iOS 4.3 Is Released

Time to hook up your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and get updating on iTunes to the new and shiny iOS 4.3. New features include personal hotspots, bug fixes, AirPlay to Apple TV, a faster Safari web browser, iPad switch choices (orientation lock or mute), and more. Via: Apple

ASUS G53Jw Review: It’s An Awesome Rig, But There Are Flaws

Nothing is better than pwning n00bs in 3D with a 2.93GHz Core i7 processor to boot. Actually, there are many more things better than Black Ops, Counter Strike: Source, Test Drive Unlimited 2, and Bad Company 2 with the option to play in 3D. However, the aforementioned can be rather entertaining. I recently had the chance to review ASUS’ G53Jw, and I found out it’s a great laptop — but there are some nagging issues, and they’re not small.

New Foursquare 3.0 App For iOS And Android To Go Live Late Tonight

In the booze-infested land of SXSW, Foursquare is due to come out with version 3.0 of its app for both Android and iOS late tonight. A complete overhaul of the interface, speed, fixes, and improvement to Foursquare in general will be included in this release, and according to the official Foursquare company blog, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian (anyone still use that?) will also get their taste of 3.0, just not now.

Via: Official Foursquare Blog

Tweetdeck Shows Off New Upcoming iOS App, Frees You From #DickBar

In the age of the #dickbar and such and forth, Tweetdeck’s official blog has stepped out and stated that their new iOS app is in the final stages of testing and will be submitted for approval at the App Store in the coming weeks. It has Retina display support, flexible columns for combining different social networks in one column and tons of bug fixes. Seems mighty interesting, no?

Via: Tweetdeck Blog

Sony VAIO S Is The Newest Ultraportable From Sony, Obviously

Today, there’s a new laptop walking the grounds (more than one, actually).  The one from Sony carries a 13.3-inch screen in its chassis, Sandy Bridge Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, AMD Radeon HD 6630 graphics with 1GB of VRAM, a Blu-Ray drive, a massive $150  extended battery which attaches itself all throughout the bottom of the laptop, and different SSD options. The whole package starts off at 3.9 pounds and costs $979 for the Core i5 version with the Radeon graphics setup and a 320GB hard drive. Pre-orders start later this evening. PR after the leap.