Arma 3 “Win” Campaign Episode Debuting March 20th, Bring New Jets

to-199-csatThe Arma 3 main campaign series is drawing to an explosive conclusion. “The East Wind” campaign saw three distinct parts: “Survive”, “Adapt”, and finally, “Win”, with the latter being the current episode releasing on the 20th of March. Players will conclude the story where a NATO peacekeeping operation in the Mediterranean islands of Altis and Stratis go terribly wrong, and the local government, called the AAF, turns on the allies, with support from a major Eastern power, CSAT.

Following the story of of the U.S. infrantryman Ben Kerry, players will not only play missions that decide the outcome of the war, but also the arrival of three new vehicles, two of which are warplanes: the fictional A-164 Wipeout, successor to the legendary A-10 Warthog, the CSAT To-199 Neophron fixed-wing aircraft, and finally a variable transport vehicle, the Tempest.

This should be an exciting mission arc.

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Instagram For Android Gets Updated To Version 5.1, Full Redesign And Speed Improvements

instagram-5-1The new Instagram for Android is totally different from what users have been accustomed to: the size of the app has been cut in half, profile pages load faster, the entire user interface has been redesigned, and overall simplified visuals (basically, minimalist design traits), as well as the Lux Slider seen on iOS.

Otherwise, no new features have been added to the app; think of this as cleaning host. Instagram 5.1 launches on the Google Play stores today for all devices that have previously support it.

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Origin PC Unveils The Chronos Micro-Tower PC Line, With Support For GTX Titan Black

origin-820The style seen above is called the Silverstone RVZ01, but it’s only one of seven different cases that Origin is making available to customers in its new Chronos micro-tower PC line. With support for Nvidia GTX Titan Black graphics cards (the best you can get you hands on, basically), Origin PC gives you a compelling reason to start your budget at $1199, and begin to customize and thus, add more value, to a gaming computer all your own.

Motherboard options are diverse, with the best being an ASUS Maximus VI Impact mini ITX board, and a variety of Intel Core i7 processors. Meanwhile, the GPU and CPU are overclocked by Origin, right out-of-the-box. Cooling management is performed by Frostbyte 120 sealed liquid cooling and with a positive air pressure design to keep dust out of the case.

Very high-tech, very enthusiast, and if fully-upgraded, very expensive.  But so satisfying when in use. That’s the crux of a gaming PC.

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Raspberry Pi’s Wolfson Is An Audio Card, So Now You Can Capture Just That

pi-sound-1-820x420Element14 has announced that the Raspberry Pi, a favorite of DIYers, will finally have its own audio card called Wolfson. The card supports newer Pis that use the P5 pins, which results in high-res audio up to 24-bit / 192KHz, which can be played via a direct connection to an amp over 3.5mm line-out or alternatively via a digital S/PDIF output. Meanwhile, there’s two onboards MEMS microphones, so voice control functions are a possibility.

The price? A decent $33, which reminds you that the Raspberry Pi is truly a computer-on-a-board that costs less than $50.


Audi Makes In-Car 4G LTE Possible With AT&T, $99 For Six Months Of Service With 5GB Data

2015-audi-a3In case you didn’t think it would be feasible, Audi is here to prove you wrong. In-care LTE is a trend that occurs only remotely, but Audi seems to be bringing it mainstream with the carrier partner being AT&T: six-month plan with 5GB of data will cost $99, while a 30-month plan with 30GB runs $499. But, you can also get half-a-year of service for free, if you drive off the lot with one of the new 2015 A3 sedans that have Audi Connect on board.

Meanwhile, Audi plans to release the LTE option to all of its cars later, but for now, the A3 gets it first.

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Apple Outs iOS 7.1 With CarPlay, UI Improvements, And Fixes

iOS 7.1It is March 10th, when you’re getting used to the second day of Daylight Savings Time. Meanwhile, Apple has been working, on iOS 7.1, which is now available as an over-the-air update, which is including CarPlay, UI tweaks in the phone dialer, keyboard, and power off screen, and a numerous bug fixes.

So, while the majority of the update is in bug fixes and design tweaks, CarPlay remains the biggest feature: the ability to interface with a car, to provide not only navigation and entertainment, but a hands-free experience that includes voice, but also touch and knobs and/or dials.

Swatch Sistem51 Is An Automatic Watch With A Design Twist, Releasing In The U.S. For $150

Sistem 51; 2013 XMasCollection; 1312 Sistem 51The Swatch Sistem51 is a special thing in the watch world, because it’s an automatic mechanical movement timepiece, completely built by machines in Switzerland.

Only made up from 51 parts, all of which you can see in action at the back of the watch, adds to the aesthetic value and attention to engineering. A 90 hour power reserve with 3 Hz movement, and sealed tightly into the case, the Swatch not only wants the Sistem51 to tell time accurately, but with longevity in mind as well.

Available in four different colors (red, white, black, and blue), the Sistem51 is exclusive to Swatch stores to the Swiss, but will make an American debut during the summer, for $150 each. We’ll be sure to try it out when it releases; till then, wait for spring first.

Press release, after the break.

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Once Again, The New HTC One Appears In Leaked Shots

htc-one-m8-leaked-mid-marchCodenamed the M8, the all new One (or the new HTC One, whatever) has been part of a litany of leaks, videos, and press shots, all outed before the official unveiling scheduled later this month in New York and London, on the 25th.

Apparently, what’s special about this leak is the inclusion of a new CNC process, which results in very tight and aligned build quality, further refining the art of aluminum unibody designs. Also, @evleaks made it known that an LED smart cover is an accessory that exists for the new One.

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