Google’s Barge Is Now Docked In Stockon, California

Google BargeGoogle’s large barge was the subject of much speculation, as well as legal trouble for its mere presence in the San Francisco Bay (it’s four stories tall). So, after agreeing to a lease within the port, Google Barge has a new home: by docking in Stockton, California.

So, how long was the trip? Well, from Treasure Island in San Francisco to the new port in Stockton, it took 80 miles of nautical travel. Currently, there are claims that Google has agreed to pay in the area of $10,000 to $12,000 per month, while also paying the minimum port rental of three months.

Meanwhile, Google still has yet to announce when the Google Barge might open, if at all — hopefully it’s not a big empty box for storage.

Via: SF Gate

Judge Rules It Legals To Fly Drones Commercially, At Least For Now


Very progressive decision-making on technology, you could say. The National Transportation Safety Board isn’t one to wait for testing or validation from more than one corner in the room, and one of the Board’s judges has deemed it legal for drones to be flown in the United States at a commercial level.

Furthermore, the judge has added that the FAA has no right to police drones either, and the dropping of $10,000 fine for shooting a commercial with an unmanned aircraft.

Meanwhile, the FAA can still create enforceable rules down the line, but for now, Amazon and UPS’ dreams of delivery by drone are looking very possible.

Via: Vice

Watch_Dogs Confirmed For May 27th Release — Finally

watch-dogs-launch-dateWatch_Dogs, the long-awaited next-gen title delayed from Q4 2013, into Spring of 2014, finally has a solid release date. May 27th is the magical day for those who pre-ordered the game, for all versions (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC — meanwhile, the Wii U version will be delayed till later in the year.

It might be even longer than millions of gamers hoped, but considering that Ubisoft and its studios want to “win next-gen” with Watch_Dogs, the need for extra polish is understandable.

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Dyson Makes Some Needed Improvements To Their Bladeless Air Multiplier Fans

new-dyson-fansFirst off, Dyson (esteemed maker of expensive vacuums) decided that a 75% noise reduction to their bladeless Air Multiplier fans is an excellent start. It is; Dyson’s engineers have even reduced the 1,000 Hz high-pitch tones that were produced by the original when it was launched in 2009. They haven’t sacrificed airflow either, since you can get 405 liters per second. Of course, pricing is another story.

For some very innovative bladeless fans (they do this by pushing air up from the base, then having aerodynamics of the empty ring and laws of physics handle the rest), you’ll be paying up quite a bit. The new AM06, AM07, and AM08 Dyson Cool fans will run you a cool $300, $400, and $450, respectively.

But, they still are cool, right? No puns? Alright then.

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Update Comes To Motorola Touchless Control: Reads Notifications To User

Touchless Control MotoMotorola smartphone users with access to Touchless Control have something to be quite happy about: the newest update to said application. In fact, Touchless Control’s newest feature that comes with the aforementioned update is “what’s up?”, followed by the phone reading your recent notifications out loud.

However, if you’re more the business type and/or slightly mellow, a reasonable “read notifications” will also prompt Touchless Control to alert you of any things you might have missed. It’s available in English, Italian and Spanish; more languages might be added in the future.

Besides addition of the new feature, the always-listening app sports more sensitivity after you’ve made your first command. Not bad.

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Microsoft Will Have DirectX 12 Announced Later This March

directx-12-gdcThe Game Developers Conference is going to soon be underway in San Francisco, this March 20th. In response to that, Microsoft thinks it’s high-time that DirectX 12 be announced, bringing it with it the capability of expressing moving content — and games, of course — in more detail. Of course, Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged the exact specifics of the update, instead leaving us to wonder till 10AM PST on that particular day.

What is known however is the inclusion of AMD, NVIDIA, Intel and Qualcomm logos, meaning that the aforementioned companies will take part in the DirectX announcement.

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Siri Might Just Get Smarter And Recommend Third-Party Apps


Besides working with Apple’s purported iWatch — a rumored gadget that would take on the appearance of a smart watch, but in typical Apple style, be capable of more than just its base function — an update to Siri might also introduce a new form of mobile search.

By incorporating recommended third-party apps to the user’s voice prompts, Siri could potentially be a lot more useful than just telling you about the weather, appointments, or booking movie tickets.

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PlayStation 4 Reaches Yet Another Milestone: 6 Million Units Sold, Worldwide


Sony is nothing but transparent when it comes to PlayStation 4 sales nowadays.  On Tuesday, the company announced that their next-generation games console reached six million units sold, worldwide, a number that was only made possible after the Japanese launch supported North American and European sales figures — 370,000 units in fact. Now available in 57 markets, the PS4 also receives excellent game sales: 13.7 million copies sold in retail stores worldwide and digital downloads “as of March 2nd”.

Meanwhile, the Xbox One sold about 3 million units last year when it launched, which was stated in January; no more up-to-date numbers have been released.

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