Samsung Outs The Faux-Leather Chromebook 2, Looks For More Success At $320

new-chromebook-2The Samsung Chromebook has been wildly popular for very-low budget system buyers in the past few months, and Samsung has seen that it’s worth it to redesign the Chromebook. First off, toting a faux-leather design much like the Note 3, Samsung’s Chromebook 2 features  11.6-inch and 13.3-inch frames.

For the larger model, a 3.09-pound body with a 1920 x 1080 screen, 4GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and Samsung’s latest Exynos 5 Octa processor. The smaller 11.6-inch model has a 1366 x 768 screen, slower processor, and eight hours of battery with the same storage, RAM, port selection, but with a weight of just 2.43 pounds.

Prices are as follows: $400 for the 13.3-inch model and $320 for the 11.6-inch version.

Via: Samsung

LG’s G Flex Takes The IF Product Design 2014 Gold Award

LG G FlexDespite the fact that it hasn’t reached critical success (yet, if at all) the LG G Flex that I reviewed not too long ago, has received the IF Product Design Gold Award. Awards notwithstanding, the product category of curved devices is something that needs popular consumer appeal, and with only one real smartphone of the kind in the United States (Samsung’s Galaxy Round isn’t coming to the U.S.), it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Coupled with the fact that creating a curved display takes some positive characteristics away from LG’s G Flex (like a full 1080 instead of a 720p HD display), then no one will really be impressed by a curved smartphone category — yet.

Apple’s CarPlay Is The First Official Car Infotainment System From The Company

iOS-Car-PlayAccording to Cupertino, “Designed from the ground up to provide drivers with an incredible experience using their iPhone in the car.” Designed around the existing iOS 7 experience, Apple’s CarPlay will debut at the Geneva Motor Show this week, coming first to Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo. To follow-up in the coming months, car makers including Nissan, Peugeot, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, and General Motors will join the CarPlay alliance, with support for Lightning port devices (iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C).

The physical implementation of Apple CarPlay will be a dedicated voice control button to the steering wheel of cars with the technology, with the knobs and dials within the car, as well as touch and voice interfaces to control the whole system. Supported apps at launch include Spotify, Beats Radio, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher, along with Apple’s Maps, Phone, Messaging, and Music apps.

Via: Apple CarPlay, Press release

Ellen Breaks Twitter Record: Most Retweets Ever, For An Epic Selfie

now-thats-a-selfieWith nearly a dozen stars, Ellen DeGeneres broke the Twitter record for the most retweets ever, previously held by U.S. president Barack Obama. The number? 2 million and counting, pulled off in about half an hour. The phone used for the shot? A Galaxy Note 3, provided by Samsung, who were all over the Oscars last night with their wares.

But honestly, it’s a pretty cool photo. Nicely done.

Via: Ellen DeGeneres (Twitter) 

HTC’s All New Once Gets Its Press Image Leaked, And Is On Video

htc-one-2014Unfortunately, for HTC at least, the upcoming press events scheduled for London and New York City won’t be as surprising anymore. The All New One (or the New One) or just the HTC One — whatever they’re going to call it — will incorporate two rear-facing cameras, one front-facing, a whole heap of new specs for the internals, and a microSD card slot, something that’s been amiss for more than a year on mainstream flagship smartphones.

Meanwhile, the ever-reliable @evleaks on Twitter has unearthed an AT&T-branded press image of the new One, while a lucky someone also happens to have the handset, and posted a shoddy but decently-focused and quick video analysis of the new HTC One (which is rather hard to come by and watch), while also comparing it to yesteryear’s model.

So much for surprises.

Via: @evleaks, Droid-Life

Helly Hansen Women’s Urban Parka Review

10226321x1012905_zmWhy, yes. It is still freezing cold in New York City, so I thought I wouldn’t let girls stay in the cold — so, here’s a cool sports coat. Designed by our cold friends at Helly Hansen, the Women’s urban parka is just as much technology as it is parka. Being water-resistant, windproof, and breathable as it may, it’s also fully-insulated.

Google’s “Projected Mode”: An Upcoming In-Car System Gets Leaked (Sort Of)

2014-Mercedes-Benz-CLA250-cockpitFrom time to time, you can stumble upon job listings at companies that can detail (to some, vague extent) what you might be working on. In this lucky case, it’s Mercedes-Benz, speaking of the “Projected Mode” that Google is working for in-car systems, much like their work with Audi announced more than a month ago.

The use of Projected Mode in the job listing is apparently  “seamlessly integrate” Android phones into a dashboard’s head unit, which would either be a housing for the device, or something more on the lines of futuristic technology with a simplified Android interface.

But, the most important detail of the whole listing? That Google’s Projected Mode will be available on “all Mercedes-Benz vehicles in all markets worldwide.”

That should be interesting.

ViaDaimler [German], SlashGear