So Here’s The Story: Steve Jobs Giving Out Free Bumper Cases For iPhone 4

So here’s the deal: free bumper cases for iPhone 4, Apple can’t produce enough of these things, so you’ll have to select between a variety of bumpers and cases, and you can apply online next week. Anyone who previously purchased an iPhone 4 bumper case gets refunded.

This is a hit to Apple’s coffers, but also a hit to the iPhone 4: in order for it to work, you need to put a colorful rubberband around it. Alas, at least it’s free.

I have a feeling everyone will have a bumper case around their iPhone 4 now. Albeit that’ll greatly annoy tech enthusiasts like me who find adding Chinese plastic to an expensive gadget distasteful. Oh well.

So here’s the deal:

  • If you already bought another bumper case, you get a refund.
  • The offer applies until September 30.
  • Have an iPhone 4 = bumper case free.

Oh, and white iPhone 4 ships at the end of the month. A full post about this will come on LaptopMemo later today.

Source: Apple

New Rumor: Nikon’s new entry-level DSLR will be the D3100

The upcoming entry-level DSLR from Nikon you ask? Accordingly, since it is meant to be a cross between the Nikon D5000 and D3000, this new DSLR will be called the D3100, and should feature autofocus in video mode, HD video in 720p and 1080p, a 10 megapixel CMOS sensor, in-camera video editing, and new AF config covering the viewfinder, and will come as a kit, most likely with a 18-55mm lens. With a list of specs like those, I’m excited already (notice that I’m a Nikon 13-year-old boy)

The official announcement is rumored to come up in the next few weeks.

Source: Nikon Rumors, CrunchGear

AppleInsider: Here’s a US Senator’s letter to Steve Jobs about iPhone 4 “death grip”

The letter embedded after the break is 100% legit, according to AppleInsider, and is from New York Senator Charles Schumer (D) regarding the iPhone 4 death grip issue that has plagued almost everyone. The upcoming Friday press event might be about the antenna issue, but in the meantime, Schumer’s letter addressed to Steve Jobs is after the break, which has yet to be published officially.

Source: AppleInsider

Pepsi Strong Shot: I must find a case of it

No really. This is a gadget blog dedicated to spewing out gadget knowledge and buying advice (as well as the newz) all over the interwebs, created by me (which honestly, is very fun). Albeit this request is slightly CrunchGear-like, I’m interested in a finding a can of Pepsi Strong Shot (or a case), but not from eBay.

Thank you. Your daily LaptopMemo programming will resume shortly.

Verizon DROID X is now on sale at Verizon’s site and stores

So if you’re craving a 1GHz processor, 4.3-inch multitouch WVGA screen, 8 megapixel camera with dual flash and 720p HD video recording (with a camera mic), 16GB of microSD storage with 8GB of internal, and finally a slick looking version of MOTOBLUR with Android 2.1 (FroYo coming quickly), then you’re in for a great surprise.

For the cost of 2 Benjamins and 2-year contract with Verizon Wireless. Then you’re done. Or you can wait in line like a maniac!

Source: Verizon Wireless

Interesting: According To Science, The Chicken Came Before The Egg

Since the old saying (or the “who came first” conundrum) “Did the chicken come first, or the egg?” has puzzled minds for centuries, according to British scientists from Sheffield and Warwick, a certain protein — ovocleidin-17 — was found on the development shell of an egg, which to start with, is found only in a chickens’ ovaries. According to the smarty pants, OC-17 converting calcium carbonate into calcite crystals (thus forming an egg) wouldn’t be possible without a chicken running around first.

So here’s the question: where the heck did that first chicken come from? Sorry, I had to ask.

Via: Daily Tech,