AudioEngine A5+ Speakers Review: Run And Hide, Because It’ll Drop The Bass

DSC01788A few months ago, I reviewed the A2+ — Audio Engine’s entry-level desktop speaker, which sounds great, looks like a minimalist masterpiece, and is just small enough to move around without much hassle. Now, take away that last part, and you can partially understand the A5+ speakers.

They are huge. I think shots comparing the two can easily can’t convey the size difference, and thus the massive weight difference. That aside, the A5+ looks very rustic in bamboo, which costs extra to build and ship — and that makes them just a tad bit more awesome.

Das Keyboard Review: Ist Est Gut

DSC01781There aren’t that many keyboard to truly consider in this world to keep for years. I say that because a great keyboard not only has to look good and type with ease, but it has to stay that way. In this day and age, keyboards continuously get more bells and whistles, some of which even include screens as number pads, backlit keys, and even programmable keys. But, a small German company produces just a few very simple, but well-engineered keyboards — they are called Das Keyboard.

And in this particular case, the keyboard in question is the Das Keyboard 4, called “the thinnest mechanical keyboard in the world”. And it actually, it just might be.

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What is Daylite?

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LG Tells The World About Its Upcoming QuickCircle Case

lg-whie5While LG G3 won’t be unveiled officially until May 27th, the Korean company has taken full liberty to unveil some of the accessories that will be paired with their next flagship product: the QuickCircle case, for instance. It has a multifunctional porthole in the front flap, with support for Qi wireless charging. Calls, texts, photos, music, and — yes — even health tracking are all available in the window with opening the flap itself.

It’s weird, actually: the circle is easily what LG’s also upcoming G Watch could have been, except they’re making the watch in the shape of a square. Meanwhile, a 5.5-inch screen on the LG G3 feels like  waste if the window is just 2 inches of that, but no matter: we’ll know what the whole thing is worth, come launch time.

Via: LG Newsroom

Photo Essay: The Microsoft Surface Pro 3

DSC01768Straight from the Surface Pro 3 event comes a few photos illustrating just what the device that aims to crush the blurred lines between tablet and laptop! Microsoft has given each attendee their very own Surface Pro 3 to test, so I’ve hit the ground running and am figuring out some of the finer techniques used to make the Surface Pro 3 a little bit more fun to use than both my tablet and my laptop.

Check out some hands-on shots after the break, with a review coming soon. Oh, and we have a thing for anime wallpapers, that’s all.

Microsoft’s New Surface Pro 3 Is The Company’s Heart Put Into A Product

DSC01745The Surface Pro 3 is a reality after being announced in New York City. Sporting a 12-inch portrait orientation screen with 3:2 aspect ratio and 2160 x 1440 resolution. A 9.1mm profile with a weight of 800 grams, making the Surface Pro 3 the thinnest Intel Core i7 product ever produced. A fanless design allows the user to not recognize the fan sound or air emitted all around the perimeter of the Surface Pro 3.

YouTube Is Apparently Going To Buy Twitch For A Cool Billion

TwitchTV-logoSources at Variety claim that YouTube (under Google’s direction) has come to an agreement to purchase the internet game streaming startup twitch, for a solid $1 billion. If successful, it would put another one of the most popular sites on the web in Google’s possession. The deal as of Sunday has not been officially announced by either of the two companies, but there doesn’t seem to be any confirmation of the deal available for the public to see, anyways.

Via: Variety

Photo Essay: The HTC One M8 harman kardon edition

DSC01728We’ve already covered, in-depth, the HTC One M8 in a full review. Also, since that model showed a unit on Sprint’s network, and this is the One M8, special harman kardon edition variant, there’s little to no need — in my strange, teenage mind at least — to give it another review.

Rather, gaze foundly (perhaps) at the photos after the break of the harmon kardon edition, while I speak of the pros/cons of the added software and bundled earphones.