Mozilla Launches Firefox 4 For Android

For the past few months Mozilla has been preparing their barrage of the browser-wars. First off was Firefox 4, second is Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo (what’s Maemo anyway?). It’s an almost perfect port of the desktop app, and shares most if not all of the desktop features, including syncing pages and bookmarks while viewing them on the fly, in a smaller, smartphone-friendly UI, with an intense liking of HTML5 instead of Flash. It requires Android 2.0 and up, is free, and if ready and waiting to be downloaded.

Via: Mozilla, Android Market

Amazon Cloud Player: Stream Your Music From The Big Cloud

Whoa! Guess who ate everyone’s breakfast this morning? Amazon! The new Amazon Cloud Player has graced the geeks of the world (actually, the United States, for now) with its presence. Its main goal: to give you 5GB of free storage to upload your music to, so it can be streamed anywhere, including Android (no iOS support yet). Some iTunes purchases also work with the service. Additional storage plans start at $20 per year, while 20GB of storage is offered free if you buy an entire MP3 album. Sounds good to us. Presser after cut. Via: Amazon

RadioShack May Very Well Be Selling The iPad 2 Starting Tomorrow, At 500 Locations

A recent exclusive from a MacRumors reader may be good news for both me and you: RadioShack will begin selling the iPad 2 starting tomorrow at 500 retail locations. Excuse me, but I think I might get my iPad 2 now. Update: I’ve confirmed this with 5 different stores in my area, whom of which actually have the iPads, but can’t sell them today. Hopefully I’ll get one of these things tomorrow. Via: MacRumors