Dell Inspiron 13R, 14R, 15R, 17R, and M501R leak out

It’s awesome in Dell land, unsurprisingly. After our pretty much thumbs up review for the new Inspiron 1564 with a Core i5 CPU, the newer “smudge-resistant palm rests, full-size, ergonomically-designed keyboard and stiffer frame” Inspiron line has been alive and kicking on Dell’s site. These new lappies seem to offer much more in the RAM, wireless, OS, and graphics card departments, as well as some sort of rumor that the Dell Dock will be built-into the new systems. They also are somewhat available in Australia and New Zealand, so probably any minute now we’ll find a press release with U.S availability. Source: Dell

LaptopMemo’s News Department Is In Search Of Writers!

That’s right! You could be a writer here, on a tech news site that’s working hard on increasing readers, traffic, and exclusive news stories. If you love gadgets, laptops, and phones to death (a requirement), have excellent grammar (I mean being able to write like this or better), then you’re halfway qualified for the job!

Here’s the main requirements:

  • You must love technology. That means laptops, phones, gadgets, and whatever else there might be that’s tech-related.
  • You have to write well; be enthusiastic and fun.
  • If you write like this: “me want to write for laptopmemo so me haz writer job” then you will NOT be hired.
  • You have to be trustworthy, reliable, and honor only the facts. That includes writing about rumors too. This position will also require you work your tail off and do research.
  • Plagiarism is not acceptable.
  • Previous blogging experience is highly appreciated, but not necessarily required.
  • You must be 13-years-old or older.

Note: This isn’t a paid gig yet. This is a job/activity for those who wish to immerse themselves in the mobile industry, and desire to be in the journalism field.

Hit up the “read more” link for instructions on how to enter!

iPad 3G gets converted with T-Mobile service, it sends texts now

To add more than just leaked pics, analysis, cutting boards, and regular news to your slow Sunday evening, here is the iPad 3G using a T-Mobile SIM card on EDGE networks. The simplest way to get this simple hack working is just trimming your T-Mobile SIM card to a micro SIM size, and there’s even another hack that allows text messages to be sent, the second video of which is included in a little place called “after the line-break”.

Column: How Future Android Phone Series Can Work

The Android OS created by Google and the Open Handset Alliance has produced some amazing phones: the HTC Desire, Droid Incredible, EVO 4G, XPERIA X10, HTC Legend, Motorola Droid, and others. But between the sparks of brilliance has been deep shrouds of nonsense, crappy, and ugly phones (to put it lightly). In my analysis of the whole situation, and the research I’ve been doing ever since I started this blog, this is a possible way for Android to evolve (or at least a business plan Google could use).

Motorola Shadow: What We Know About It

After months of quiet (or just that everyone forgot about it) the Motorola Shadow is making an unusual comeback. After Motorola confirmed that they were working on a phone with Google, possibly the Nexus Two, the whole mobile world went blazes over the idea. So starting off with as much confirmation of the Motorola Shadow’s existence is its model number: MB810, which came from a Japanese site . Then comes a recent certified Wi-Fi filing found to contain that same model number (seen after the line break), which states that the Shadow can use 802.11 b/g/n signals. Then comes the rumored spec list:

  • Large 4.3″ capacitive screen
  • Android 2.1 or 2.2 Froyo (possibly to be unveiled at Google I/O next month)
  • An 8 megapixel camera with HD video recording
  • Slide-out QWERTY keyboard
  • Some other important stuff in the next paragraph…

Then of course, comes the exclusive shot (above) that I believe is the side profile shot of the Shadow (which also displays clearly the 8 MP sensor), 3.5mm audio jack, micro-USB, and HDMI-out port. Since Google employees did throw a party recently with Android at its center, it comes to the idea that they were celebrating Android 2.2’s completion, and the Shadow (or Nexus Two’s) upcoming unveiling. Hopefully though, this upcoming handset will be a super awesome phone.

The Pentax K-x DSLR starts a color rampage with 4 new colors

Huzzah! The Pentax K-x, one of the best-selling entry-level DSLRs out there has been out for sometimes now in navy blue, black, and red. But pre-orders are starting to fill in for the new color palettes coming to the U.S at a release date I couldn’t find in the press release. The 12.4 megapixel-loaded DSLR with a 18-55mm lens, Live View, 720p HD video recording,  4.7 FPS shootin’ speeds, and a retail price of $649 will make a new color debut with green, orange, purple, and blue coatings. The K-x is no stranger when it comes to getting painted though, there’s several Japanese color variations of it already on the market. So hey Pentax, what happened to the good ‘ol black-and-boring SLR camera? Source: Pentax PR