year increase for that quarter.

What contributed towards the success? The Google Play Store and lots of hardware sales, interestingly. That’s according to Patrick Pichette, Google’s chief financial officer:”Play hardware sales drove a big chunk of quarter-over-quarter growth. Nexus 5 was very strong for us, and the Chromecast was a best seller all quarter.”

The big G continues its grandiose accumulations.

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Xbox One Scheduling Outed: A White Version Is Coming, Plus Major Update In March

AVDmdJzThe internet has hit the mother load when it comes to Xbox One plans. Apparently, a ton of scheduling information got leaked, and they go in no particular order of interest. First off all, a white version of the previous employee-only Xbox One will launch later this year, most likely in October, followed by a 1TB version in November — these things have been confirmed by multiple sources.

However, things get dicey and questionable where it is stated that Microsoft is planning an Xbox One without a Blu-ray drive, but with a Bluetooth adapter; as far as it’s been alleged, Microsoft has tested such a configuration internally, but hasn’t booked it for worldwide launch.

And to top all of it off, as seen above, a Titanfall limited edition Xbox One will also debut in March, alongside a major software update that brings performance increases, bug fixes, and some new features.

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Google Sells Motorola To Lenovo, But Keeps The Project Ara Division And Patents

Moto X SoftwareThis isn’t some crazy technology joke like many are taking it at first. In fact, Google and Lenovo have confirmed it: the sale of Motorola to the latter. However, Google will keep the “vast majority” of Motorola’s patents, as well as the Advanced Technology and Projects division — currently responsible for Project Ara (a modular smartphone) — and will integrate it into its Android team.

And for those of you questioning the aspect of money changing hands, Lenovo purchased Motorola from Google for a steady $2.91 billion (a fraction of what Google paid $12.5 billion for in 2012), which is a mixture of $660 million in cash and $750 million in stock, while the remaining $1.5 billion will be paid out over three years.

As for patents, Lenovo will receive a license to the ones that Google will hold dear, but also will receive 2,000 Motorola patents of their own.

After the deal is closed, and regulatory approval is met, Lenovo plans to enter the U.S. market under the Motorola banner.

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Google Unveils Official Glass Prescription Frames

homepage_04Crafted from titanium, Google has a line of frames built for those that wish to equip Google Glass with their prescription lenses. Priced at $225 a pop, these frames go alongside the $1,499 beta tester price that Google Glass Explorers are already accustomed to, a high price tag which will be drastically reduced come the consumer launch later this year.

Google says that the frames were designed in-house, and that the four of them — Curve, Thin, Split, Bold — were meant to be simple, but also attractive and functional. Attaching the frames take several screws, but otherwise, that seems to be the only inconvenience. VSP, the largest optical health insurance provider in the US, is working with Google to offer subsidized frames and lenses for those who qualify.

So that settles that for Glass. Now, onto making it more streamlined, less expensive, and publicly available, while also refining the operating system. Video after the break.

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Apple’s Q1 Stats: 51M iPhones, 26M iPads, And 4.8M Macs


Apple has done an excellent job of moving lots of stock for the first quarter of 2014. Statistically, it’s a marvelous outcome: 51 million iPhones sold, with 26 million iPads and 4.8 million Macs to supplement the sales.

But what is interesting is the slight decline in comparison to last year’s results; remember, the first quarter in Apple’s terms is October through December, in this case of 2013. iPods continue down a path of irrelevancy, with only 6 million units, vs. 12.7 million in the year ago time frame.

Still, it’s a win for the Cupertino-based tech giant, as Q1 of 2013 saw 47.8 million iPhones and 22.9 million iPads sold, meaning that this year’s numbers are up 6.7% and 13.5%, respectively.

Per usual however, Apple hasn’t distinguished which models of iPhone (5S or 5C), Mac (notebooks or desktops), iPods, or iPads (Air or mini) outsold the other.In which case, we will leave that to the reader to estimate.

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