Verizon Releases Details On Motorola Droid Android 2.2 Update

Verizon and Motorola, keen on bringing Android 2.2 to the original Droid, has already posted instructions for the update on Verizon’s website. On the flipside, I’ve gotten a hold of these documents from a great ninja, above being the first page. Some users will receive the update tonight, and then it will officially roll-out in the following days.

Source: @Shadez69 (Twitter), DroidForums

Verizon Wireless employees have begun their DROID 2 training

It occurs to me (and any other tech blog outlet that knows something of the industry) that it takes at least 2-4weeks to prepare employees  for a new launch device. In this period there  are more leaked photos, training guides, and finally the release which occurs at the end of this cycle. So it’s no wonder the August rumors for a DROID 2 launch are getting lined up nicely, due to the fact that Verizon Wireless employees have begun training.

Source: BGR

Android 2.2 Motorola Droid OTA coming up next week

The more Froyo, the merrier, right? Whilst Sprint will be the first carrier to offer Android 2.2 on a handset this summer, it looks like “official word” (though not seen) sent to the old guys at Engadget claims the Verizon will begin pushing out Froyo next week, to the first Droid. Other Droid variants weren’t spoken of, but probably that’ll come up later.

Source: Engadget

Sprint Updating EVO 4Gs On August 3rd — To 2.2 FroYo!!

The official press release is here. August 3rd is the day EVO 4G owners will have FroYo and all its deliciousness, and will allow something so cool it should be forbidden: allowing hungry users to opt-in early for the update. The update according to Sprint will be complete by mid-August. Oh, happy days..! Wait one second: the full official press release with words from reviewers is below.

Amazon Launches New Thin, Light Kindle with Wi-Fi, Starting At $139

The successor to the Amazon Kindle 2 — in other words — thinner, lighter, less expensive, and Wi-Fi enabled, with the same 6-inch screen but with 50% better contrast and a 21% smaller footprint with 20% faster page turns. There’s also double the built-in memory — 4GB. The pricing is $189 for Wi-Fi plus 3G model and $139 Wi-Fi only.

To double on the new improvements and features, Amazon loaded an experimental Webkit browser that takes a millennium to load and provides only one form of salvation — an article mode which formats articles to be exactly like the eBooks on the reader. The new Kindle starts pre-ordering today.

Source: Amazon

Could This myTouch HD Be T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ device?

Sooner or later, like the words “iPhone killer” (which mind you, Android is starting to do) is getting overused, so whill “HD” when it comes to handsets. Introducing the myTouch HD for your “oooh” pleasure!

With a suggested release of September 9th, the myTouch 3G HD is almost exactly like the outline seen on the T-Mobile waiting page for the the speculated HTC Vanguard/G1 Blaze, which in turn could even be this very handset (!). Besides the obvious froont-facing camera and proxiity sensors, there’s also that “take this with a grain of salt” rule: this beauty could’ve been made as a fan-render, you know what I mean?

Just saying, like AndroidCentral did.

T-Mobile launches TEASER page for G1 Blaze, aka HTC Vision

The leaked G1 Blaze/HTC Vision/Vanguard seems to be in a real run, in the leaky sort of way. The teaser page provides an outline of the handset, as well as the words “The Revolution Continues”. The G1 Blaze is believed to have a 3.7 inch display, 1GHz processor, HSPA+ at 21Mbps, side-sliding QWERTY keyboard, optical trackpad, and Android 2.1 or later (possibly with Sense UI).

Source: T-Mobile, TmoNews