Amazon Launches New Thin, Light Kindle with Wi-Fi, Starting At $139

The successor to the Amazon Kindle 2 — in other words — thinner, lighter, less expensive, and Wi-Fi enabled, with the same 6-inch screen but with 50% better contrast and a 21% smaller footprint with 20% faster page turns. There’s also double the built-in memory — 4GB. The pricing is $189 for Wi-Fi plus 3G model and $139 Wi-Fi only.

To double on the new improvements and features, Amazon loaded an experimental Webkit browser that takes a millennium to load and provides only one form of salvation — an article mode which formats articles to be exactly like the eBooks on the reader. The new Kindle starts pre-ordering today.

Source: Amazon

Could This myTouch HD Be T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ device?

Sooner or later, like the words “iPhone killer” (which mind you, Android is starting to do) is getting overused, so whill “HD” when it comes to handsets. Introducing the myTouch HD for your “oooh” pleasure!

With a suggested release of September 9th, the myTouch 3G HD is almost exactly like the outline seen on the T-Mobile waiting page for the the speculated HTC Vanguard/G1 Blaze, which in turn could even be this very handset (!). Besides the obvious froont-facing camera and proxiity sensors, there’s also that “take this with a grain of salt” rule: this beauty could’ve been made as a fan-render, you know what I mean?

Just saying, like AndroidCentral did.

T-Mobile launches TEASER page for G1 Blaze, aka HTC Vision

The leaked G1 Blaze/HTC Vision/Vanguard seems to be in a real run, in the leaky sort of way. The teaser page provides an outline of the handset, as well as the words “The Revolution Continues”. The G1 Blaze is believed to have a 3.7 inch display, 1GHz processor, HSPA+ at 21Mbps, side-sliding QWERTY keyboard, optical trackpad, and Android 2.1 or later (possibly with Sense UI).

Source: T-Mobile, TmoNews

Dell Streak goes on US sale starting tomorrow the 28th

The 5-inch Android tablet by dell called the Streak, with Android 2.1 or 2.2 coming later this summer, it’ll by quite an interesting tablet to use, especially with a front-facing camera and back-facing cam with AT&T 3G support (darn). According to Dell, the Streak will be sold starting tomorrow Wednesday the 28th of July, at

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The New 27-Inch Apple Cinema Display Is Anything But Cheap, Anything But Amazing

The Cinema Display produced by Apple was always a top-tier, high-end, super-screen-fanboy display. Now there’s a 27-inch version with a pixel density of 2560 x 1440 – 60% more than the smaller 24-inch version. The cinema display is still powered by LEDs, has a Mini DisplayPort connector, 3 rear-faced USB ports, stereo speakers, and a built-in iSight camera on the top bezel.

It’s isn’t cheap, but it’s for the quality, and it’s amazing. Fine, I’ll get to the point — it costs $999. But hey, Dell’s U2711 retails for $1,099 and HP’s 24-inch DreamColor display costs $1,999, so the 27-inch Cinema Display can probably hold its own in full Adobe RGB color tests.

Source: Apple

Samsung Galaxy Q specs leaked, with plenty of awesome goodies

The Samsung Galaxy Q aims to be the Android forefront of awesome QWERTY handsets. It’ll pack Android 2.2 (aka “FroYo” to you), with the same 1GHz Hummingbird processor seen in the rest of the Galaxy S line, 8GB or 16GB of internal storage, Bluetooth 3.0, and 802.11n Wi-Fi. The camera in the front has been upgraded to an 8 MP from 5 MP, and a front-facing cam that is 1.3 megapixels instead of VGA.

The only main downside is the smaller, 3 inch 720×480 Super-AMOLED screen and candybar dimensions of 120mm x 68mm x 9.25mm, making it ideal for — the Android Blackberry. Hopefully this leak will grow into leaked photos, then an official release.

Via: MobileCrunch

HTC switches to Super LCDs for the HTC Desire and Nexus One

As you may or may have not heard, Samsung is having a heck of a time producing Super AMOLED and regular AMOLED screens, and only wants to keep the screens for its Galaxy S line phones. Whereas Sony is full of Super LCD screens, which are very close to AMOLED screens and can be read in direct sunlight. HTC’s CEO Peter Chou remarked that the SLCDs are “comparable” to the older screens and offers more battery life.

Strangely, the Droid Incredible (which has stocking issues because of this) wasn’t mentioned in the press release. Otherwise, the SLCD rollout is “later this summer”, for the international Nexus One sold overseas (even though it’s not in the U.S) and HTC Desire. PR after the cut!

Source Image: Flickr