Sprint Epic 4G Android Slider: $250 On 2-Year Contract, August 31st

The highest-end Android slider WILL be $250 (after $100 rebate) on a 2-year contract with Sprint. Reminder of the specs:

Quickie specs: 1GHz Samsung Cortex A8 processor, 4-inch Super AMOLED capacitive display, Android 2.1 (not surprising that it doesn’t have 2.2 yet), 3G/4G hotspot, 5-megapixel camera with auto focus, LED flash, 720p video recording, front-facing camera for video chat, Samsung’s AllShare and Social Hub features, 3.5mm headset, the normal junk Sprint apps, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, compass, six-axis motion sensor and an included 16GB microSD card for storage.

And yes it’s still a Galaxy S phone. And yes, it supports WiMAX. And yes, it is freakin‘ epic.

Source: Sprint

Motorola DROID 2 Finds Hands-On At Android Community Site

DROID-Life is the name. It’s run by Kellex (me and him have had our share of conversations regarding, of course, Android in particular). Apparently, he’s a lucky sap, and he’s posted a YouTube video of the DROID 2 in action. In other words, his grimy paws got to touch the DROID 2. How I envy this fellow. Video after the break.

Source: Droid-Life

Firefox 4 beta 3 is ready to roll

Fancy something new? If it’s the new Google Chrome 6 browser (or in this post’s honor) Firefox 4, then Mozilla has you covered. The new Firefox 4 beta 3 adds multitouch support for Windows 7, among a hoard of other improvements. There’s also improvements to the Javascript engine, and two more beta releases are due until the final release. Head on to get.firefox.com to enjoy!

R2-D2 DROID 2 Spotted In Leaked Shot — And It’s Legit Dudes!

So, an R2-D2 Android phone? Actually a Motorola DROID 2, with Froyo and Flash 10.1 and everything else to die for (not literally, mind you dudes). So it’s also come to the realization that the photo is legit, and the limited edition R2-D2 DROID 2 will be sold on September 30th, online from Verizon.

And by the way, this is the Droid you’re looking for.

Editor’s note: May the force be with you.

Source: Twitter, Verizon

Pre-Release Review: Tweetdeck for Android

So the time has finally come for a new entry in the endless world of Twitter apps for Android, eh? Tweetdeck for Android has had tons of user requests for an official release, and today the leaked official beta (or alpha build?) is available as an .apk file to upload to your Android handset. In this review, I’m using an original Motorola DROID running Android 2.2 FroYo. Read on to figure out what’s good (and not so good), about this very early build of Tweetdeck for Android.

Dell Streak: On Sale August 13th, $300 on AT&T contract, $550 without

In a new press release by PR manager of the Dell Streak, the 5″ Gorilla glass display, 5 megapixel camera dual LED flash, VGA front-facing, 3G/Bluetooth/Wi-FI,  Android 1.6 tablet due on AT&T August 13th will be sold for $300 (on AT&T contract) and $550 without.

Dell’s PR agents also mentioned that “We will ship [the] Streak to customers in the US with Android 1.6 and will offer an over-the-air upgrade to Android 2.2 later this year.”

Looks good if you ask me. Expect an unboxing (this week!), video commentary, and full review later next week of Dell’s Streak!

Source: BusinessWire

Motorola DROID 2 launching for $199, pre-sale on Verizon starts the 11th

While it may have not been secret (read: at all), the Motorola DROID 2 is officially announced, and is ready to go. Perhaps it may be the DROID you’re looking for, literally, because the R2-D2 special edition Droid 2 will come out in September, with tons of Star Wars extras.

As for the basic DROID 2, it contains a 3.7″ display, 5MP camera, 8GB of internal storage, which is supplemented by an 8GB SD card that comes in the handset. Swype keyboard, Android 2.2, Flash 10.1, and Verizon 3G are also part of the DROID 2’s arsenal, coupled with an improved slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Tomorrow Verizon Wireless will begin pre-sales online, while retail stores will begin on Thursday. The DROID 2 retails for $199 on a 2-year agreement