Assassin’s Creed: Unity Brings 4 Player Co-op And The French Revolution

ACU-media-SS-10-big_147459Right out the gate, Ubisoft has gone swinging. So far, one of the most impressive demos to come out of E3 has been the four-player co-op from Assassin’s Creed: Unity, which pits the Assassin Brotherhood as an integral part of the French Revolution, with Paris as your playground. The new game drops October 28th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC — meanwhile, you can enjoy the gameplay from the Microsoft presentation, after the break.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Brings All Games Of The Series To Xbox One

Halo 4 multiplayerBesides early access to the Halo 5: Guardians beta, in December of 2014 purchasing Halo: The Master Chief Collection yields an Xbox One gamer every single major Halo game ever released:Halo: Combat Evovled, Halo 2, Halo 3, and of course, Halo 4. All the titles are 1080p with dedicated servers and the ability to earn up to 4,000 Xbox gamer score — all on one disc. Halo 2 sits at the center of the pack, with the ability to play the original multiplayer on Xbox One.

When does it come out? November 11th, for $59.99 — and it’ll be worth every penny.

Microsoft Begins Selling The $400 Xbox One, Sans Kinect 2

en-INTL-PDP-Xbox-One-Console-5C5-00001-P1What happens to Microsoft’s Xbox division today might just be game changing. With the PS4’s price point responsible for beating the Xbox One handily in sales, month after month, a price drop with a bit of a sacrifice might be just what the company at Redmond needs.

The $400 Xbox One is everything that the original $500 was: except it has no Kinect accessory. If you do decide to get the Kinect, it will be made available for purchase separately sometimes in the fall.

Via: Microsoft

A Look At: The Crew Midlayer by Helly Hansen


Year-after-year, this is Helly Hansen’s best-selling jacket: the Crew Midlayer.

Donned by professional sailor Thomas Coville and the Helly Hansen-outfitted Volvo Ocean Race team, it’s a lightweight jacket with a fleece interior lining, but flexible and comfortable, while also keeping itself as dry as the environment around it allows. 

Ducati’s New Monster 821 Motorcycle Is To Woo Over

ducati-monster-821-motorcycleDesigned a lightweight version of the already very successful Monster line of motorcycles, Ducati has unveiled the Monster 821. With a weight of just under 400 pounds, this mid-sized beauty of a machine sports 112 horsepower, and 67 pound feet of torque, provided by a spirited Testastretta 11-degree motor.

Available in black — as seen above — or in red paired with black, the Monster 821 wields a full suite of modern riding electronics, including eight-level traction control, three-level ABS, and three-level ride-by-wire. Release date and price? Sometimes in July, for give or take, $15,000 a pop. 

Via: Ducati

Apple’s iOS 8 Intros Refinement To The Minimalist Scheme

ios-8Last year, iOS 7 brought about huge changes, and this year, iOS 8 brings about changes that refine. In iOS 8, things like QuickType — prediction typing, a la Android’s Google keyboard, quick access to notifications (and even direct input and interactions) on the lockscreen, new productivity gestures system-wide, group messaging and categorizing in the refined Message app, and a general reduction of animations, to go for more speed.

For example, with widgets that go into the notification center, which are built by developers and allow for more versatility.

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Brings New Designs, iCloud Drive, And More New Designs

osx-10-10-yosemiteToday from the World Wide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, Apple brought about the official changes coming with the OS X 10.10 , called Yosemite. It sports a cleaner design and has apps with e design frame similar to that of iOS.

A flat design, translucent panels, lack of gradients, and so on, with window borders matching the colors given off by the desktop background, while also offering a “dark mode”, which does exactly that to the entire software interface.

AT&T Launches The Galaxy S5 Active, With All The Ruggedness You’d Need

gs5 active

“No flimsy fingerprint sensor,” they said.

Most likely, anyways. The new Galaxy S5 Active is a rugged version of the new, regular, and “soft” S5, which trades in its fingerprint sensor for the additional reliability to withstand impacts and water. A convenience key has been added to the side of the phone that launches desired “outdoor apps”, so when you’re out and about adventuring, you’ll have an easier way to access the important stuff. Meanwhile, the same 16 megapixel camera and 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 processor  remain.

As for availability? Well, it’s on sale, as of today in Camo Green, Titanium Grey and Ruby Red colors, which will cost $200 on the usual two-year contracts.

Via: AT&T