The ATI Brand Is Dead, And AMD Killed It. But The Radeons Live?

Today is a very sad day for those of you PC gamers (and people who just know about computers). The ATI brand, the main opposition to NVIDIA’s graphics cards is now dead. AMD, the current company who owned ATI, had decided that ATI Radeon graphics cards (and everything else under their name will be re-branded with “AMD”. The first ATI (excuse me) video cards which will have AMD branding ship out later this year. It’s unfortunate, but AMD is promising to bringing along the Fusion series which packs a GPU and CPU in the same chip.

Source: TechReport

Samsung Galaxy Tab teased again, this time with CDMA

Is this absurd now? Yes, yes it is. For leaked shots of an upcoming device to be so clear and so pretty it is. For the Samsung Galaxy Tab to have a label in the above photo that says “CDMA”, that also is too. So technically, the iAndroid team mentioned that the Galaxy Tab’s strong speakers, call quality, and ability the to run Flash 10.1 on Android 2.2 is a good thing. They also supposedly took the photos, and also mentioned that GPS can be a bit slow. Anywho, I want this thing bad Samsung.

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Unknown, unseen HTC EVO-like Verizon handset found by BG & Friends

So what did Boy Genius & Friends do today? Well in this case, some tasty tipster leaked out these shots which display in crystal-clear quality the HTC handset that is very much EVO 4G-like, but instead headed to Verizon. An 8 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, front-facing camera, Sense UI, and has a built-in kickstand. Whatever it might be called, I’ll want this as a review unit in my office. Expect a report of some sort on this handset between the end of this week, and early next week. I am planning something interesting here y’know?

Source: BGR

BestBuy Mobile pre-sale for Samsung Fascinate begins the 27th, 29th

Best Buy Mobile has made it quite clear to everyone that if you’re a Reward Zone member, you get the Fascinate before anyone else, along with these extra details:

The Verizon Wireless Samsung Fascinate™ is available for pre-order starting August 29. As an added and exclusive bonus, Best Buy Reward Zone members can reserve the Samsung Fascinate on August 27, two days before it goes on pre-sale to the general public. That priority access will help ensure that Reward Zone members get their device first.

No pricing, release date, or anything of that sort was mentioned. But it’s safe to say that the Fascinate will cost $199 on a 2-year agreement and that the release date is ‘soon’.

Source: BBM

Samsung 90 and 30 series LCDs work as 1080p TVs and computer monitors

I’ve been looking for a low-budget solution Xbox 360 S method of having a computer monitor as a 1080p TV myself. Today Samsung has practically filled out my request by releasing the 90 and 30 series LCDs which range from 21.5- to 24-inches, 1920 x 1080 worth of pixels, and a response time of 5ms, come with remote controls, HDTV tuners, and built-in speakers (!).

The $420, 24-inch 90 Series offers LED-backlighting and a retina-punishing 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, while the 21.5-, 23-, and 24-inch 30 Series makes do with a smaller 70,000:1 dynamic ratio at prices ranging from $270 to $330. Basically Samsung just created two lines of high-res, 1080p HD, multi-function, cheap but high quality TVs/computer monitors, which are shipping now. Expect a review of these bad boys soon enough here on the site.

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Canon’s EOS 60D Is A Slap To The Rebels

Canon has not only said “HEY, WHAT’S UP!?”, but it’s shaken the Rebels. In this case, not the Rebel Alliance you Jedi fool! The Canon Rebel entry-level DSLR line, primarily the famous and almost-new Rebel T2i.

With 18 megapixels gracing it’s lens, 1080p H.264 video recording, a single DIGIC 4 processor and boasts 1080p, in–camera video editing, a 3-inch LCD 1.4 million dots resolution screen (read: swiveling screen), 100-6,400 ISO purported to be expandable to 12,800, and lastly the professional awesome feature: support for processing RAW images on the camera itself.

It’ll cost $1,100 body-only, or $1,400 with a bundled 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS zoom lens, at the end of September.

Canon EOS 60D press shots

Apple Holding Music-Focused Media ‘Special Event’ September 1st

Apple is now sending out invites to gadget blog publications and the like, all alerting us to get off our desks and head over to San Francisco, September 1st at 10AM PT / 1PM ET. Why? Accoridng to the photo above and everything else we know about this, it’ll be a ‘special event’ dedicated to music.

At the moment I expect a new iPod Touch, the new Apple TV, and finally a ‘one mooore thing’. The beginning of next month is only 12 days away, so now we wait. Eagerly.

Google Releases Free Phone Calls Over Gmail

So here’s the whole idea: using GMail, you can now make free phone calls to the U.S and Canada via your Gmail account online. Basically, the service uses your laptop’s microphone to send awesome call quality (I just tested it myself) to anyone that you’re calling. And you can call internationally too, by adding (cheap!) amounts of money to your account, like 2 cents per-minute to Paris.

What’s The Catch?

There really isn’t one. Except one:

If you don’t have a Google Voice account, Gmail will use a random number in storage to make that call. If your friend calls you back, he/she gets a message saying that they were called with Gmail .But since I have a Voice account, I wouldn’t care at all.

So…The Verdict?

A great idea. Pretty cool. Alright, it’s awesome. Google’s caveman video of how it works is after the cut.

Source: Gmail Blog