Rave Or Go Home: Adventure Club & More @ Big Week 2015

20151227_220724This is was a fun outing, despite the fact I was practically deaf a day afterwards. In the pursuit of more lifestyle-oriented posts and general tomfoolery expressed with great photographs, you’ll see me embark on many different adventures on LaptopMemo in 2016.

On the 27th of December 2015, I ventured out to Pier 36 with my right-hand man as well as press/VIP status thanks to some friends at RPM. Why the hassle? Well, the fantastic Canadian EDM duo, Adventure Club was going to be there. In other words, I had to be there to see my long-lost brothers of the bass drop.

Google Glass 2 For Enterprise Seems To Be A Step Forward, Goes To The FCC


The second generation Google Glass wearable doesn’t look too different from the first two models that were debuted to invited participants of the Glass Explorer programs more than a year ago.

Specifically, Glass Enterprise Edition (the model that just passed through the FCC) is tasked with becoming an easy-to-integrate solution for enterprise tasks — in other words, proprietary software for very specific applications. No longer a pair of glasses, Google Glass is shaping up to become more aesthetically pleasing and less”creepy” than it was previously.

Looking at this model closely, it can be deduced that Google reinforced several parts, as well as adding a ball joint hinge to have the display fit multiple head sizes. Hundreds of units have been circulating as part of the Glass for Work program.

Meanwhile, Google hasn’t said anything regarding new Glass models.

Via: 9to5Google

SpaceX And Elon Musk Successfully Land Falcon 9 Booster In Stage 1

CWy59kAUkAEvBLaThis is one for the history books of engineering and humanity — the successful launch and return of a rocket from orbit, to its stage-one state.

The 11-minute exposure seen here shows the launch and re-entry of the rocket.

Think of it as flipping a pencil over the Empire State building, having it come back down on the eraser end, and land vertically — in less than half an hour. The Falcon 9 rocket did this, plus deliver 11 ORBCOMM communications satellites that expanded in orbit, thus successfully completing all aspects of the mission.

An interesting note however, as Elon Musk states that while the Falcon 9 is designed to be a reusable rocket, this particular model will stay as-is. “I think we’ll probably keep this one on the ground,” he said, “just [because] it’s kind of unique, it’s the first one we’ve brought back.”

The next Falcon 9 launch will occur sometime next year.

Via: SpaceX

‘League of Legends’ Dev Is Now Owned By Chinese Firm Tencent

legends-1940x1095Indeed, Riot Games was just bought out by the new majority shareholder, Tencent. The Chinese-based game firm now holds the world’s most popular online multiplayer game in its figurative hands. For those of you unawares, Tencent also owns major shares in Blizzard (of World of Warcraft), FPS franchise Call of Duty, and the Gears of War devs, Epic Games.

Riot Games is often praised as being one of the best firms to work for in the United States, and to top all that off, it’s based in California. Now, changes to the game are of course, in Riot’s hands, but Tencent is changing how employees make money: by switching the incentive packages from equity to cash, thus gauging the overall company’s success on pay.

Interesting, indeed. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get a pentakill.

Via: Riot 

Bellroy High Line Wallet Review: To Be Carried

20151216_144604After using the HuMn wallet for a few years — for those of you unfamiliar, it’s basically an elastic brand around two plates of carbon fiber — I got tired of the aesthetic.

While I don’t carry many cards with me, something of value that carried my things of value felt like it would be of some — value.

Thus, I employed the help of Bellroy to see if the High Line, an everyday minimal, jetsetter wallet could fulfill my carrying needs.

Google Pixel C Review: With Uncertainty Comes A (Great) Tablet

20151206_164926This is it: Google’s try at a top-tier, no holds-barred Android tablet — the Pixel C.

Mind you, this is simply not a Nexus device, but falls under the Pixel brand: hardware built by Google and not out-sourced to a name-brand tech manufacturer. Thankfully I’ve had a few days to work and play with the Pixel C to see what the fuss was about.

But, most importantly, my work with it was to find it worthy of the price tag and in fact, its mere existence.