Steve Jobs Vs. Student: This Gets Ugly, Real Fast

Believe me or not, but Steve Jobs is at it again with those email exchanges. Apple has previously denounced any involvement by Steve Jobs speaking to people via email, but hey, some guys who are masters at reading the locations of where emails are sent say this is the real deal. Anyways, on with the story:

Long Island University senior Chelsea Kate Isaacs emailed Jobs on Thursday complaining that Apple’s PR department wasn’t replying to any of her e-mails while she was on deadline (tell me about it, I feel her pain):

“Mr. Jobs, I humbly ask why Apple is so wonderfully attentive to the needs of students, whether it be with the latest, greatest invention or the company’s helpful customer service line, and yet, ironically, the Media Relations Department fails to answer any of my questions which are, as I have repeatedly told them, essential to my academic performance.”

She needed this info as she was composing a paper about using the iPad in academic settings. But Jobs had other ideas:

“Our goals do not include helping you get a good grade. Sorry”

After a bit more jabbing and back and forth, Steve Jobs became tired of this email shootout, and presented his “iDon’tCare” message:

Please leave us alone.

What’d you expect? He his a ninja after all.

On a side note, this entire situation is extremely funny, because if you cover tech (like I do, duh), then you’d know that you’ll be long gone before you get a response from Apple’s PR department. Ah, good times.

Source: ValleyWag

Apple Approves An Authentic Google Voice App (Again)

Last time Apple approved a Google Voice app, they banned it shortly afterwards, spawning an entire investigation by the government against AT&T, Apple, and Google. Now, Apple has approved a $2.99 app called GV Connect, and it has every single feature you could ever want in an official Google Voice app, sans push notifications.

The app should be available on the App Store, about now. And if it’s pulled, tip us at our line, and let the drama commence.

Best Buy CEO: Apple’s iPad Eating Up Laptop Sales (update: it’s a gaffe)

How do you know if the iPad is successful? Do you see if everyone in your neighborhood has one? Refer to press releases like a gadget journalist would?  Be Steve Jobs and see you have extra cash in the iBank?

None of the above actually.

You’ll have to be Best Buy CEO, Brian Dun, and say that the iPad “had cannibalized sales from laptop PCs by as much as 50%.” While that is a freakishly insane number, and it very well may be, since iPads are not available at all Best Buys yet, although BBY is planning to offer one of the hottest gadgets of the season on all of its stores on September 26th.

Update: What actually is going on here, as according to BestBuy themselves is that:

“The paraphrase that was used in the WSJ wasn’t really an accurate reflection of what Brian said to the reporter.

What Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn said was that we had no firm numbers, but that we speculated there was some replacement of netbooks by iPads going on. We did not provide specifics because we do not presently have the hard numbers on which to base those specifics.”

Whew. For a minute there I was willing to rename “LaptopMemo” to “iPadMemo”.

Thank goodness that didn’t happen.

No CDMA Windows Phone 7 Devices For 2010, Says Microsoft Senior

Well I’ll be damned. The only providers for Windows Phone 7 handsets will be GSM-based, meaning they use SIM cards and are AT&T and T-Mobile. CDMA-based carriers like Sprint and Verizon, will be left out in the cold till 2011, as recently speaking to CNET, Microsoft senior product manager, Greg Sullivan, said:

“For the worldwide market, the vast majority of phones are GSM phones, so we focused on GSM first and then plan to deliver an update that will have great CDMA support in the first half of 2011. That’s device availability in the first half and we’re very confident of that. That’s probably a conservative estimate.”

Is it time to raise the pitchforks? No. Let’s see if Windows Phone 7 is really all it’s acting up to be this holiday season, on a GSM carrier of course.

Source: CNET

Samsung Galaxy Tab En Route To Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile

Surprise! The Samsung Galaxy Tab with a 7-inch super AMOLED display, a 1GHz Hummingbird core, 3.2 megapixel front and 1.3 MP rear cams multimedia tablet running full Android 2.2 Flash 10.1 and all, is due on all four major carriers later this year (some where in October/November), exactly like the smaller Galaxy S Android 2.1 phones. Samsung is reporting that TouchWiz 3.0 will be tweaked slightly; the Reader and Music apps will be knocked off, while the new Media Hub and everything else in the interface will remain.

As for carriers, they will also have an influence — in terms of carrier apps. Otherwise, Verizon should recognize that having Bing only on the Galaxy Tab like the Fascinate is not such a good idea.

As for the unlocked versions, those have not yet been announced, but are being discussed internally, while a Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab will actually be released. Pricing has not yet been mentioned.

On An Editor’s Note: I can’t wait to review the Galaxy Tab, on all four carriers if I must, to see if it lives up to the hype Samsung presents it in.

Source: Samsung Galaxy Tab USA

Verizon Won’t Sell Windows Phone 7 Handsets Until 2011

With T-Moible and Sprint quiet about this whole Windows Phone 7 “Will it ever launch?” thing, AT&T has pretty much established itself as premier carrier, putting devices (Samsung and HTC for starters) that will be launched on the network in direct fire of the iPhone 4. What’s more now is that Verizon won’t have any Windows Phone 7 handsets at launch, or this year.

They’ll start in 2011. Which isn’t too far away, but still, peculiar. Perhaps VZW wants to bang out a few more Droids first?

The more factual response is actually what Verizon spokesperson Brenda Raney mentioned to Bloomberg: [our] “relationship with Microsoft is solid”. So it is then!

T-Mobile Holiday Lineup Is Filled With Android & WP7

The T-Mobile holiday lineup seems to be one thing that TMoNews has gotten its hands on, displaying several devices like the HTC HD 7 — a Windows Phone 7 handset — and release dates for the accessories of each particular phone. The dates are as follows: LG Optimus T for November 1, Dell Claire for November 15, BlackBerry Bold 9780 for November 15, Motorola Begonia for November 1, and a device referred to as “Comet” is also listed (with the date of November 1st); no manufacturer is listed.

Otherwise, we do know what the HD7, Bold 9780, and Optimus T look like. The Moto Begonia, Comet, and Dell Claire look like devices that were made with names taken out of a children’s book, but no matter, they’ll start showing up in the wild.

Anyone enticed by these findings?

Source: TMoNews