Motorola DROID Pro: It’s Like Business And Android. In Harmony.

The Motorola DROID Pro is well — unexpected and surprising? A Blackberry-esque keyboard, Android 2.2, is a global-phone, and can utilize Verizon’s CDMA bands at the same time. Whether or not it has a touchscreen, none of us know, but more on this as it develops.

Update: Motorola CEO Sanjay Jah has gone up on stage (possibly at CTIA 2010) and remarked that the DROID Pro is real, will be coming in the first week of November, and has a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera, 3.1-inch display, and 1GHz processor

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Google Goggles Now Available On iPhone 4 And 3GS

Google Goggles — an image searching app — after a year of release on Android, is now part of the iOS4 App store, and is compatible with iPhone 4s and the old 3GS. A quick recap of what the heck Goggles is: You can search products, places of interests, logos, and just about anything else, and find the exact match on Google. Essentially if you don’t know what something is, instead of Google, you Goggle.

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Skype For Android Finally Released As A Proper App, But With No 3G Calling

So, Skype. YOu’ve finally given us the Skype app, which allows for all good Skype things you do in the desktop (sans video calling) on an Android 2.1 and up phone, but without any 3G access (for now)?

What do you have to say for yourselves?

Anywho, the app works properly over Wi-Fi, and can be download form or the Android Market. The app does have some issues with Samsung Galaxy S phones, which appropriately, Skype is bug squashing.

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Medal Of Honor (Open Beta) Review

I have to give props to EA on this one. They’ve taken actual U.S servicemen, spent what could only be described as millions on Medal Of Honor, a reboot of the entire franchise, and what have they come up with? Well, let’s go over the recipe for instant gaming success:

  1. Produce a game that sparks controversy (i.e saying “Taliban” in the multiplayer, then changed to Opposing Forces)
  2. Make the game as realistic (yet fun) as possible.
  3. Make it fun. And add a tint of adrenaline.
  4. Release an open beta more than a week before release to get your scores and buying decisions made up.
  5. Invent an awesome cast of characters; especially one with a super beard and Oakley sunglasses.

According to DICE, if this doesn’t work, they might not be able to make another Medal Of Honor. I think it will work; as of now it is the most pre-ordered title in the entire franchise.

T-Mobile MyTouch Announced With Froyo In Tow, HD Video, And 1GHz Snapdragon

The T-Mobile MyTouch — yes only MyTouch — is now official thanks to T-Mobile. This smartphone, using Android 2.2 on a T-Mobile inspired UI, has a 3.8-inch WVGA display, 5 megapixel primary camera with 720p capture, 802.11n Wi-Fi and a next-gen-out-of-this-world MSM8255 Snapdragon processor running at 1GHz. The MyTouch also has a snazzy front-facing cam for use over Qik or Yahoo! Messenger, either on the T-Mobile HSPA+ data connections or Wi-Fi. While I don’t have a release date for this slippery sucker yet or pricing (according to the documents that were left in my Gmail), but according to T-Mobile, it’ll be out “in time for the holidays” in any one of four colors: white, black, plum, and red.

A press release is after the “more” link, but what the heck, who cares about press releases? Video calling over 3G!? Heck yes!

Windows Phone 7 Debuts In NYC October 11th, T-Mobile Is Ready To Roll

So what’s that we hear? Windows Phone 7 won’t only debut in a fancy tea party in London, but also in the bustling New York City on October 11th? Good news! T-Mobile will be showing off an oogle of devices at 3:30PM Eastern Standard, and you can bet every moment that I wished I booked my schedule to fit that event, as I will be in NYC for CES 2011 Preview. But that won’t stop us from covering it, will it now guys?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab On T-Mobile Teaser Page Goes Live

Perhaps T-Mobile has goals on being the first carrier to debut the Samsung Galaxy Tab here in the United States, as their teaser/email registration page is now live. There you can register via email for updates, but reading and subscribing to LaptopMemo will ensure that you know, before even T-Mobile sends you the silly promo email.

For those who might want a recap of the Galaxy Tab, it’s an Android 2.2 “Froyo” tablet with a 7-inch screen, 1GHz processor, front-facing and rear-facing cameras, full multitouch and Flash 10.1 support, and with a Wi-Fi-only version possibly in the works.

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T-Mobile G2 Being Sold Early At Official Stores, But Call First

First, there’s word going around that the handset that I should’ve been reviewing by now isn’t in my office (thanks, T-Mobile, no hard feelings though), and secondly, the T-Mobile G2 is on sale starting now, instead of the 3 days later it was supposed to. There’s not much to report on that note, but to simply contact your local T-Mobile store and ask if they’re stocking the G2 (apparently my local store isn’t answering at the moment, probably closed).

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