Microsoft Makes DirectX 12 The Next PC And Mobile Gaming Power Standard

directx_12.0_cinema_960.0DirectX 12 introduces performance boosts on Windows 8, Xbox One, and Windows Phones; the most important thing to know right out of the gate. Besides catering to mobile games, and requiring less battery juice to be extracted to render particular scenes, Microsoft is also introducing better handling of  processing with multiple CPU cores (and avoiding overloading just one).

Basically, DX 12 allows for games on all Microsoft products to perform more efficiently, and specifcally for gaming computers, brings some of the optimizing technology seen on game consoles, in order to lock-in desirable frame rates,

To top it all off: 80% of currently sold PCs will already support DirectX 12; however, games won’t begin to appear wielding the new game development package until the holiday season of 2015.

Via: Direct X Dev Blog

Intel Announces “Devil’s Canyon”, The 8-Core Extreme Edition Haswell CPU With DDR4 Memory

intel-8-core-haswellLooking above, you’d wonder what athe big deal is about the  4th-gen Core-i7 Extreme Edition CPU, codenamed “Devil’s Canyon”. Well, that’s because it’s a powerhouse, for gaming desktops.

Besides support for not only DDR4 RAM, but a fantastic family of 8 individual processing cores with 16 threads. A better thermal interface, being easily overlockable and with Intel’s own IRIS graphics, gaming enthusiasts will have the best possible Intel CPU for their crazy desktop gaming computers.

I, for one, know people will be swapping out their current hexacore processors for the new octacore variant. Price? Unannounced, but availability will be sometimes in mid-2014.

Via: Intel

A New Oculus Rift Developer Unit Is Ready, And It’s Much Cooler

dk2-productThe Oculus Rift DK2 is the moniker applied to the new and evolved version of the virtual reality gaming headset. Set to launch in July with a camera accessory that allows for full-body tracking, the Oculus Rift will also get some hardware improvements, via a Crystal Cove 1080p screen (low-persistence OLED screen of 1,080 x 960 in each eye).

Another great addition: no longer will there be an intermediary box between the Rift and the device you’re plugging it into; now it’s just a single wire that splits for USB power and HDMI video.

Alas, despite the arrival of a new developer kit for $350, the Oculus Rift Dk2 isn’t getting the platform a solid release date, instead relying on more development, funding, and the emergence of new gaming titles and support for a VR (virtual reality) environment.

Via: Oculus

Quirky And GE Created A Smart And Modern Air Conditioner

arosThe air conditioner unit is one of the least-evolving categories of technology: usually loud, energy inefficient, and typically unattractive, yet they are a necessary evil in the late Spring and throughout the Summer, especially in New York.

Enter, the Quirky and GE air conditioner, called the Aros, an 8,000 BTU smart air conditioner. It’s $300 and is available for pre-order at Amazon, with shipping  starting this May.

Besides being the type of AC unit that can cool an 850 square foot space, the Aros also has touch controls, an intake system that prevents the suction of air that already has been cooled, and finally, a Quirky Wink mobile app for iOS and Android, that allows you to turn the Aros on and off based on location, as well as the tracking of energy prices in real-time.

And honestly, we’re very optimistic and can’t wait to try it out.

Via: Quirky Aros 

Project Morpheus: The Virtual Reality Headset For The PlayStation 4

project-oh-yeah-morpheusWhile every possible detail on Project Morepheus for PlayStation 4 isn’t available, Sony has given the press enough to satisfy our taste buds,if  for but only a moment. Using a 1080p display and just over a 90 degree field of view, Morpheus has positional head tracking, a 1000HZ refresh rate, 3-meter working volume with full 360 degree tracking, support for those who wear eye glasses (and those without), all complete with what is called a “highly adjustable” headpiece, with the option to use custom headphones, which would plug themselves directly into the headset.

Speaking of which, the biaural tech is being developed to allow for spatial sound, as well as support for the DualShock 4, Move, and other forms of PS4 control.

Currently, a developer kit exists, which includes a wired version of the Project Morpheus headset (it’s a 5 meter wire), which needs the PlayStation 4’s camera accessory to coordinate with. Future versions o f Project Morpheus may very well be wireless in order to promote ease-of-use. Meanwhile, Sony already has Crytek (makes of the Crysis game series) and Epic Games (makers of Infinity Blade and Gears of War) working on the headset.

The Game Developers Conference will be much more interesting with Sony making the rounds.

LG G Watch: First Official Android Wear Device, Available Next Quarter

LG-G-Watch-2LG is the first Android Wear partner to legitimately make a jab at giving the Android Wear initiative a shot, with the G Watch. Available next quarter, the watch implements the same features seen in the Android Wear’s requirements: always-listening for the “OK Google” command, fitness, Google Now, and a variety of other Android Wear features.

Exact release date and pricing is not yet known, LG thinks it’s the kind of hardware needed to get developers to have an a “low barrier to entry”, therefore LG is rather optimistic about the G Watch.

We’ll see.