Apple Outs iOS 7.1 With CarPlay, UI Improvements, And Fixes

iOS 7.1It is March 10th, when you’re getting used to the second day of Daylight Savings Time. Meanwhile, Apple has been working, on iOS 7.1, which is now available as an over-the-air update, which is including CarPlay, UI tweaks in the phone dialer, keyboard, and power off screen, and a numerous bug fixes.

So, while the majority of the update is in bug fixes and design tweaks, CarPlay remains the biggest feature: the ability to interface with a car, to provide not only navigation and entertainment, but a hands-free experience that includes voice, but also touch and knobs and/or dials.

Swatch Sistem51 Is An Automatic Watch With A Design Twist, Releasing In The U.S. For $150

Sistem 51; 2013 XMasCollection; 1312 Sistem 51The Swatch Sistem51 is a special thing in the watch world, because it’s an automatic mechanical movement timepiece, completely built by machines in Switzerland.

Only made up from 51 parts, all of which you can see in action at the back of the watch, adds to the aesthetic value and attention to engineering. A 90 hour power reserve with 3 Hz movement, and sealed tightly into the case, the Swatch not only wants the Sistem51 to tell time accurately, but with longevity in mind as well.

Available in four different colors (red, white, black, and blue), the Sistem51 is exclusive to Swatch stores to the Swiss, but will make an American debut during the summer, for $150 each. We’ll be sure to try it out when it releases; till then, wait for spring first.

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Once Again, The New HTC One Appears In Leaked Shots

htc-one-m8-leaked-mid-marchCodenamed the M8, the all new One (or the new HTC One, whatever) has been part of a litany of leaks, videos, and press shots, all outed before the official unveiling scheduled later this month in New York and London, on the 25th.

Apparently, what’s special about this leak is the inclusion of a new CNC process, which results in very tight and aligned build quality, further refining the art of aluminum unibody designs. Also, @evleaks made it known that an LED smart cover is an accessory that exists for the new One.

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AudioEngine A2+ Speakers Review: The Entry-Level Speakers You’d Want

AudioEngine A2+Audioengine is a manufacturer of high-end PC audio hardware. That’s right: speakers specifically designed to be used with your computer, but of course with the support of typical 3.5mm audio jack. They’re expertly designed as minimalist speakers, yet have rich, office-filling sound, with plenty of bass and audio ranges to spare. Measuring 6 inches tall, 4 inches wide and 5.25 inches deep, the Audioengine A2+ model is a kit of two speakers, in either black or white, with built-in subwoofers, volume dial, and a plenty of aesthetic appeal.

But, they’re expensive; thus are they worth the price?

AT&T Wants To Stay In The Game, Cuts 2GB Mobile Share Plans By $15 A Month

LaptopMemo at AT&T Daybreak 2012 in NYCIn order to stay competitive, especially with the likes of T-Mobile consistently and constantly on the tails of the big four nationwide carriers, AT&T has decided it’s high-time to fight back. So, baby steps, it would seem. First off, the Mobile Share plans that have been going into great effect recently at the company, will see a $15 price drop.

That’s from the starting $55 monthly value, which now becomes just $40. This translates to other plans: if a user paid $95 for an individual 2GB plan, he/she would be $30 richer each month, while other users with a $135 bill for two lines can whittle their monthly costs down by $45.

However, there is a catch: if you’re on contract and want a new phone will have to join the AT&T Next plan, or buy that new shiny phone at full retail price; still, it could be worse. But it isn’t, thankfully.

Google’s Barge Is Now Docked In Stockon, California

Google BargeGoogle’s large barge was the subject of much speculation, as well as legal trouble for its mere presence in the San Francisco Bay (it’s four stories tall). So, after agreeing to a lease within the port, Google Barge has a new home: by docking in Stockton, California.

So, how long was the trip? Well, from Treasure Island in San Francisco to the new port in Stockton, it took 80 miles of nautical travel. Currently, there are claims that Google has agreed to pay in the area of $10,000 to $12,000 per month, while also paying the minimum port rental of three months.

Meanwhile, Google still has yet to announce when the Google Barge might open, if at all — hopefully it’s not a big empty box for storage.

Via: SF Gate

Judge Rules It Legals To Fly Drones Commercially, At Least For Now


Very progressive decision-making on technology, you could say. The National Transportation Safety Board isn’t one to wait for testing or validation from more than one corner in the room, and one of the Board’s judges has deemed it legal for drones to be flown in the United States at a commercial level.

Furthermore, the judge has added that the FAA has no right to police drones either, and the dropping of $10,000 fine for shooting a commercial with an unmanned aircraft.

Meanwhile, the FAA can still create enforceable rules down the line, but for now, Amazon and UPS’ dreams of delivery by drone are looking very possible.

Via: Vice

Watch_Dogs Confirmed For May 27th Release — Finally

watch-dogs-launch-dateWatch_Dogs, the long-awaited next-gen title delayed from Q4 2013, into Spring of 2014, finally has a solid release date. May 27th is the magical day for those who pre-ordered the game, for all versions (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC — meanwhile, the Wii U version will be delayed till later in the year.

It might be even longer than millions of gamers hoped, but considering that Ubisoft and its studios want to “win next-gen” with Watch_Dogs, the need for extra polish is understandable.

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