Recon Made A Deal With The ‘Other’ Motorola To Push Their Glass Competitor

Recon Jet_white
Recon Instruments, the company behind the Recon Jet has received backing from Motorola Solutions, the version of the mobile company behind rugged enterprise solutions. In wanting to produce wearable computing technology where it is too dangerous to use a phone or laptop, Motorola Solutions found a worthy partner to open its checkbook and pledge to share its product development and distribution know-how to assist in building up the company.

Oh, and as for Intel? They’ve already been backing the Canada-based Recon Instruments, by giving cash and manufacturing expertise.

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OnePlus One Is A $299 Nexus 5 Assassin, Complete With CyanogenMod

gsmarena_003There’s a Snapdragon 801 processor running at 2.5GHz in a quad-core configuration is one of the top bullet points for OnePlus’ One, a smartphone priced at $299 — a price bracket that immediately puts it against the Nexus 5. But why the Nexus 5 and not every other smartphone? Because, it specifically runs Cyanaogen 11S (software layer), on top of stock Android 4.4.2 — that’s the perfect way to get an enthusiast’s attention.

5.5-inch full HD resolution screen with 401ppi, 178-degree viewing angles, and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is what the user would stare into most of the time, with 3GB of RAM to back the processing power of the Snapdragon. 16GB of storage in white or 64GB of storage in black versions are available. 

Oh! Don’t forget about the power source: there’s a humongous 3100 mAh LiPo battery. A Sony Exmor IMX 214 13MP camera sensor is used for the rear camera with a dual- LED flash with 4K video recording or 720p video at up to 120fps. Otherwise, you get the usual crop of wireless features: WiFi, LTE support, NFC, Bluetooth and GPS+GLONASS.

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Lytro’s New Light Field Camera, The Illum, Is A Pro-Grade Masterpiece

lytro-illumLytro introduced its original camera two years ago, and with it light field technology: being able to shoot one picture that can be refocused to create several new angles and other pictures. Fast forward to 2014, and Lytro has a new professional-grade camera with software.

The new $1,600 Illum camera. shipping in July, is like a high-end DSLR and computer rolled into one sleek and futuristic package: there’s a 40-megaray light field sensor (which is untranslatable to a more standard megapixel number), 8x optical zoom range, and high-speed shutter, with a lens that can capture a wide variety of subjects, include the ones very, very close to it.

The control interface is all done through the touchscreen: tapping on where you want to focus and hitting the shutter button — voila, the image is taken. It’s an incredibly futuristic take on what photography could become for the masses and the pro-photographer, and Lytro seems to be leading that charge.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review


The cards have been cast: Samsung is here with another Galaxy flagship smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a tribute: not in some sorry, nonsensical finite sort of way, but a chance for the South Korean manufacturer to show the market that it has a firm grip on the majority of Android devices. What this means is that resting on one’s laurels is a big possibility; after all, the Galaxy S5 wields a design akin to that of the two previous flagships.

But, it is very different.

In fact, it’s the minor differences that make the Galaxy S5 better than all previous Galaxy devices. Credit for that can be attributed to one thing: for once, Samsung probably some attention in user experience class.

Netlfix Will Soon Raise Prices On Customers, By A Single Incremental Amount


In a  Q1 letter to shareholders, CEO Reed Hastings said, “Our current view is to do a one or two dollar increase, depending on the country, later this quarter for new members only.”

While it comes as an unexpected measure, Hastings attempts to justify the price increase coming in the next few months as one that helps both the company and the members.

In fact, the $7.99 monthly rate will remain “for [a] generous time period and is being done to “acquire more content and deliver an even better streaming experience,” Hastings said.

This should be interesting; perhaps the backlash will be far and wide, or little and fickle?

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Google Hangouts Update: Now Text And Hangouts Have Been Merged


Per Google Hangouts update 2.1, texts and Hangouts for the same contact will be merged into a single thread.

How will you be able to distinguish them? by seeing that they’re color-coded, as well as the on-screen option of either sending a text message or one via Google’s  Hangouts.

Also included in the update are a new homescreen widget and improved video chat quality. The update is now live for Android users on the Google Play Store.

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Photo Essay: HTC One M8 & Samsung Galaxy S5

one m8 and galaxy s5Behold! The two top-contenders in the Android smartphone market: Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and HTC’s One M8. Both run the latest version of Android, have outstanding technologies powering them, and sport 4G LTE on almost every American carrier of one’s choosing, as well as worldwide availability.

The One M8 sports a 5-inch 1080p display whilst the Galaxy S5 has a slightly larger 5.1-inch screen, sacrificing pixel density for screen real estate (441 vs. 432 ppi, respectively). But, don’t be fooled: as related as both smartphones are, they are strikingly different; and I’m not even talking about the all-aluminum vs. all-plastic builds.

As for the LaptopMemo review(s)? The HTC One M8 was just put through its evaluation, while the Galaxy S5 should get its review in the next few days.

Meanwhile, some extra large photos are available for your perusal, after the break.

The PS4 Continues To Outsell The Xbox One, Despite Titanfall Launch

Next-Gen-ControllersTitanfall was without a doubt, the best-selling game of March according to the NPD, but an Xbox exclusive wasn’t enough for Microsoft to pull one over Sony’s PlayStation 4. Microsoft announced today that a favorable 5 million units were shipped, but 24 hours earlier, Sony reported selling a slightly more 7 million PlayStation 4 consoles.

There’ s a big difference between both statements as well; Microsoft produced and shipped 5 million consoles to retailers, but didn’t state whether or not they were sold, whereas Sony is being upfront about it, stating that the PS4 shipped and sold 7 million.

Keep in mind no one is losing the console war currently (well, except Nintendo), but it’s always interesting to keep a close eye on the first few months of retail availability.

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