Google Is Silently Adding Voice-To-Text Search On Its Homepage

It’s been a staple for mobile operating systems for a while now (hello, Android and iOS), but now, laptops and desktops will jump into the fray that is voice-to-text searching. Google has been testing a voice-to-text feature on some computers that visit, if your browser supports it and if you have an active microphone. The feature, dubbed “Speak Now”, may be eventually rolled out to all users.

Via: SearchEngine Round Table

HTC Surround Users: NoDo Is Coming Your Way, Starting Now

Hey, guess what? Microsoft and AT&T (along with other carriers) are finally cleaning up the mess they made with Windows Phone 7 updates starting not too long ago with the Samsung Focus and LG Quantum NoDo updates, and now the HTC Surround. Just check the Windows Phone 7 Connector on Mac or Zune on your Windows PC while your Surround is connected, and you’ll know whether or not the update is available. DOn’t fret if you don’t see it yet, by the way: it’s launching in phased timeframes. Via: BGR

HP Veer 4G To Be Sold On May 15th For $100

It’s the coming of the credit card-sized smartphone, the HP Veer 4G, which requires an asterisk to mention because it in fact only supports up to basic HSPA, not HSPA+ (which is deemed as 4G to T-Mobile). The $100 on a 2-year agreement gets you a pretty basic package: 2.6-inch 320 x 400 display, an 800MHz Snapdragon processor, a slide-out QWERY keyboard, a 5 megapixel camera, 8GB of internal storage and, of course, HP (formerly Palm) webOS 2.1 as the operating system. Expect the Veer 4G to show up on May 15th. PR after the cut.
Via: HP Palm Official Blog

Exclusive: BoardVine Wants To Be A Next-Gen Bulletin Board System

Coming from just 5 employees (one of them an investor) is BoardVine, an online web app built from HTML, HTML 5, Javascript, and PHP. Founded by Dustin Snider, the app is aimed to be used as a bulletin board with a social feel of sorts,which in the following quotes Dustin explained to LaptopMemo: “Boardvine is an online platform for people to create their own bulletin boards, meaning instead of hosting your own bulletin board we host it for you and allow you to manage every aspect of it down to each and every line of code.”

So there’s a +1 for usability and the non tech-savvy, but Dustin goes on in order to distinguish BoardVine from existing apps: “The difference between boardvine and the open-source software is with BoardVine you don’t need to know code to add a really cool features to your board or know CSS to add a really cool theme as we have done all that for you and will always be working to add more features.”

Dustin and his team are looking forward to releasing on time, which would be pegged as sometimes in June. Other details are rather scarce as the startup is in its (obvious) early stages. You can sign-up by entering your email address at BoardVine’s site for future updates.

Microsoft Has Made Bing The Default Search Engine For BlackBerry

BlackBerry has been Bingified. It’s more of a curse (or is it?) really. Who here really enjoys Bing Search and Maps as much as Google Search and Google Maps? That’s right, only a few. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has made it clear that Bing will be the primary search and maps provider for all BlackBerry devices and will be integrated int the OS itself. Whether this is good or bad (in my opinion, not so cool) it’s a valuable investment from Microsoft against iOS and Android by competing with Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry 7. Time will tell what this brings. Image via: @dcseifert

The New iMacs Are Here With Thunderbolt, FaceTime HD, And Sandy Bridge Processors

Out with the old Intel 2010 processors and into the new with the new 2011 Sandy Bridge technology. The new iMacs have an IPS display as standard, FaceTime HD camera with video chatting between and iPad 2 or iPhone 4, SD card slot, and new Thunderbolt data transfer port, with 24 hour shipping available. Prices are $1,199 (as usual) for the 21.5-inch model with a 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, AMD Radeon 6750M GPU, 500GB HDD and 1 Thunderbolt port then jump to $1,999 for a 27-inch model with 3.1GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor. All of the new iMacs are on sale starting today. Press release after the jump.