Borders launches online eBook Store powered by Kobo

Borders has launched itself into the frying pan and into the fire. No, really. The rough eBook market is no place for newcomers, and Borders just got into it with its eBook Store powered by Kobo with Blackberry and Android apps also taking part in the fray. Once you do purchase an eBook from Borders, you can read it on your PC or Mac, as well as your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, or Android-powered mobile phone.

And what’s a new eBook service without a dedicated eBook reader? the Kobo eReader which includes a 6-inch e-ink screen, support for flexible fonts, desktop syncing, bluetooth syncing with a smartphone, 1GB storage and a 4-way d-pad with center selection will be available at retail and online stores. Check out the new Borders site to take a look at everything yourself.

Source: Borders

Motorola officially announces the CHARM on T-Mobile

The Motorola CHARM, which was fondled with through leaked photos, is now official. With a Blackberry look of sorts, the CHARM is running Android 2.1 with MOTOBLUR, a 2.8-inch QVGA screen, has a 3 megapixel camera, the famous BACKTRACK pad used on the Backflip from AT&T, 2 microphones for better call quality, and a 2GB microSD card bundled. According to Moto, it’ll be available “this summer” on T-Mobile. Press release after the jump.

Via: Motorola

Blackerry 9300, 9670, and 9800 Slider all get demoed (video)

So if you’re still sticking with Blackberry and Research In Motion, then this should be a great sound to your ears. To cut it short, Salomondrin has acquired three Blackberry handsets, all of them unreleased. Starting with the boring 9300 Curve, onto the ugly 9670 flip (older model), and the almost-famous 9800 slider running OS 6.0. Grab your popcorn (or with this weather, some proper lemonade), and watch the videos after the jump!

Fox Party: Firefox 4 Beta 1 now on the Mozilla servers

Whoa! While I did know it was 106 degrees at the LaptopMemo New Jersey Summer Vacation office (instead of Miami or NYC) while I was staying there, I didn’t expect for Mozilla to give me a go at the Firefox 4 beta 1 download button. The changelog is waaaay too long to post up here and the new broswer works on Windows, Linux and OS X-based machines, so you’re covered. Along with the new UI, faster speeds, and tons of extra security, “the world’s favorite browser” as Mozilla puts it is available at the official beta download link.

Just don’t say that I didn’t warn you that a few of your add-ons might not work with the new release,’kay?

Via: Firefox (beta download), Changelog, The Mozilla Blog

Adobe shows off Flash 10.1 on the Motorola DROID X with FroYo

Motorola DROID X. FroYo and Flash. Adobe’s Sr. Technology Evangelist, Ted Patrick. The result: a YouTube video above showing a demo of a Flash game, along with other nice tidbits on the Motorola DROID X running a full version of Flash 10.1 on Android 2.2 FroYo. At the end of the vid Patrick mentions that FroYo & Flash will be headed to the DROID X in “late summer.” I suppose we have to believe, no?

TweetUp snatches up Twidroid, changes name and increases popularity

The idealab company Tweetup, which does bid-based and influence-ranked twitter search, has bought the #1 Twitter app on Android — Twidroid. Reflected in today’s 3.4.0 release, twidroid has been renamed to Twidroyd to avoid getting zapped with a lightsaber by Mr. George Lucas, who owns the trademarks to everything called “droid” due to a little something we call Star Wars. The interesting part of this deal/buyout is that Twidroyd will be bundled into “millions of phones” by 5 leading Android handset manufacturers. Looks pretty exciting, especially for the competition that will arise with Twitter’s official app that already is close #2.  Check after the line break for the press release!

LG Outs The Optimus Android Phone Series, FroYo Comes Off The Bat

The Optimus series recently outed by LG will feature Android 2.2 FroYo as the baseline, and will include both high-end and entry-level Android devices (including a tablet, yum), which would be available overseas (not the U.S.A guys). The Optimus One “with Google” (per usual) will include Android 2.2, an OMAP3630 processor, a 3.8-inch display, HD camera, and HDMI/DNLA support. Secondly there’s the Optimus Chic (optimus means “best” in Latin, dudes) which also has FroYo. Lastly the Optimus Android 2.2 tablet will be a high-end, sleek and stylish tablet with tons of processing power. The three devices mentioned before will all be released in second half of 2010, and 7 more devices will join the crop later on.

Samsung Intercept intercepts your July 4th for a quick hands-on (video)

The Samsung intercept — more like the Samsung Moment’s successor — is a classy Android 2.1 slider with the Touchwiz 3.0 UI (FroYo comes this summer), a 3.2-inch screen and 3.2 megapixel camera, with a 800 x 480 WVGA resolution gracing the new AMOLED screen, and a keyboard that seems revamped and improved. The ports and buttons have also been completely redesigned and re-calibrated, so it’s really worth 4 minutes and 7 seconds of your time if you’re looking into a slider on Sprint that’s not as high-end as the Epic 4G.

Via: firestormcomputers (YouTube)