Firefox Beta Now Allows For Full Touchscreen Use In Windows 8

firefox-for-windows-8-touch-betaIt’s been in development for little over a year now, but it’s finally here: a Firefox beta will full touchscreen control, destined for Windows 8 machines. Besides a finger-prone and friendly design, there are also gestures and an updated interface that reflects the new design that needs to accommodate that of a touchscreen. Available at the source link, for your perusal.

Via: Mozilla

Sony Sells Its VAIO PC Business To Japan Industrial Partners

DSC01405It’s big news in Sony this Thursday morning: the Japanese tech giant has sold off its VAIO PC division to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP), via a Memorandum of Understanding to sell all the company’s PC-related assets, which will be complete by July of this year.

Meanwhile, Sony is no longer designing new VAIO PCs, and will stop producing them as well once the entire new set of computers are sold worldwide. Instead, they will focus on post-PC gear (smartphones, tablets) to bring in valuable income in the computing sector.

Keep in mind, the damage: the death of 5,000 jobs—1,500 of those in Japan—while Japan Industrial Partners will take on just 300 staff. On the upside however, both companies will offer aftercare warranties for existing VAIO owners, so there’s that.

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EVE: Valkyrie Will Be An Oculus Rift Exclusive Launch Title

gaming-eve-valkyrie-screenshot-2For those of you wishing that EVE: Valkyrie will be more than just a proof-of-concept for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset — your wishes have been granted. Oculus announced that it’d be entering into a co-publishing agreement with developer CCP Games to make its space dogfighter one of the Rift’s first AAA “made-for-VR” launch titles.

The game, most likely set in the same or similar universe and style as the uber-popular space MMO EVE: Online, will feature first-person dogfights and augmented reality control, later on in 2014, when it officially launches.

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Microsoft’s New CEO Is: Satya Nadella, A 22-Year Microsoft Veteran

01_lowThe CEO search for Microsoft is officially over. Taking control immediately is Satya Nadella a 46-year-old man who has now transformed to one of the world’s most powerful company leaders.

Starting off at the company over 20 years ago, Nadella was born in India, in 1969. He then studied Electrical Engineering at the Mangalore University before moving to the US to study computer science at the University of Wisconsin. He originally worked at Microsoft rival Sun Microsystems before heading to Redmond to work on research for Microsoft’s online services division.

As he takes the helm, it is crucial to realize that he comes in at a strategic move of Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia, in the middle of a market full of competition and rivals taking silent jabs at one another, in smartphone, console, and operating system wars.

Meanwhile, Bill Gate retains a new technology adviser role while Nadella’s new role at the company was announced, thus stepping down as chairman.

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 Event May Have Just Been Scheduled In Barcelona

unpacked-5Sending out press invites to press going to this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, comes a special surprise.

See, whenever Samsung uses the brand name “Unpacked” for an press event, it usually preludes to Galaxy devices being announced. The fact that this is Unpacked 5 (or raised to the 5th power, it seems) makes it slightly silly not to assume the Korean technology giant is speaking of the Galaxy S 5. We’ll know more, come February 24th.

Also, it is worth mentioning that Reuters believes that the launch “has been brought forward by around three weeks after sales of Samsung’s S4 came in weaker than expected.” Intriguing.

Via: Reuters

Google’s “Mystery Barge” In San Francisco Bay Must Relocate, Thanks To Lack Of Permit

gal-land-Google11-620x414Whoops, apparently.

Quietly advertised by Google as, “an interactive space where people can learn about new technology,” the mystery barge floating in the San Francisco Bay has been stationary for a few weeks now. However, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission received complaints of the construction of said floating mystery box, investigated, and found out that the permits required for the barge to stay in its location weren’t exactly in working order — in fact, there were no permits to speak of.

Thus, according to Larry Goldzband, the commission’s executive director, the big G must move the vessel, and send it to a permitted construction spot.

Meanwhile, Google hasn’t commented on what changes they’ll have to make in their plans thanks to this, inconvenience.

ViaSFGate (Associated Press), Image credit: Reuters