Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review: Utterly Satisfactory

20151205_150017If Samsung had to call in the cavalry to a smartphone contest, they’d probably call the Note 5 — in fact, they do.

It’s a behemoth smartphone; everything here is “big or go home”. Although I’m dying to write about innuendoes here, this is not the place nor time — this is the Galaxy Note 5 review, and it’s all about what it is like to live and play with Samsung’s ship-of-the-line.

Muji Aroma Diffuser Review: A Story Of Being Enamored With Scents


While I try to flesh out more lifestyle-related content — that of course — compliments the obvious technology angle of this site, I thought to myself: can’t my dorm (and workspace) smell better? Throwing $30 on a reed diffuser from a name-brand home and kitchen store at the shops at Columbus Circle didn’t prove itself fruitful, so I thought a little journey would ensue (e.g. to find a great diffuser).

After walking through Chinatown and into SoHo with my muse and my greatest friend, I came across the Muji SoHo location. It was always on my list of places to go, but what I found inside made the experience — dare I say: a scent sweeter.

Handgrey Carabiner & Keyring Review: Titanium Everyday Carry

20151203_132359Being an admirer of beautiful things, especially those that appeal to me emotionally. In the case of two everyday carry objects: a carabiner and a keyring, the emotional attachment is hidden.

By having a keyring, you avoid frustration and anxiety (losing your keys) and with a carabiner, you can ensure that whatever else that can’t be secured by a keyring, can be. In that sense, both the H3 carabiner and the Knox keyring are about safety, of things you need with you, everyday.

Now you’re asking: where is the beauty here? They’re both made of electrically-cut titanium.

Mark Zuckerberg And Priscilla Chan Pledged 99% Of Their Shares To Human Advancement

zuckerberg-chanIndeed: 99% of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s shares at Facebook is equivalent to $45 billion United States dollars — making this one of the largest donations made to charity in human history.

To be issued over the course of Zuckerberg’s lifetime, this amount is per Facebook’s current valuation. The announcement comes with the arrival of the couple’s daughter Max; she essentially serves as the spearhead of the move.

While the exact details of the pledge aren’t outlined in its entirety, the essence of it is this: the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. It will be a new non-profit organization tasked with two main concerns: advancing human potential and most importantly, promoting equality.

Fun fact? The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (of Microsoft fame, obviously) was founded in 2000 and has a current endowment of $44 billion — a splice away from Chan and Zuckerberg’s.

Via: Facebook

Amazon And Jeremy Clarskon Begin Promoting Prime Air Drones

prime-air-drone-1It’s no secret that Amazon has been prepping Prime Air — a drone delivery service. But this is the first time we’re seeing what looks to be a nearly-finished model drone designed for the service, through a YouTube video posted by the company. Also, tagging along: Jeremy Clarkson as a presenter, who will be premiering a new motoring show with Amazon next year, along with the other two blokes of TV motoring fame: James May and Richard Hammond.

Of course, all of this is a major bet that Bezos and co. are taking: the company can’t actually publicly operate drones, at least legally. Until the feds pass commercial drone delivery rules that suit Amazon’s needs, then videos like these will be the only real demonstrations of the technology.

Via: Amazon

Swiss Army L’Epaule Hooded Review: A Stylish Blouson

20151129_155028To be quite honest, I’ve never worn a blouson, despite having French heritage and being rather fashion conscious and adaptable. My excuse is that I’m more of a parka or bomber jacket kind of gentleman.

Basically, the L’Epaule is a hooded jacket with a wax coating that will create a patina over time, so it will build character the more you use it — or rather, wear it. Then, what better time to test it in this bipolar New York City fall?

LG V10 Review: When Bigger Isn’t Always Better

20151122_111104Reviewing the G4 meant that I would come to terms with LG’s less premium design in favor of a more complete Android experience. The aftermath of which resulted in a continuous war between the G4 and the Galaxy S6 — both are excellent devices and tied in many aspects, however LG gets away with expandable storage and a removeable battery.

This begs the question: what if LG made a G4 with better materials? Say, stainless steel and a textured polycarbonate? Well, that’s what the V10 is, and it includes a second screen for notifications, along with some new tricks overall.

But I’ll cut to the chase: it’s rather too big for most.

B&O BeoPlay H8 Headphones Review: The Quintessential On-Ears

20151120_114848I’ve reviewed dozens of headphones — usually of the expensive variety — and they all get certain aspects of what being a good pair of headphones are wrong.

Some are too big for daily commutes (but sound great), others look amazing but lack richness, then there are others that come close to being perfect but suffer from glitches — and then those that don’t but are too big. Also, the last pair of on-ears I reviewed left me unimpressed.

So, it would seem that I’m looking for commute-friendly, noise-cancelling pair of headphones, that also have Bluetooth capabilities and exude good design.

Thus, I thought it was worth my time to see what the Denmark-based audiophiles at Bang & Olufsen had to offer with the BeoPlay H8; headphones that fit those exact specific qualities I listed earlier.