The Amazon Fire Phone: A Free Year Of Prime, And AT&T Exclusivity For $200

amazon-fire-phoneThis is the AT&T-exclusive Amazon Fire Phone. Sporting a 4.7-inch HD display, 13MP rear-facing camera, global LTE, 32GB of storage and brain power by a quad-core Snapdragon processor, the Fire Phone is the company’s take on what a smartphone should be; CEO Jeff Bezos immediately stating that the Fire Phone competes with the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S. Top-notch stereo speakers and included headphones “that never tangle” are also included, Bezos says.

Some of its special tricks inlcude four specialized front-facing cameras that track your head movements, allowing for Dynamic Perspective — a 3D-like view that immerses the user in the design interface.

Mayday, the instant video-chat help service, as well as the Fire OS seen on the Fire TV and Fire HDX tablets, also comes along for the ride. Being based off of Android, the Fire Phone already has an immense app library, so that settles that. Oh, and there’s also one free year of Amazon Prime, which is great.

Even cooler is the new FireFly service, which can instantly identify over 100 million things like products, email addresses, phone numbers, songs, TV episodes, movies, and more, with integration through third-party apps, and even has its own dedicated button on the phone.

Price? $200 on a new, two-year agreement with AT&T.

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Adobe Unveils A New Creative Cloud For 2014, Plus $10 Monthly Photography CC Plan

cc-2014While it has been around for a while through limited-time offers, Adobe’s Photography plan is now a permanent part of the company’s Creative Cloud offering. For $10 every month, you can subscribe to the Creative Cloud to get Adobe Bridge, Photoshop CC and Lightroom, with compatibility to the desktop apps, as well as the mobile Photoshop Mix and Lightroomfor iPad, plus 20GB of free online storage.

But that’s not even the big news today; it’s more of an entire overhaul, in fact.

Just about the entire Creative Cloud platform has been updated for the 2014 year, inlcuding Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Dreamweaver CC, and Premiere Pro CC, in addition to a batch of new mobile apps.

For Photoshop (as an example), the Mercury Graphics Engine has been improved, increasing the app’s speed, while also adding blur effects and a Focus Mask tool that recreates the Bokeh effect, with background defocus. There’s also better usability on Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 tablets, namely the Surface Pro 3.

As for pricing for the rest of the creativity suite: the entire Creative Cloud is now 49.99 per month or $599.98 for an entire year, along with a new $19.99 per month plan for students. 

Nicely done, Adobe.

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Apple Updates Its Store And Adds The Cheapest iMac, Ever

downloadNot interested in buying an iMac for $1,299? Well, Apple has you covered: today a newer and cheaper model has been added to the family, for $1,099. A 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 Haswell processor (TurboBoost to 2.7GHz), 8GB of DDR3 RAM, a 500GB hard drive, with the Intel HD Graphics 5000 for visuals.

All in a super sleek, 21.5-inch package. Not bad at all, but keep in mind the rumor mill states that Retina iMacs will be introduced this year.

So, yeah.

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Facebook Slingshot: It’s The New, Strange Counter To Snapchat

slingshot-facebookMuch like Snapchat, Facebook’s Slingshot does not save the image that has been shared between recipients — it is deleted after a certain period of time. However, there’s a catch: in order to access the image, a user will have to “unlock” it, by sharing something back, called “slinging”. Then, voila.

Both parties can share and receive images or videos. Per usual, there are editing and image correction tools that can be used before the user sends the shot, with privacy settings available as well.

The only downfall of a service like this could be the additional engagement required to getting the actual message, something that Zuckerberg and Co. are not necessarily an experts in, however, that could be the exact driving force needed to make Slingshot work.

As for release: Facebook will release Slingshot on iOS and Android later today.

Amazon Prime Music: A Million Songs, All Free For Prime Subscribers

amazon-musicAmazon has released their very own streaming service, appropriately called Prime Music. Featuring only a million songs, the Prime Music service is designed as a sort of eclectic buffet for music listeners. To ease the transition, the old Cloud Player and MP3 Amazon apps will be folded up into the new Prime Music player.

To make its music catalog, Amazon has enlisted the support of indies with Warner and Sony (but not Universal). Those who subscribe to the yearly $100 Amazon Prime subscription will have access to Prime Music for free, on top of all the other perks that resonate with the membership.

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Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Shows Fantastic Gameplay, Plus Scarecrow And Batmobile

batman-arkham-knight-screen-01More greatness awaits the next-gen video game consoles, as Batman: Arkham Knight will drop in 2015 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Being that it was Sony’s E3 2014 press conference, it was their system-of-choice to present Arkham Knight on — and my goodness, is it beautiful, and oh-so-polished. Also: Scarecrow and the Batmobile. It just can’t get any better.

Oh, yes it can. Gameplay trailer after the break.

Naughty Dogs Announces Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End For PS4, Coming 2015

uncharted-4Now, no one expected this, but we’re all pleasantly surprised, aren’t we?

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a reality, and comes to the PS4 in 2015 as what can only be described as a possible flagship title, bringing with it the same sort of allure and respect that Gran Turismo has on the Sony platform. Also, the game is in excellent hands: The Last of Us developers Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley are in charge of the game.

The trailer from the Sony E3 2014 presentation is after the break.

Sony: The Last of Us Remastered Will Arrive On PS4, With GTA V Arriving On PC, PS4, And Microsoft’s Xbox One

the-last-of-us-vs-gta-vBoth trailers are available for your viewing pleasure after the break. But honestly, who would have thought remastered and upscaled games for next-gen consoles would be so exciting? Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us: Remastered will both make their debuts on the next-gen Sony console. The Last of Us comes sooner, on July 29th, while the GTA V port arrives sometimes in the fall. You have to give Sony props for their E3 presentation: it delivers on what the people want — for the most part.

Oh, and the next-gen development of Grand Theft Auto V also applies to Xbox One and PC, just so you know.