Security Alert: Beware Of The Fake Twitter, i.e. “ShangTwitter.Appspot”

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This is something that came from one of my followers, as a pretty accurate security report. If you make a Google search of “shangtwitter” you’ll find the old version of Twitter in its entirety, along with many different users. Obviously, the first things that comes to mind is don’t bother entering your login information to this site, which is also SSL-secured. Also, I’d like Google to kill this off their AppSpot servers, immediately.

Via: ShangTwitter.Appspot (warning: possibly malicious)

Google Chrome 11 Now In Beta, Both Dev And Beta Have Voice-To-Text Feature

This is better than your grandfather’s Firefox 4, that’s for sure (albeit the old Firefox has tricks in its fur). Google’s Chrome 11 developer release just went beta, and with it, further finalizing an HTML5 voice-to-text feature (and API) that not only Google, but app and site developers as well could tap into. It works practically like Android 2.x, although not as useful since there hasn’t been much use for it, yet. Also, for those of you with foul mouths, it censors bad language. GPU-accelerated 3D CSS is also present in the beta, and gives web devs the ability to make 3D look awesome on their sites. Download link at the ‘via’ link.

Via: Google Chrome Blog, Chrome 11 Beta Download

Minecraft Beta 1.4 May Land Next Week, According To Jens

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In a recent tweet by Jens Bergensten, Mojang AB’s back-end developer, he mentioned that Minecraft Beta 1.4 would be released next week, if everything goes to plan (the tweet of which you can read above). The update aims to bring beds as respawn points, so if you sleep in a bed successfully for one night without being woken up, it becomes your spawn point until you sleep in another bed, or if you destroy the bed you previously slept in. The new respawn feature also works in SMP (Survival Multiplayer) , and wolves will also be added. With wolves, you can direct them to attack targets, and they also follow you as companions.
Via: Jens on Twitter