Mozilla Seabird Concept Phone: This Destroys The ‘Awesome’ Meter

Another concept, another reason to say ‘wow, that rocked!’. A concept phone, by Mozilla (makers of Firefox), called the Seabird allows for amazing futuristic features, like a Bluetooth headset/mouse that is built into the phone, then can be snapped out for use. Then, there’s two pico-projectors on each side, giving you Iron Man-style keyboards. Plus of course, the Firefox browser. This heaping pile of “just dream” is just above, and you HAVE to play it just to believe how amazing it is.

Now note that Mozilla has no plans on building a phone, as it is just a community project, but you do have to say:

“What if this was possible?”

T-Mobile G2 for pre-order to the T-Mobile peeps tomorrow

For your boring Tech News Thursday, TmoNews came out with a document they’ve acquired through one of their “ninjas” (i.e sneaky guys who know everything) that clearly sets the date for the T-Mobile G2 (which I broke several minutes before everyone else on Techmeme) launch for those already on the network t0morrow, September 24th. As for the general release, that’sset for October 6th, 4 days after my birthday.

Not that that has to do with anything, of course.

Via: TmoNews

Verbatim Introduces The ‘Weightless’ USB Clip

So, what is ‘weightless’? I won’t answer that question for you, but I can tell you that Verbatim recently is advertisng the USB clip as such, even though it’s scientifically impossible. Anywho, they come in lots of pretty colors, offer 2GB to 4GB of storage space, and add a form of reverse pshcology once you clip one of them to a document at work, with the document inside of the USB clip.

Freaky stuff, I know.

Source: Verbatim, then Wired

Samsung Galaxy Tab Demoed In A Clean, Hip, And Fast Style

Honestly, if you want to yawn today at a video or get some techno in your ears, that’s fine by me, just do it watching Samsung’s official demo of the Galaxy Tab, seen below. Contrary to the glorious disaster we saw earlier with the HP Slate, Samsung is really selling their tablet here, despite this demo probably being so perfect that you wouldn’t find any mistakes, but still, the Galaxy Tab works and it keeps on working damn good non-stop.

HP Slate Leaked Prototype Demoed On Video, Is A Silly Mess

This just has to be fake. I can help it. A dedicated button to bring up the keyboard? A dedicated Ctrl-Alt-Del button? And yet I do think it’s real, and that HP has lost its mind. The video, available in HD, gives a tour of the HP Slate, but then when it goes to a UI demonstration, even though this is a prototype after all, completely fails. At the moment, I’m having a cringe just looking at the video.

Possible Blueprints for the HTC HD7? Meh, But I’ll Take It

While this may be the exact look of the HTC HD7, successor to the HD2, there may be a possibility that this is all baloney. Still, if this is the real deal, then props to HTC and Microsoft making the Windows Phone 7-based handset look absolutely awesome.

Specs wise, there is a 4.3-inch screen, dual-LED flash, 3.5mm headset jack, and beveled back like the EVO 4G; even possibly a kickstand. Props to WMPowerUser for finding the prints.