LG Outs The Optimus Android Phone Series, FroYo Comes Off The Bat

The Optimus series recently outed by LG will feature Android 2.2 FroYo as the baseline, and will include both high-end and entry-level Android devices (including a tablet, yum), which would be available overseas (not the U.S.A guys). The Optimus One “with Google” (per usual) will include Android 2.2, an OMAP3630 processor, a 3.8-inch display, HD camera, and HDMI/DNLA support. Secondly there’s the Optimus Chic (optimus means “best” in Latin, dudes) which also has FroYo. Lastly the Optimus Android 2.2 tablet will be a high-end, sleek and stylish tablet with tons of processing power. The three devices mentioned before will all be released in second half of 2010, and 7 more devices will join the crop later on.

Samsung Intercept intercepts your July 4th for a quick hands-on (video)

The Samsung intercept — more like the Samsung Moment’s successor — is a classy Android 2.1 slider with the Touchwiz 3.0 UI (FroYo comes this summer), a 3.2-inch screen and 3.2 megapixel camera, with a 800 x 480 WVGA resolution gracing the new AMOLED screen, and a keyboard that seems revamped and improved. The ports and buttons have also been completely redesigned and re-calibrated, so it’s really worth 4 minutes and 7 seconds of your time if you’re looking into a slider on Sprint that’s not as high-end as the Epic 4G.

Via: firestormcomputers (YouTube)

Colorware coats the Xbox 360 S anyway you like it

If you’re getting bored of your Xbox 360 S already, then you might want to contact Colorware. I can definitely say they’re reliable, and will charge you a motherload as well. For any color or texture, you can fork over $500 and they’ll send you a new 360 S system in the colors of your choosing. Or, you can ship your unit in for $175, and they send it back to you in agonizing 3 weeks. Take your pick, gamers.

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Android phone’s battery life could be doubled by using AMOLED hack

How far would you go to extend the battery life on your Android phone that uses an AMOLED screen?

Would you order the pixels to display certain colors as seen above to save energy? Android engineer Jeff Sharkey took 5 Nexus Ones (Nexi?) and only powered each color channel seen in an AMOLED screen (red, green, and blue). Apparently, Jeff found out with an industrial-level power meter that by only using red pixels, which could serve as a night-vision mode, used the least power.

Jeff’s quote:

“Filtering to show only red pixels only requires 35% of the original baseline OLED panel current, on average. Adding back the baseline current, the best case overall is about 42% of the original system current, effectively doubling the battery life. Also, showing only red pixels doubles as an awesome night vision mode, perfect for astronomy.”

To get your night-vision fix on your Android, check out his blog, then expect that the modder and hacker communities (xda-developers comes to mind) will come up with a solid hack that can do this easily.

LG Ally Review: It’s All Plastic, But It’s Decent

The LG Ally is the cheapest Android phone you can find on Verizon Wireless, which would be $99 on a two-year agreement. It’s an all plastic build, including the screen, which makes everything feel… plasticky. I tested, flown over 300+ miles, and navigated with the Ally for quite a while, and this post was written while tethering to the device. So what do I have to say about the Ally? In one word word: decent. In longer words, “it’s all plastic, and is no DROID, but it’s meh.” Let’s move on to figure out why…

Apple Says The iPhone 4 Reception Issues Are Caused By An Incorrect Signal Reading

So, in the latest part on Apple’s take of the iPhone 4’s ability to not get calls and use data due to the faulty antenna issue when it gets into contact with human flesh, they’re claiming that the issue is simply an incorrect signal reading, which would be a possible explanation to the “dramatic drop in [signal] bars”. So far, they’re promising that software update will be the answer, and they fix it. As they say in Futurama, “Fixitfixitfixitfixitfixit”!

Apple’s letter to iPhone4 users about this issue is after the break.

Via: Apple

Nexus One gets Android 2.2 FroYo FRF91 firmware, meaning new OTA, AGAIN

So the Nexus One just got a new Android 2.2 FroYo update, AGAIN. This time, instead of having build FRF85 — the final, real build — users will now get the OTA (over-the-air) message eventually (or apply the update themselves via the Google source link) for the newer,hopefully safer and newer FRF91 firmware version.

[Thanks to the wizards at xda-developers for this story!]

Via: xda-devleopers, Official Android 2.2 FRF91 Update From Google (ZIP)

iPhone 4 finds its $1 antenna solution that’s actually practical

The iPhone 4, an amazing piece of technology is plagued by that nasty antenna issue where if you simply hold the phone “the wrong way” as Steve Jobs puts it, you lose your connection. The real issue is actually the design, and the Apple Bumper Case which is essentially a plastic rubber-band fixes that. And that’s for $30 (which is frankly ridiculous). Enter Oliver Nelson from the iPhone Guru. Simply take your favorite charity wrist band that you find for $1 (or Neil Armstrong’s) with the measurements of “about 1.125-inches long and about 0.125-inches wide”, cut a few holes for the ports, and voila! Instant solution. Problem solved, for no more than a dollar.

Via: Wired, iPhone Guru