The Final Nexus One stock is gone. Goodbye, Sexy Nexy

The Sexy Nexy, AKA the Google Nexus One, is officially out of stock, and will no longer be sold by Google directly. The purpose of the Nexus One was to inspire all OEMs to make perfect Android handsets. Now every Android phone is getting more and more advanced than before, because of the Nexus One. It had a great run, and it’ll appear on a future feature /Android 2.2 review. Stay Tuned!

Please T-Mobile, start stocking the Nexus One. If it’s possible, that is. Otherwise, so long Nexus One. Until nex time…

Source: Google

Panasonic launches the LUMIX LX5, FZ40, FZ100, FX700, and TS10 digital cameras

The Panasonic LUMIX line was in need of extra power, didn’t it? Like, even though the G10 is pretty awesome, the LX5 is smaller, and more “pro-ish”. The LX5 has a 10.1 megapixel CCD resulting in better low light performance (something the G10 hasn’t heard of) and HD recording in AVCHD Lite at 720p. The FZ40 and FZ100 super zooms use 24x zoom lenses and 14.1 megapixel sensors, but the latter can record 1080p with high speed burst shooting; while the former is constrained to only 720p.

Meanwhile the, FX700 is 5x zoom point and shoot, 1080p recording and14.1 megapixel stills. Lastly the lowly TS10 is a rugged camera that’s waterproof to 10 feet, shockproof and dust proof, as well as being walletproof with a 14.1 megapixel resolution, 4x zoom and 720p video JPEG recording.

The pricing for the whole bunch isn’t so bad, BTW: the TS10 launches September for $249, while the LX5, FZ40, FZ100, and FX700 will be out in August for $499, $399, $499, and lastly $399, respectively (in perfect order).

Mostly, I’m only interested in the LX5, if that’s your fancy to know what your 13-year-old gadget blogger is thinking.

The LX5’s press release is after the “more” jump!

Panasonic Lumix G10 Review: Hello, Micro Four Thirds

The Micro Four Thirds category of cameras, essentially taking the power and photo-taking ability of a 2 pound DSLR and cramming into the size of a point-and-shoot camera, albeit with the same lens size. In the Panasonic Lumix G10’s case, its size is more mini-DSLR than Micro Four Thirds (i.e Olympus E-PL1 or Sony NEX-3) but honestly, for $600 bucks, who cares!? Read on, because the G10 is more than a solid digital camera. It’s awesome.

Xbox 360 4GB ships August 3rd for $199, holiday Kinect bundle for $299, then some

The Xbox 360 Slim 4GB is going to be the new Arcade replacement, in this case priced at $199 for 4GB of internal flash memory, built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi, a matte finish instead of the usual glossy seen on the 250GB $299.99 model, and a shipping date of August 3rd. The holiday bundle will include the same 360 hardware, but with Kinect, and the bundled game Kinect Adventures, for $299 total, sans tax. Interesting for the budget-minded, eh? Gallery of pretty computer-generated photos for your pleasure below.

Xbox 360 S Arcade

Source: Xbox

Some Extra Clear DROID 2 Photos LEAK Out

So while the DROID X is having the time of its life right now, being cuddled by the execs at Verizon and consumers, the successor to the too-successful Motorola Droid is steaming along, and the photo above is the clearest photo we’ve seen of the handset yet. It’ll clearly run the nameless but MOTOBLUR-like UI, which is used by the DROID X.

The sleeker, more rounded out body design along with a re-arrangement of the touch capacitive buttons, is by far the only real changes the Droid 2, besides 8GB of internal memory, 512MB of RAM (twice the original’s) and finally the same 1GHz processing power as seen in the X. In fact, the Droid 2, which will retail for $199 on a 2-year contract, is every bit like the Droid X and Droid 1, except smaller (than the X), faster (than the 1), and has a slide-out QWERTY that knocks both out.

As for Android builds, the possibility of the Droid 2 coming with Android 2.1 then updating at the same time as the Droid X wouldn’t be surprising, but since there isn’t much to go by in that sector, I’ll leave it at that, folks.

Dell Streak goes on pre-sale — sort of, plus has a cool deal

The Dell Streak, with a release of “late July”, as according to the teaser page, is on that type of emailing list where you are informed of it coming out, then you’ll receive free 2nd business day shipping, along with with “an exclusive coupon code for a 99¢ Plantronics Bluetooth Headset.” Interestingly, the cool deal doesn’t sound bad, and the second Dell source link leads you to the new product page, full of awesome press photos and features on the Dell Streak.

Source: Dell (1), Dell (2)

Droid Incredible update will come blazing with FroYo, end of July/early August

According to the always-interesting and always yelling Andrew Munchbach (ask his Twitter pic), a perfectly-placed ninja, sent the following details, at the right moment, on time, so that the marvelous Internets may share the glory with you.


The Ninja: I wanted to pass along that the upcoming Incredible MR will also include Froyo (originally it was going to be two separate MRs).

We are targeting the end of the month/first part of August. As a reminder, below are the highlights:

  • Froyo
  • 802.11 n
  • 3G Mobile Hot Spot
  • HTC Widget: Email
  • HTC Widget: News
  • EAS Updates
  • 720p Video Recording
  • Amazon MP3
  • Skype
  • My Verizon

If this proves to be legit, it’ll be one of the darn best OTA updates in history, besides the iOS 4 update. Who am I kidding? It’s better.

Source: BGR