Google Redesigns YouTube (Again), By Bringing A Card UI Reminiscent Of iOS

ytblogimage2Planned in future releases to be rolled out slowly to YouTube users over the next few days, Google will always have a “Playlists” button on the left side of the screen, dedicated not only to a user’s personal playlists, but along with those of channels you’ve liked.

With this change of how playlists work, YouTube will also feature a responsive card design that is meant to look right on any screen size, while also merging the experience of mobile and desktop versions of the world’s most popular video website.

And of course, these changes will occur, whether or not you like minimalist card navigational design, or not.

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LG G Flex Review: All Those Curves Don’t Make Up For Cutting Corners

LG G Flex ReviewedOne day, somewhere and someone in LG’s creative unit decided that a curved smartphone would be a great idea. Of course, not having any pre-existing smartphones with that sort of a design proved to be a challenge, which is why LG had three separate companies design the G Flex: a smartphone that not only has a curvature in its body shape, but with its screen, as well.

Enter LG Chemistry, where they developed a curved battery, followed by LG Display, who creating the durable-yet-curved 6-inch screen, and finally, LG Mobile, who took all of the time and effort put forth by the prior two companies, then sandwiched that in a variety of sensors, silicon, and software. That’s the G Flex, in a nutshell: it’s a love child who can be deemed significant due to the some of its parts.

Lots of parts, which by the way, come from another LG smartphone: the G2, which I reviewed back in October

But is the G Flex a good phone, period? Let’s find out.

There’s Word That Google Offered $10 Billion To WhatsApp, But Lost

b0pjcuntzee4hgg07zt84ayv5q37uttg-rr1v3xj2luFortune is reporting this morning that Facebook wasn’t the only technology giant of a corporation to have offered WhatsApp an acquisition deal; in fact, Google had offered $10 billion, which is starkly less than what the blue company had to offer.

Also, the deal in its entirety was less attractive besides funds alone; it would come without the promise of a seat on Google’s board, unlike the successful deal that Facebook brokered with WhatsApp, which did allow for it.

Always great to hear about a glimpse of what behind-the-scenes work like this is like, especially at this magnitude.

Via: Fortune, Image Credit: TC

Volvo Introduces A Delivery Service — That Brings Groceries To Your Car

roam1-820x420Dubbed the Volvo Roam Delivery service, this useful alternative to loading in your day’s worth of groceries into the car aims to just completely nullify the workload — by having Volvo take care of everything.

It works by having new Volvo digital keys that allow the owner to select their car as a delivery point, and when ordering items online via smartphone or tablet, to select it. Volvo argues that this is a better alternative then having the goods sent to your home, which is a greater risk and bigger target.

As for how it’s aware: Once the digital key (and the owner) receives the notification that a delivery is on its way, the car will unlock to accept the goods, and lock after the load is complete. The most interesting facet of this new technology implementation is that the owner doesn’t have to be in, near, or with the car at all to receive a delivery.

Of course, Volvo takes into account an owner’s needs beyond just goods, and allows for remote heating or cooling, including a fuel check of the car. Sounds great, in concept.


Microsoft Does Some Housework: Office Web Apps Renamed To Office Online

office-onlineIt’s not too big of a deal, honestly. In order to continue down a path that makes sense, Microsoft aptly renamed the Office Web Apps division of products to Office Online, because naturally, it’s Microsoft Office — just online. They’ve also given it full access to the URL, which will undoubtedly draw in more customers to the new platform of Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. Otherwise, it’s all the same.

That being said, get those agreements typed out; I need them by 3PM, sharp.

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Facebook Is Going To Have Fun: Purchases WhatsApp For A Sizable $16 Billion

downloadFacebook has entered an agreement with WhatsApp — to purchase said developer of the app with the same name for a sizable $16 billion. WhatsApp will continue to operate independently after the acquisition, but claims the deal “accelerates Facebook’s ability to bring connectivity and utility to the world.” Meanwhile, WhatsApp’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jan Koum, will join Facebook’s board; it’s interesting news on its own, because the app will have its own say in the large forest that is Facebook operations.

Also, WhatsApp has incredible statistics: a user base of 750 million, the social messaging app has 70 percent of those users active on any particular day; definitely a way for Facebook to reach its social dominance in another form.

Via: Facebook Press Release (Zuckerberg)

Google Wants To Bring Its Fiber To 34 More Cities, 9 Of Them Soon

9-new-google-fiber-cities Google has just published a blog post detailing their plans for expanding Google Fiber (1 gigabit internet speeds and even better) around the United States, to 34 cities in the long-term, 9 cities of which plans are being made for in the short-term. Those cities, for those of you wondering, are Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, and San Jose. Yes, most of those cities are in the south, but what is the most interesting is San Antonio; AT&T’s hometown.

Meanwhile, New Englanders, especially in New York, are patiently awaiting the arrival of Google Fiber, which at its current pace, could take quite a while.

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HTC’s “All New One” Leaks In Full Press Image Form, In Gold Paint

htc-one-evleaksA brand new HTC One, called “The All New One” is apparently what the Taiwanese company is going with for the next flagship device they plan to reveal on March 25th in New York City and London.

Seen here, as a leaked press image, the new One will apparently come in a gold paint job, as well as the silver we’re accustomed to, and hopefully in black as well, which can take advantage of all those sleek unibody aluminum lines. Also including are not one, but two (get it?) rear-facing cameras.

Bad pun aside, we’ll know more about this new device as time progresses.

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