The Last Of Us Remastered Is Coming To PS4 During The Summer


What is one of the greatest video games ever created, with fantastic graphics, compelling story line, and an acclaimed soundtrack is getting a turbo boost: a port to the next-generation Play Station 4.

Launching with all previous DLC, The Remastered Edition, is priced at $59.99 on Amazon, will also include in-game cinematic commentary from the voices of Joel and Ellie — Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, respectively — along with that of the game’s creative director, Neil Druckmann.

And don’t worry: this is a true next-gen game. The visuals resolution are true 1080p HD, with higher resolution character models, improved shadows and lighting, a 60 frames-per-second target, and some other tweaks.

Availability? Sometimes this Summer.

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Google’s Project Ara Smartphone Is Very Detailed When It Comes To Being Modular

medium-project-araTurns out there are many ways to modify the Project Ara smartphone, much more so than anyone else thought of before Google recently unveiled the first developer tools and a few reference images. There are plenty of independent configurations available (seen after the break), as well as the ability to have one or more batteries in the phone, so that a dead battery could be switched out for a full one, without ever restarting the phone.

The means of which a part is added to the Project Ara phone (camera, processor, radio, etc.) relies on very specific aesthetics that Google has mentioned: a rectilinear footprint, a 1.5mm corner curvature, and that a base that must be a single piece of machined 6061 aluminum. This allows for mini, medium, and large Project Ara smartphones to be built by Google, and for their endoskeletons to be heavily modified by the end-user.

Currently, the Module Development Kit is available for download, meanwhile Google continues to work on Project Ara, letting app developers know that, “consequently, Ara devices are anticipated to be compatible with most standard [Android] apps”.

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Twitter Made A Facebook-esque Redesign For The Web

profiles_flotus_newIn the eyes of the Twitter team in California, many tweaks, changes, and workarounds are needed to not only meet the requirements of their users, but also their hearts and minds. In this case, design is Twitter’s concern today, and to us, looks very Facebook-esque.

Profiles have changed as well: a favorite tweet can be pinned to represent said user, with an automated portion of tweets that are automatically resized to be larger, because those tweets had more engagement.

The redesign will roll out to users today and the next few days, with new users seeing it from the start.

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Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile Now A Reality On The iPad

lightroom-mobile-ipadAdobe Lightroom makes waves around the world for the way it handles images, and that famous editing solution is now available on the iPad. Importing DSLR, iPad, or smartphone pictures are all a possibility, with most of the desktop version’s features, changed for use with gestures and fingers thanks to the requirement of touchscreen input. Coolest of all? A sync between Lightroom photos on your desktop and tablet, so changes can be seen in real-time.

Specifically, exposure, color temperature, highlights, shadows, saturation, the crop tool and Adobe’s built-in tone presets are all available at launch, with more complex and detailed features coming later on. While the app is a free download on the App Store, you need to be a Creative Cloud member — subscribing to Adobe’s $9.99 per month photo package. At the very least, this is a great way to edit photos on the run.

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NASA Is Giving Code Away To The Public For Over 1,000 Programs

nasalogoIn the spirit of openness and more so, allowing for creativity on a new scale, NASA will be releasing code for over 1,000 programs that the agency has used for years, starting April 10th.

An example of the applications available include life support systems, aeronautics and, as Wired found out, even cryogenics, all available online for your lengthy examination and experimentation. The age of the code: 40-years-old, running till the present, including the code for rockets on the Apollo 11 mission.

The information will be distributed to SourceForge, GitHub and NASA’s website, but next year will be consolidated in one database, for ease of access.

Via: NASA, Wired

HTC Posts More Losses Before Its One M8 Launch

chou-oneTurns out the most recent months for HTC haven’t been very profitable for 2014, still.

With the report of an NT $1.88 billion ($62 million) loss for the first three months of 2014, with shares dropping 38 percent over the past year, but predictions are on track for a major increase of sales; at least going into the green, since the One M8 has launched on a global scale with rave reviews and fanfare.

Does this mean things will look up for the Taiwanese company? We’ll see.

Via: Reuters, HTC (PDF)

The Sony Alpha A7s Is A Full-Frame Camera That Can Shoot 4K, Almost Anywhere

Sony Alpha A7sWhat’s the main feature that makes the Sony Alpha A7s camera so impressive? That it can shoot 4K quality video (four times that the traditional 1080p HD mark) at a maximum ISO range of 50 to 409,600 — that’s well past dark lighting scenarios, which makes for an excellent camera in almost any situation.

However, you’ll need an external recorder to store the 4K video (in AVCHD or  XAVC S format), but if you opt for 1080p HD mode, you can also opt to shoot with APS-C cropping, or 120 fps capture (slow motion) when you jump down to 720p.

So what did Sony sacrifice to make all of this videography prowess possible? In order to make the camera more sensitive to light, the sensor size had to be reduced, so the Alpha A7s only takes photos at 12.2 megapixels. Since it is more technologically-advanced than its cousin, the Alpha A7 which costs $1,999, except the Alpha A7s to cost more than that.

Put your money where your mouth is, Sony.

Additional shots and press release. after the break. Via: Sony (PR News Wire)