The PS4 Continues To Outsell The Xbox One, Despite Titanfall Launch

Next-Gen-ControllersTitanfall was without a doubt, the best-selling game of March according to the NPD, but an Xbox exclusive wasn’t enough for Microsoft to pull one over Sony’s PlayStation 4. Microsoft announced today that a favorable 5 million units were shipped, but 24 hours earlier, Sony reported selling a slightly more 7 million PlayStation 4 consoles.

There’ s a big difference between both statements as well; Microsoft produced and shipped 5 million consoles to retailers, but didn’t state whether or not they were sold, whereas Sony is being upfront about it, stating that the PS4 shipped and sold 7 million.

Keep in mind no one is losing the console war currently (well, except Nintendo), but it’s always interesting to keep a close eye on the first few months of retail availability.

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The Artifox Desk Is A Dream Of Mine, Turned Into Reality

artifox-deskWhat you see above is the Artifox desk. It’s basically the ultimate wooden working desk, with a design that benefits the use of technology and traditional writing. Cut from maple or walnut wood, the Artfiox has slots to fit in a smartphone or tablet, a built-in cable management system, a built-in dry-erase board, and even two pegs designed to hold a backpack or headphones — perfect for a modular, small, or modern work space. Despite the $1,100 starting price tag, the simplicity and quality look totally worth it.

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A Quick Chat With Bang & Olufsen CEO Tue Mantoni

IMAG0102[1]A recent press invite and launch of the New York City flagship store for Bang & Olufsen prompted me to catch up with B&O Global CEO, Tue Mantoni.

In this short conversation , we talk about the purpose and concept of the new B&O flagship store on Madison Ave, as well as what a few of the future plans are for the premium audio equipment company, as well as an upcoming press event in May that will be the biggest announcement for the company in the past ten years.

Google Launches A Standalone Camera App For Android


To cover the Photo Spehere and Lens Blur features that the stock Android camera app are capable of, Google decided it’s high time to continue the ongoing modular roll-out of Android.

In the case of the camera app, Mountain View geared it with support for up to 50 megapixel Photo Spheres, and intensive bokeh effect, thanks to app trickery, and a fullscreen viewfinder, so you’ll also have a full view of whatever you’re recording to shooting.

The only catch? The app is free, but you need Android 4.4 KitKat to use it.

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The New HTC One Review: A Will Of Design, With A Will To Function

IMGP3477It is HTC’s best art piece. In their eyes, the most brilliant creation they’ve ever made: the HTC One M8. But in the palms of the dozens of reviewers and possibly thousands (with the possibility of millions) of users, it means something else: an all-aluminum phone that gets things done. So, does it?

Frankly, let’s not beat around the bush here; Samsung obviously dominates the Android marketplace and Apple does the other end, with iPhones and iOS. There comes a time when a company has to asses what their direction will be, and the One M8 will be the decider of that.

B&O Unveils The Beoplay A9 Black Edition Speaker

beoplay-a9-blackSleek walnut legs paired with a circular design, the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 Black Edition speaker is supposed to be a wealth of sound and adequate bass. Being as versatile as it is, the A9 Black Edition has a three separate amplifiers to run an 8-inch woofer, dual 3-inch midranges, and dual .75-inch tweeters, as well as AirPlay, DNLA, Spotify Connect, and QPlay connectivity over Wi-Fi or –wait for it — Ethernet.

Price? $2,700. Hey, it’s functional technology that can be displayed as art.

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Halo And Destiny Composer Martin O’Donnell Fired From Bungie

36820No one expected this. The acclaimed composer responsible for all of those memorable Halo songs, themes, and bites, has been fired from Bungie. Specifically, Martin O’Donnell tweeted that he was terminated “without cause” by Bungie’s board of directors. This is very tricky, considering that O’Donnell was already working on Destiny and gamers as well as orchestral-lovers were looking forward to his new work.

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Toshiba Will Start Shipping Its 4K Laptop For $1500 Next Week

toshiba-4k-laptopToshiba never backs down from a challenge to offer a product that someone might buy. The next piece of hardware in that list is the P55t, a 15.6-inch laptop with 3,840 x 2,160 resolution at 282 ppi (the Macbook Pro Retina is capped at 220, by the way.

Besides boasting an IPS display with Technicolor certification, the visual eye-candy is powered AMD’s 2GB DDR5 Radeon R9 M265X discrete graphics card, with a 4th-gen Intel quad-core i7 CPU  for speed and processing, supported by 16GB DDR3L max memory. A copy of Adobe Lightroom 5 is included with the laptop, along with a rather boring 1TB, 5400 RPM mechanical hard drive.

Launch date is April 22nd at $1,500; reasonable pricing considering what other 4K laptops go for.

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