Blackberry Torch: OS 6 and AT&T Partners For A New Type Of Berry On August 12

The Blackberry Torch was revealed a little earlier than expected, and of course was leaked like a waterfall over a course of many months. With Blackberry OS 6 backing it up, there is a reported spec list that isn’t so bad to go up against ita Android and iPhone 4 rivals: a 3.2 inch 480 x 360 scree, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi b/g/n, BlackBerry OS 6, 512 MB RAM, 512 MB Flash + 4 GB Flash + 4GB micro-SD card, 5 megapixel camera with flash, a 1300 mAh battery, and the following dimensions of: 161.1 g. (H X W X D) 111 x 62 x 14.6 mm. An extra image of Blackberry’s latest is after the break.

UPDATE: The Torch will be priced at $199.99 on August 12th for a 2-year contract by everybody’s favorite carrier (har-har), AT&T.

Source: AT&T

Motorola DROID doesn’t have the hardware for Froyo’s mobile hotspot, eh?

According to Verizon Wireless spokesperson Brenda Raney (a friendly agent of mine), while speaking to Engadget, the original Motorola DROID “doesn’t have [the] hardware to support the mobile hotspot.” Now let’s rewind:

All Droid owners starting this week (even right now), will be getting the OTA for Android 2.2, and while one of the core features is in fact, mobile hotspot, the Droid won’t support it. Or in Verizon’s eyes, can’t.

Oh well. Now, if you’ll excuse us, please drop us a tip on our tips line if you have the file that can bring FroYo to the Droid masses (that also means us).

Sprint 4G radio goes live in Florida, California, Delaware, and Michigan cities

If you live in Modesto, CA; Stockton, CA; Jacksonville, FL; Wilmington, DE; or Grand Rapids, MI, get ready for the Sprint 4G option on your EVO 4G or Epic 4G handset, because, now you’re covered with 4G. As for other citiies, Sprint mentioned this morning that, “later this year, Sprint will launch Boston, Miami, New York and Los Angeles, enabling millions more to harness this powerful new service.: Looks good if you ask me.

Press release after the the jump.

Verizon Releases Details On Motorola Droid Android 2.2 Update

Verizon and Motorola, keen on bringing Android 2.2 to the original Droid, has already posted instructions for the update on Verizon’s website. On the flipside, I’ve gotten a hold of these documents from a great ninja, above being the first page. Some users will receive the update tonight, and then it will officially roll-out in the following days.

Source: @Shadez69 (Twitter), DroidForums

Verizon Wireless employees have begun their DROID 2 training

It occurs to me (and any other tech blog outlet that knows something of the industry) that it takes at least 2-4weeks to prepare employees  for a new launch device. In this period there  are more leaked photos, training guides, and finally the release which occurs at the end of this cycle. So it’s no wonder the August rumors for a DROID 2 launch are getting lined up nicely, due to the fact that Verizon Wireless employees have begun training.

Source: BGR

Android 2.2 Motorola Droid OTA coming up next week

The more Froyo, the merrier, right? Whilst Sprint will be the first carrier to offer Android 2.2 on a handset this summer, it looks like “official word” (though not seen) sent to the old guys at Engadget claims the Verizon will begin pushing out Froyo next week, to the first Droid. Other Droid variants weren’t spoken of, but probably that’ll come up later.

Source: Engadget

Sprint Updating EVO 4Gs On August 3rd — To 2.2 FroYo!!

The official press release is here. August 3rd is the day EVO 4G owners will have FroYo and all its deliciousness, and will allow something so cool it should be forbidden: allowing hungry users to opt-in early for the update. The update according to Sprint will be complete by mid-August. Oh, happy days..! Wait one second: the full official press release with words from reviewers is below.