TAG Heur’s $1,500 Android Wear Watch Is Connected

tagheuerIn fact, that is the name of the smart watch announced just today by TAG Heur: the Connected. A $1,500 smart accessory, a properitiy warranty exists where once you purchase the Connected, you become eligible to switch to mechanical piece in two years. Besides being built brilliantly, the Connected is of course, very exclusive: custom watch faces designed by TAG, along with two special versions purportedly designed in-part by Tom Brady and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Built of titanium, the connected is bigger than a Huawei watch or the current king of the Android Wear platform, the Moto 360 — at 46.2mm wide and 12.8mm thick — but the choice of materials should keep it fairly wearable and comfortable.

TAG went so far as to even ditch the Qualcomm processors used in nearly all Android Wear watches, and instead partner with Intel for a 1.6Ghz dual-core processor. Other specs worth noting include the 410mAh battery and the 360×360 (240 ppi) 1.5″ screen.

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Apple’s iPad Pro Goes On Sale This Wednesday

ipad-proStarting at $999, the first-generation iPad Pro will make its world debut on Wednesday, November 11th which also happens to be Singles’ Day in China — the largest online shopping day in the world.

The 12.9-inch iOS tablet is the most powerful the teams at Cupertino has ever produced, and is also the most expensive, starting at $799 for a 32 GB Wi-Fi model, rising to $1,079 for an LTE-capable version with 128 GB of storage (the most you can get).

Meanwhile, the Apple Pencil (dedicated stylus, essentially) will retail for $99, while the Smart Keyboard, an adjustable keyboard accessory that will go for $169. The current group of launch countries total 50, with the United States, China, Canada and most of Europe taking part.

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The Pier of Fear ’15: Skrillex, Camera, Lights — Rave!

P1000202At nineteen, I haven’t been to many parties, much less a rave of Halloween proportions in New York City — I’ve been too busy entertaining the readers of LM.

This year, at Pier 92/94, RPM hosted the Pier of Fear, with Skrillex as the headline act. Dubstep and electronic music in general can be an acquired taste, but I was always a fan of the insane and brilliant way that Skrillex could control a crowd using technology: his music, remixes, lights, smoke and energy that he’d give to the crowds.

In short: I promptly left the pier at 2:30AM, which meant that including all other acts, I raved for about 5 hours — Halloween was fantastic.

HTC One A9 Review: Being Pretty Isn’t Enough


If HTC sustains itself past its current state — quarterly losses at every turn and a lack of compelling sales numbers —  then the One A9 will be but a blip on the radar. But, if that isn’t the case, then the A9 will represent one of the last attempts by HTC to regain relevancy, and a very desperate one at that.

It doesn’t take a mechanical engineer or a designer to make the obvious connection that the One A9 is a spitting image representation of a very popular smartphone designed in Cupertino, California. But, no matter: let’s try to look at the A9 as objectively as possible.

Master & Dynamic Fulfill My Wireless Fantasy: Meet The MW60 Headphones

mw60Only twice have I reviewed Master & Dynamic headphones, but both of those times I’ve  enjoyed the sounds that were emitted to my ears. It’s a close listening experience that I enjoy, with aesthetics that I prefer to no other brand except Sennheiser or harman/kardon.

So, when M&D told me that a wireless version was in the works — then my prayers would literally be answered.

Enter, the MW60 headphones. Adorned with leather, memory foam earcups, leather touches, aluminum and stainless steel for metal integration — they’re nothing short of beautiful. And most importantly, the cups fold inward. Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX technology provides the wireless experience, with a woven aux cord available in the box as the complimentary wired experience.

M&D is concerned about battery life, so naturally the presser indicates that the Li-Ion battery is capable of holding a 16-hour charge  — chargeable by micro USB — but the MW60 promises the same (if not better) performance seen in the amazing MH40, with 45mm Neodymium drivers, while also including an omnidirectional microphone in the ear-cup (previously a separate accessory in the wired model).

Cost? $549 per pair — top of the range with a price reflecting it; colors include the gunmetal black composition, or brown with silver. It’ll take a review to justify the high sticker price, and so I shall…soon.

Via: M&D

Samsung’s ATIV Book 9 Pro Laptop Introduces 4K Screen To Their Portfolio

samsung-ativ-book-9-pro-2015-11-04-01It’s a first for Samsung ultrabooks: a 4K screen.

Being that Samsung produces some of the best TV and smartphone screens in the world, it comes as no surprise that this expertise would find its way onto the company’s premier line of laptops, starting in the new ATIV Book 9 Pro. A 15.6-inch, 3840 x 2160 touchscreen display is what the big S claims has “real time HDR enhancements” — probably just contrast and brightness optimizations.

Other specs include a sixth-gen Intel Core i7 processor running at 2.6GHz, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M graphics card, four speakers, 4K HDMI out port and a price reflective of all this: $1,599. The downsides here include 4.45lbs that it weighs and the 6.5 hours of battery life — far below the norm for the other ATIV Ultrabooks with high-resolution screens, but that are not 4K.

Both the ATIV Book 9 Pro and the Book 9 Spin — a 13.3″ ultrabook with a 3200 x 1800 QHD+ display and similar specs overall — will launch later this month.

Via: Businesswire

Gmail’s New Smart Reply Feature Is Google Working On Its Neural Network


Somewhat quietly, Google will rollout a new feature to Inbox later this week — its separate Gmail app that also handles email — called Smart Reply. It has very limited functionality in terms of its eloquence, but it’s behind the scenes where magic (and lots of science) is occurring.

Smart Reply basically uses three to six words in a short, concise reply to the contents of an email Gmail has scanned and interpreted — since this can be rather varied, sometimes Smart Reply will give the user up to three automated responses to choose from, or to just do it yourself, as usual.

But this is incredibly important, because while Smart Reply is used and refined, it will essentially be contributing to Google artificial neural network — meaning, that the day Gmail knows what to say on your behalf is approaching; it’s already being used to filter out spam emails.

Via: Gmail Blog, Google Research 

Helly Hansen Stockholm Boot Review: A Well-Rounded All-Rounder

P1000120Sometimes one can find the perfect hybrid of two elements in a shoe, but one that I often find to be amiss is the construction of a warm, comfortable boot with the adaptability of a sneaker, cool enough to skateboard in (I’m looking at you, Casey Neistat).

The Helly Hansen Stockholm boot seen from renders online looked like an interesting experience, so my friends at HH hooked me up with a pair to check out and see for myself.