Brenthaven Broadmore Messenger Bag Review: Goes With A Suit

20140729_162444The world of business messenger bags is a cloudy one. There are all kinds: canvas, waxed, simple cloth, leather, Cordura and Kevlar — you name it, it exists in messenger bag form. But of course, only a handful you’d actually go to work with, be able to live with on the daily, and/or would invest several hundred dollars in if you wanted it to last.

That’s where Brenthaven’s Broadmore messenger bag comes in — it’s the high-end build quality with a price that doesn’t necessarily match.

Apple Updates Macbook Pros To Include More RAM And Processing Power

processor_hero_2014The mid-2014 Macbook Pros have received an update that doesn’t change them aesthetically, but internally. All 15-inch models now include 16GB of RAM standard instead of 8GB, as well as 200MHz speed boosts in the processor areas. Also, the 15-inch model has a $100 price reduction, so it costs $2,499.

13-inch Macbook Pros has also seen a bit of love from the businessmen at Cupertino, with minimum amount of memory now being 8GB, with all models getting a 200MHz speed boost as well.

All prices have remained the same for the smaller Pros, because Apple knows quite well that the upcoming Yosemite rollout not only requires substantial computing resources, but keeping Apple users happy as well.

Via: Apple PR

The New NVIDIA Shield Tablet Is A Game Console Like None Other (Apparently)

nvidia-shield tabletThis is NVIDIA’s latest shot at creating a gaming console on-the-go with zero compromises. The Shield Tablet sports the company’s latest, the K1 System-on-Chip, an 8-inch 1920 x 1200 IPS display, front-facing stereo speakers a la HTC One, 5MP front and back-facing cameras, stock Android 4.4 KitKat, Directstylus 2 input (with included stylus), 16/32GB of internal storage (expandable to 128GB via microSD), WiFI a/b/g/n with optional LTE, with a 19.75 Watt Lithium Ion battery.

Best part? It can run actual games: 16 titles will be available at launch this July 29th, starting at $300 for the 16GB model. Some of the starting games ported to the K1 platform include PortalHalf-Life 2Trine 2War Thunder, and others. NVIDIA’s also enables the same GameStream technology seen on previous Shield hardware, so that a PC with a GTX graphics card can wirelessly stream a game on your computer to the tablet’s over WiFi — at full resolution and anti-aliasing, no less.

Also, keep in mind the Shield tablet can rack up costs rather quickly: the base model costs $300, the 32GB model with LTE costs an extra $100, the gamepad costs an additional $59, and the cover that allows for using the tablet as a game screen, an additional $39.

So, yeah.

The Recon Jet, “Google Glass For Sports”, Gets Its Final Design

recon-jet-finalThis is the final design for the Recon Jet, a Google Glass competitor that is more rugged and aimed towards sports and exercise. The Canadian company has improved the heads-up-display’s visibility and camera while also improving the ergonomics. Also, the Jet is IP65 standard, meaning that it can resist dust and rainstorms, but the company warns against using it underwater because it’s not waterproof. A final release is pegged on September 25gth, with pre-orders going for $599.

Via: Recon

Microsoft Cuts 18,000 Jobs To Become “More Agile”

SatyaNadellaandStephenElop_PageAt least, that’s what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is saying. By reducing the number of employees in various divisions, Micrsooft’s teams can work more closely and freely, and allow the company to pursue new ideas more easily. The part of MSFT most affected by this change will be the Nokia’s Devices and Services business, which it acquired for $5 billion earlier this year, with 12,500 “professional and factory positions” removed.

There’s also belief that the Nokia X program (Android running on low end hardware) could be converted into low-end Lumia Windows Phones, while the Xbox and Surface divisions see “limited change”.

It’s a large and complex restructuring, but it might just be what Microsoft needs in order to have the swiftness it needs to compete and innovate, rather than just having an obvious presence.