Tweetbot for iOS Has Launched, And So Far It’s A Hit


Tapbots has unleashed its latest invention to the world today — Tweetbot. Aimed to be a smarter and better Twitter app than the official offering (which formerly was called Tweetie) for iOS, Tweetbot uses “smart gestures” while looking at your timeline, has background notifications, support for Instapaper and Boxcar, as well as many other features seen on the iTunes App Store listing, which is available at the ‘via’ link. It is available for $1.99 for a limited time, then will increase in price to $2.99.

In Tapbots’ FAQ, there is a question regarding a version of the app designed for the iPad, as currently Tweetbot is designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but not designed with the iPad in mind. It turns out Tapbots is “waiting” to see the future of 3rd-party Twitter apps, then will make a decision on designing an iPad port. Via: iTunes

HTC Surround Review: Oh, It’s Audible Enough

Oh hello, Windows Phone 7. This time, running on the HTC Surround, is a version of WP7 that should have not been — that is to say, pre-NoDo. While AT&T may be testing the copy/paste update with many performance increases, it’s not currently available for most customers or reviewers. Having already extensively reviewed Windows Phone 7, what remains for me to talk about here is simply the HTC Surround itself. Head on past the ‘more’ link for the full review.