Apple Has A Nokia Pureview Camera Expert Join The Cupertino Fortress


Despite Microsoft now owning Nokia, and that famed brand name is no longer, Apple is ready to poach and acquire anyone it can. Take an example from Senior Lumia engineer Ari Partinen, whom Nokia decreed “(our) own camera expert” — he’s jumped ship and has joined Apple.

Considering the fact that the iPhone 5S camera is pretty good, and the Lumia 1020 is probably just a tad bit better, a marriage of the technologies might just become industry-leading.

ViaAri Partinen (Twitter)

Netflix Starts Price Raise, Existing Customers Will Pay The Same For The Next 2 Years

netflix-logoWell, the Netflix price hike has begun: a small increase of about £1 and €1 in the UK and across Europe, to £6.99 and €8.99 respectively, with the U.S. plans scheduled to get an increase sometimes in the near future, by about 1 or $2.

In short, new subscribers will pay at the minimum, $8.99 a month, and existing customers will not see their monthly price go up for the next two years, which is a smart play by Netflix to keep its customers loyal.

An 8K Hack Of Crysis 3 Can Show You The Future Of Gaming Visuals

WvnOb4XTake a long, critical look at K-putt’s 8K hack for Crysis 3: by editing the Windows program file, he’s been able to make Crysis 3 play at a rather wide 8K (specifically, 8,000 x 3,333 resolution). In comparison, the fidelity is 13 times more pixels than you’d see in a 1080p image — so the tiniest thing is filled with details.

Oh, and you should also feel bad (if you’re a PC gamer): the hardware to cope with this sort of gaming doesn’t even truly exist; the almighty NVIDIA GeForce Titan graphics card can’t handle this sort of gaming considering it’s already sprinting at  5,760 x 1,080 on three displays; something with four times the pixel pushing would be required. Also, you can’t find an 8K screen to purchase, so hooking up multiple monitors is the only current solution.

Still, the next decade of gaming could very easily look like this and — gasp — better.

Via: K-putt’s Imgur, Reddit

Google Maps On iOS And Android Get Better: Offline, Lane Guidance, And Uber Integration

ios-android-maps-update-may5thWell, if you need help with your Uber, Google Maps has you covered with its latest iOS and Android update with a “get and Uber” option, if you have the company’s app already installed. If you prefer your own car, then newly added lane guidance in the US as well as parts of Canada and Japan, has also been added and regardless, if you’re traveling to a place with poor reception, you can now download refined offline versions of the maps.

Via: Google

Norwegian Battle Tanks Could Use Oculus Rift For Better Visuals In Combat

1200027238It was going to happen eventually, but it’s still a surprise: the Oculus Rift is fully capable of being part of a $2,000 solution to allow a tank’s operators to see a view akin to that of Battlefield 4’s third-person armored vehicle view. To accomplish this feat, Norwegian Army is testing an Oculus Rift headset, connected to a system of cameras — look in a specific direction and the cameras will give you the desired view.

Still, the system needs improvements, far beyond the fact that they’re using the low-res Oculus version that is prone towards making the user sick.

However, the system will be implemented in five years, if the military can afford it.

ViaTU Jobs

Google Expands Its Same-Day Delivery Service To LA And NYC

png_base643167aee51d81fe97Oh yes, it’s happening: same-day delivery service competition between Google and Amazon. In the latest iteration of this ongoing journey towards the best same-day delivery, Google has expanded its Google Shopping Express service to Culver City, Inglewood, Marina del Ray, Santa Monica, Venice, West Los Angeles, Westwood, and the entire island of Manhattan. In the coming months, Google also plans to extend that coverage into Brooklyn and Queens, as well as other areas of LA.

By the way, a refresher as to what Google Shopping Express is: it delivers groceries and non-edibles on the same platform, so purchases can be made with Costco, Target, Walgreens, L’Occitane, Toys ‘R Us, and others, which then are delivered the very same day.

Via: Google Commerce

Vanhawks Valour Connected Bike

vanhawks-valour-2This is a smart bike. Yes, you read that correctly; a city bicycle made with a carbon fiber construction, with the ability to connect to an iPhone, Android, or Pebble app using Bluetooth. But what for? So that the Valour can plot your routes, giving you turn-by-turn directions, and offers blind-spot detection, theft alerts, fitness data, and even integrated turn signals. Perhaps the coolest feature about the Valour is that all of its instruments are powered by pedaling. 

Oh, and it communicates with other Vanhawks Valour bikes, in case there are nearby traffic jams, potholes, and other such “hazardous inconveniences”. Price? +$1,000 USD.

Via: Kickstarter