The First Xbox One Spring Update Is Here

xbox-one-dash-leadIntroducing a ton of fixes and improvements for Microsoft’s gaming console, the first spring update for the Xbox One has arrived. First off, there’s better Kinect voice recognition, more stability, dashboard fixes, support for a USB keyboard, and onscreen meters for both controller batteries and available hard drive space.

Availability of said update? During “off-peak” hours in local time zones; alternatively, as Microsoft’s Larry Hryb put it, “never fear you’ll see it sometime over the weekend.” Well said, well said.

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Microsoft Outs Windows 8 Sales: 200 Million Licenses And Counting

win-8-startThe sale of 200 million Windows 8 licenses sounds like a big number, but it is a fraction of the overall Windows 7 sales that have been reported in the past. In a 12 month period of availability, 240 million copies of Windows 7 were sold; in contrast with Windows 8, which took 15 months to reach the 200M mark. Granted, they’re different operating systems, with pros and cons, and one being older than the other, but it can’t be helped that Windows 8 isn’t as favored as its predecessor.

Meanwhile, the Windows 8.1 Update 1 addition to the OS family aims to fix many of the still-lingering issues that users have, but Microsoft has not commented on it. Look for it later in April, however.

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Arma 3’s Zeus DLC Brings Immense Control To Multiplayer Battles, And For Free

arma-3-zeusSo, get this: Arma 3 “Zeus” is a DLC that allows more a new kind of multiplayer: players enroll as soldiers, and another player controls the game environment, causing obstacles, new scenarios, objectives, and environment changes along the way — to create a dynamic, unpredictable storyline.

Plus, the player can “become Zeus”, and use a lightning bolt to resolve any particular enemy actions that would threaten the other players (or cause them harm). It’s all very deux ex machina, but it sounds fun.

Best of all, the DLC is free so you can come to expect it available for download sometimes in Q2 of 2014 — nearly the same time the “Win” campaign conclusion arc episode launches, which is also free.

Video after the break.

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Sony Unveils The a6000: The World’s Fastest Autofocus System Is On A Mirrorless Camera

sony-alpha-a6000This is a testament to creating cutting-edge technology, then pouring into one very small body. The Sony Alpha a6000 mirrorless lens camera features a 24.3 megapixel image sensor with BIONZ X processor, and what Sony calls “the world’s fastest autofocus system”, at just a mere 0.06 seconds.

Sony took great care with the 3-inch viewfinder as well, using an OLED panel for clarity, and in terms of physical controls, two customizeable buttons with access to 47 shortcuts, and a function button for easy control.

Per usual, a photographer wielding the a6000 will have access to full HD video recording at 60FPS, a pop-up flash, support for all Sony E-mount lenses and backwards compatibility with Sony’s older A-mount lenses,

The AF system really deos seem impressive on paper, because there are 179 focal points that the camera takes into account (yes, a hundred-and-seventy-nine). You can shoot images at 11 frames-per-second with continuous AF, with WiFi and NFC support for transferring images quickly and without the use of wires.

Availability for this speedster of a 12.1 ounce camera? In April 2014, in both black and silver finishes in a kit with a 16-50mm motorized zoom lens for $800, or body-only for $650.

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Titanfall Beta Sign-Ups Have Commenced

TF_Lagoon_Pilot_TitanWhat are you doing right now? Titanfall beta sign-ups for PC (requires an Origin account) or Xbox One have finally opened up. According to the Titanfall folks, decisions about who is coming into the closed beta will be “emailed directly by EA with instructions on how to access the game no later than 11:59 PM PST on Feb 17th”.

Sounds pretty straightforward, so get to it. Naturally, I’ve already signed up.

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Here’s The Xbox One Stereo Headset And Mic Adapter That Come Out In March

2-11-2014_xbox_headsetAhead of the Titanfall release, which is going to be a milestone for the Xbox One as a majorly anticipated game launch, comes Microsoft’s official communication gear. A $25 adapter for connecting any normal 3.5mm headset with muting and volume.

However, if you need a new headset period, Microsoft will also sell you the adapter and an official headset for $80; both communication peripherals launch in early March.


Flappy Bird Creator Pulled The App Because It Was (Too) Addictive


In an exclusive interview with Forbes, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen states why “the game is gone forever” and that’s mainly because “it was an addictive product“. Put plain and simple, Flappy Bird is too much of an addictive nuisance for it be in in human hands, at least that’s what its creator thought, despite the fact that the game was pulling in a gracious $50,000 a day in ad revenue. Also, this kills the chance of there ever being a sequel, but fret not, because we’ll see more of Mr. Nguyen.

“After the success of Flappy Bird, I feel more confident,” he explained. “And I have freedom to do what I want to do.”

Well then, this should be interesting.

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The Redesigned PS Vita Will Launch In North America Come Spring Time

borderlands-2-new-vita-bundle_640For $199, individuals living in the united States or Canada will have the chance to buy the redesigned PS Vita — a slimmer, lighter model, with a copy of the game Borderlands 2 included. Changes made to the model specifically range from the touchscreen, now an OLED display in place of the original’s LCD.

The new Vita also weighs 60g less, with thickness down by around a fifth, and the touchpad on the back coming in a educed size.

Overall, Sony spends less on making the new Vita, but also gives the gamer holding it more to be comfortable with. If anyone bites however, the main challenge that Sony has; the PS Vita is anything but a popular device in a market saturated with smartphones, tablets, and rival Nintendo’s 3DS.

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