The iPad Turns Into Laptop With The ClamCase. Please, This Is Enough

I don’t like it. You probably don’t like any of it. The iPad is a tablet, whether it sucks or not (and it doesn’t), but some new company has created the ClamCase. What it does is the most unbelievable thing a “case” can do: turn your iPad into a full-fledged laptop. That’s right, peeps. It can close like a normal lappy, has a full Bluetooth keyboard, and can stand in as many positions exactly like Apple’s official case. I could say I’m not interested, but also amazed by sheer creativity. Or the “magic” of the ClamCase. Promo video is at the bottom of this post.

[Thanks, Kevin Rose!]

iPhone (HD?) to record 720p HD video according to code

While some dissect the new iPhone OS 4.o Beta 3 in hopes of new features, others like the more advanced and iPhone OS-gifted type, find just what a daily gadget news blog is looking for. That is of course, two code snippets referring to 640×480 video capture and 1280×720 HD modes as seen in the following:



As a matter of fact, this would only increase the chance the new iPhone is called “iPhone HD”, since the screen resolution has been bumped up, along with the camera, and now purportedly HD video recording. iLike this iDea.

Via: MacRumors

Google Chrome Kicks Butt. And Is Faster Than A Potato Cannon, Shows Google

See, there are millions of YouTube videos uploaded each day to Google’s service, with 90% of them being utter crap, 5% are okay, and another 5% are worth watching. But Google has shown that they are the only ones worthy of their own video serving website. In a recent marketing video so wonderful it could make Verizon and the Droids cry, Google pits the latest beta version of Chrome against the following: a frickin’ potato cannon, lightning, and sound waves. I rightfully suggest you check out the best YouTube video of all time, after this line break.

HTC Droid Incredible gets ripped to shreds in teardown (video!)

See that video up there? That’s a Droid Incredible, a shiny new Incredible, getting ripped apart, piece-by-piece. As some of you might know in the gadget industry, we always rip apart new gadgets just to see what’s exactly inside. In this case, the newest victim of this practice is Verizon’s new super Droid, the Incredible. Hit the button, and watch.

Sony Ericsson: The X10 family gets Android 2.1 in Q4 2010

In a much needed confirmation on the future of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 and its smaller but still awesome siblings is that SE is saying right now that the entire X10 family will get Android 2.1, and would leave its unsweetened Android 1.6 roots, which would be running under the UX that’s installed (much like MOTOBLUR and Sense UI). Now, we just need to figure out if any of this matters, because the XPERIA X10 still isn’t on U.S networks. Yet.

Source: Sony Ericsson

Blackberry T slider makes an ugly appearance running OS 6

The Blackberry T (for Talladega) is that other slider besides the even more ugly 9670. The picture taken on the right which can only be described as being a work of art by Mr. BlurryCam himself, originates from BBLeaks. Also present if you squint your eyes a little (or a lot) are the appearances of Blackberry 6, the new unreleased operating system from RIM. So, Bold 9670 or the equally ugly Blackberry T? It’s not that hard of a choice.

Source: BBLeaks

Adobe Flash and AIR seen running on a Google Tablet (prototype)

A pretty aware blogger at this year’s Web 2.0 Expo in SF (San Francisco; must I explain everything to you guys?) spotted a Google Tablet prototype. Meaning that at least a prototype exists and it runs Android (why of course it does!). You know were this is going, don’t you? Flash and Adobe AIR runs “seamlessy” on it. Yeah, even on a prototype.  So when Max the blogger saw this, he was certain that every gadget blog in the history of the world would link to him so he gets a ton of pageviews and traffic, because he even has tons of videos demoing apps on it. Head to Max’s site to get the whole scoop over there.