Flappy Bird Creator Pulled The App Because It Was (Too) Addictive


In an exclusive interview with Forbes, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen states why “the game is gone forever” and that’s mainly because “it was an addictive product“. Put plain and simple, Flappy Bird is too much of an addictive nuisance for it be in in human hands, at least that’s what its creator thought, despite the fact that the game was pulling in a gracious $50,000 a day in ad revenue. Also, this kills the chance of there ever being a sequel, but fret not, because we’ll see more of Mr. Nguyen.

“After the success of Flappy Bird, I feel more confident,” he explained. “And I have freedom to do what I want to do.”

Well then, this should be interesting.

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The Redesigned PS Vita Will Launch In North America Come Spring Time

borderlands-2-new-vita-bundle_640For $199, individuals living in the united States or Canada will have the chance to buy the redesigned PS Vita — a slimmer, lighter model, with a copy of the game Borderlands 2 included. Changes made to the model specifically range from the touchscreen, now an OLED display in place of the original’s LCD.

The new Vita also weighs 60g less, with thickness down by around a fifth, and the touchpad on the back coming in a educed size.

Overall, Sony spends less on making the new Vita, but also gives the gamer holding it more to be comfortable with. If anyone bites however, the main challenge that Sony has; the PS Vita is anything but a popular device in a market saturated with smartphones, tablets, and rival Nintendo’s 3DS.

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Nokia May Very Well Debut An Android Phone Later This Month

nokiaandroidAt least, that’s what sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal claim: an Android phone, heavily customize by Nokia will be announced later this month. Designed as a low-end handset, this as-of-yet unnamed and unconfirmed Nokia handset will feature the company’s software and services, along with those of Microsoft’s, stripping out Google’s entirely.

It’s a strange position to take with a company that it just recently purchased, but if Microsoft is really hell-bent on gaining more in the smartphone market, perhaps this is a worthwhile gamble?

Via: WSJ, Image credit: @evleaks

Sigma Decided To Put Awesome Image Sensors In Unusual Camera Bodies

Sigma dpQuattro frontSigma has announced their new dp Quattro line of cameras (three of them) Monday morning, with a premise on wider grips and and wider designs, so that the use of the camera is easier on the photographer, and the shot is more steadied.

Inside, exists a three-layer, color-rich Foveon X3 sensor that takes high resolution photos at 20 megapixels, with an optical viewfinder available for enthusiasts, and can work in tandem with the fixed lenses. Otherwise, these are purely cameras; fancy features such as WiFi, video, or any other technological enhancements are nowhere to be found.

The dp2 Quattro will come with a 30mm f/2.8 general purpose lens, while the dp1 and dp3 will respectively carry 19mm wide-angle and 50mm telephoto optics. There are no firm release dates or pricing available at the moment, but usually Sigma cameras are sold at the upper-end of the price spectrum for cameras, so have a wallet (or two) at the ready.


Nokia Lumia 1020 Review: Big Camera, Less Of Everything Else

DSC01502Editor’s Note: First off all, to our readers: yes, this review is a little late. We apologize; but you should (and will) read it, anyway.

For quite a while, the camera sensor on the Nokia Lumia 1020 was the talking point of the technology industry, and Nokia’s greatest achievement — really. To implement a 41 megapixel camera that could take some of the greatest shots on a smartphone is quite a feat. Slap Windows Phone, with much improvement, and you’re up to some sort of good.

Restrain it to just one carrier, and you’re asking for too much, and giving too little. AT&T’s 4G LTE network is one of the best things out there, but offering the same tech on more than just one carrier would have worked so much better for Nokia.

Brevity Review: Helly Hansen Forester Boot — It’s A Snoot!

DSC01489What’s a snoot, you ask? A sneaker and a boot, of course.

At least, that is what the Helly Hansen Forester “boot’ looks like. Built with full-grain water repellent leather, a reinforced sole, and excellent laces and looks, it’s a great buy for this extended polar vortex weather here in New England. It also makes us wish Spring could come sooner, but Mother Nature has other ideas. Thus, wearing the proper winter attire is mind-blowingly important.

Creator Of Flappy Bird Is Removing The Game From The App Store


For some odd reason, despite making $50,000 a day in advertising, the creator of Flappy Bird is removing his often hated-yet-much-loved game from the App Store.

Specifically, he stated that  he “cannot take this anymore” and would remove the game 22 hours from now, or midday of Sunday.

Why? Not an idea. But, there are publications attempting to reach out to the creator, Dong Nguyen, in order to shed some light on this strange turn of events.

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Google Shines A Rainbow Light On Russia’s Shortcomings For The Orientation Of People

2014-winter-olympics-5710368030588928-hpGoogle has published what may be the most creative, yet most powerful jab the internet can make to that of country’s policies.

In response to Russia’s anti-homosexual laws (which involves prosecution based on “propaganda”, with the threat of jail time and fines), the internet giant modified the logo of all of their homepages, including the Russian variant, and applied the following message, along with a Winter Olympics rainbow-themed logo:

“The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.” – Olympic Charter

True words indeed, and words that Russian politicians need to understand, adopt and enforce. Meanwhile, the opening ceremony begins on Friday, with NBC using a nine hour tape-delay for recorded sporting events.

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