The All New HTC One: Hands And Eyes-On!

6As seen in the previous post, the All New HTC One M8 has plenty of tricks in its aluminum frame. Dual cameras, a 5-inch 1080p screen, and Android 4.4.2 KitKat with Sense 6 aside, the new One is perhaps the highest-quality Android phone ever produced. Everything about it beams of premium and refined, and in the hand, especially with the addition of rounded edges.

Camera-wise, the focus was very consistent and took little to no time at all. Definitively, there’s an excellent feel that you get when you handle the HTC One M8 for the first time, and continue to do so. Thankfully, there’s also the characteristic where the M8 doesn’t appear too shiny, yet is very glossed over and polished; kind of like a Swiss chronograph.

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The New HTC One Is Also Available In Developer And Google Play Editions

m8-gpThere’s no harm done with official developer and Google Play Edition versions of the top-tier smartphone. The new HTC One will be offered by Google without Sense 6, as a pure Google phone (however there will be support for HTC’s APIs which control the dual cameras), while HTC will provide a developer model designed to be easily rooted and manipulated software-wise.

Both versions of the new HTC One will be available March 25th, with the Developer Edition selling for $650 direct from HTC’s site, while Google will be hawking the Play Edition for $699.

The New HTC One M8, Announced In NYC: 5″ 1080p Screen, Dual Back-Facing Cameras, $199


The All New One has arrived.

HTC successfully kicked off a press event in two locations, simultaneously — London and New York City. In doing so, the All New HTC One M8 (yes, that’s the full name) has been announced for the 2014 year. HTC’s new flagship smartphone has a 5-inch 1080p OLED screen, a 5 megapixel front-facing camera, IR blaster, and microSD card slot.

Google Scores Deal With Ray-Ban And Oakley For Glass

Google Glass TableGoogle wants to truly bring Google Glass mainstream — yes, it’s been obvious, but never more so than now. The parent company of Oakley and Ray-Ban, Luxottica, has both signed onto a deal that allows for Glass to be implemented into an exclusive line of eyewear that utilizes the technology, with availability only in the United States at launch. Luxottica will handle manufacture and distribution, while Google does what it does best: refining the Glass technology.

Now, here comes the hammer: this won’t happen soon.

It’s a deal that pans out later on, as Google put it so eloquently, “You’re not going to see Glass on your favorite Oakleys or Ray-Bans tomorrow,” but regardless, it’s a step in the right direction if Glass is going to be anything more than an expensive developer/explorer device.

Via: Google+, Luxottica

Google Now Makes The Jump To Chrome’s Stable Version

google-now-chrome-macIf you’re into using apps that aren’t actually ready for prime-time (a beta or developer build of Chrome, for instance), then you’ve been experiencing all of Google Now’s glory, with the added notifications. However, for the rest of us that aren’t so gutsy, Google Now is arriving for Chrome’s stable version — the most common.

From related info, voice search, reminders for events, flights, TV etc., with location-based cards like commute times and typical Google Now features one may have already been accustomed to on the Google iOS app or current Android phones.

FYI: Don’t worry if you don’t see it yet; updates from Mountain View usually take a few days to roll out.

Via: Chrome Support

LG Makes A Smart Light Bulb That Lights Up When You Get Calls

lg-smart-bulbLG isn’t the only company that wants to make smart light bulbs — Philips does the same, with great effect and high praise with their Hue line of bulbs. Pint taken, LG wants to get in on the action as well, so the debut of the 10W LED bulb gives Android and iOS users control over illumination, a light-based alarm clock and a security mode — designed to turn on to pretend you’re at home. Not terribly ingenious, but hot half-bad either.

LG’s Smart Lamp has a two methods of achieving a connection: Bluetooth or Wifi, with a cost of $32 in Korea, LG’s home country.

A U.S. release hasn’t been mentioned, however.

Via: LG (translated)

Microsoft Makes DirectX 12 The Next PC And Mobile Gaming Power Standard

directx_12.0_cinema_960.0DirectX 12 introduces performance boosts on Windows 8, Xbox One, and Windows Phones; the most important thing to know right out of the gate. Besides catering to mobile games, and requiring less battery juice to be extracted to render particular scenes, Microsoft is also introducing better handling of  processing with multiple CPU cores (and avoiding overloading just one).

Basically, DX 12 allows for games on all Microsoft products to perform more efficiently, and specifcally for gaming computers, brings some of the optimizing technology seen on game consoles, in order to lock-in desirable frame rates,

To top it all off: 80% of currently sold PCs will already support DirectX 12; however, games won’t begin to appear wielding the new game development package until the holiday season of 2015.

Via: Direct X Dev Blog

Intel Announces “Devil’s Canyon”, The 8-Core Extreme Edition Haswell CPU With DDR4 Memory

intel-8-core-haswellLooking above, you’d wonder what athe big deal is about the  4th-gen Core-i7 Extreme Edition CPU, codenamed “Devil’s Canyon”. Well, that’s because it’s a powerhouse, for gaming desktops.

Besides support for not only DDR4 RAM, but a fantastic family of 8 individual processing cores with 16 threads. A better thermal interface, being easily overlockable and with Intel’s own IRIS graphics, gaming enthusiasts will have the best possible Intel CPU for their crazy desktop gaming computers.

I, for one, know people will be swapping out their current hexacore processors for the new octacore variant. Price? Unannounced, but availability will be sometimes in mid-2014.

Via: Intel