A New Macbook Air With 11.6-inch Screen And 13″ Versions Is Now Official

The new Macbook Air is at its thickest point, .68 inches, weighs 2.9 pounds, and at its thinnest point is .10 of an inch. It uses the same Unibody constructions used in all Macbooks, a 13.3 inch screen with 1440×900 resolution, 802.11n Wi-Fi, full size multitouch trackpads and keyboard, a Facetime camera, 1.86GHz Core 2 Duo processor, Nvidia 320M Geforce graphics, and uses only 128GB or 256GB of flash storage for instant-on usage. The battery should last 7 hours in Web usage and 30 days on standby time.

Some of the same specs apply to the 11.6 screen model with a 1366×768 resolution screen and 64GB to 128GB SSD storage, 1.4 GHz Core 2 Duo model except being lighter than 2.9 pounds at 2.3 pounds and is thinner, although having 5 hours of battery life, less than the larger model. Pricing schemes are as follows: the 11.6-inch model has 64GB of flash memory for $999, and get a a faster processor for $1299. All models have the Nvidia graphics cards and 2GB of RAM. Both are available starting today.

On a personal note, I see that the new Macbook Air might make a fine addition to my laptop collection, but is it necessary? In one word: if you have $999 bucks to spare on a Mac: hell yes.

Mac OS X “Lion” Is Roaring And Ready

The Back To The Mac event resumes with Mac OS X Lion, the eight major revision of the OS X series. Features like advanced multi-touch for trackpads on Macs, App Store, full screen apps, and more news improvements and features not available due to time constraints according to Steve Jobs. All OS X Lion features aren’t going to be detailed today, but the Mac App Store will be included in OS X Lion, using the same formula as the iOS App Store, including “homescreens” for Mac. It’ll also be available for Snow Leopard machines in 90 days.

As for LaunchPad, a new way to launch apps, it allows you to launch apps on your Mac in the same way that iOS does it on the iPad or iPhone, as well as Folders, in the same way it work on iOS. Mission Control is another new feature, which allows an Expose view that is updated of all your apps. Another iOS feature, in this case for the Mac.

So how about a “rawr” for the mighty OS X Lion (as it seems for now)? Mac OS X Lion launches in Summer 2011.

Apple Announces iLife ’11

So. The first new product out of the gate is iLife ’11, with improved apps in the entire suite, especially iPhoto ’11. Slideshow templates, Facebook integration, easy emailing and more are part of the improvements to the iPhoto program, especially iPad-like fullscreen functionality. iMovie includes improved video editing, heavy audio editing, trailer creation, viewing in 24 fps mode and more. As for the rest of the suite, they also get improved and add new features. iLife comes free for all new Macs, and costs $49 for an upgrade. iLife 2011 is available today.

The Apple Store Has Been E.M.P’d. It’s Down.

For those of you who do not know what “E.M.P” means, it refers to (Electro Magnetic Pulse). In Modern Warfare 2 (and real-life as well I believe) it shuts down all enemy electronics. Anyways, the Apple Store is down. I’m sitting in front of the laptops I have here now getting ready for the launch of several exciting gadgets (or software) form the Back To the Mac event from Apple.

Samsung Galaxy Tab To Cost $600 At Verizon Wireless. Wait, What?

I can’t independently confirm if this is true, but PhoneScoop says that the Verizon Wireless version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab will retail for $600 for release on November 11th. Insane does not even begin to define this type of sales decision. Either way, a Samsung Galaxy Tab page on Verizon does exist, but does not include rebate information (if any) or the price on the page. Oh, and as for data, you’ll be paying $20 for only 1GB of it. Lame, or not lame? Take your pick.

Update: And the official press release is after the break. This pricing idea is in fact, correct.

Via: VerizonWireless

HP: Palm Pre 2 official, launches on Verizon ‘in coming months’, on Friday for France

So the Palm Pre 2 with webOS 2.0 is a new step for both HP and Palm. WebOS 2.0 has “true multitasking,” Stacks (for organizing apps), Just Type, HP Synergy (links your email and social network accounts), Exhibition (run apps designed for Palm’s Touchstone Charging Dock thing) and (finally!) support for Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1 Beta. A new Favorites tagging option, Skype Mobile (on the Verizon version only), text assist, integrated Quickoffice, VPN support, redesigned launcher and full support for Bluetooth keyboards, and SPP peripherals is mainly what’s new with the new webOS.

As for the Pre 2, a 1 GHz CPU is suggested to be in the cards, a five megapixel camera, glass display and a “sleeker, streamlined design” with the same touchpanel with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Essentially it’s what Pre Plus should have and could have been, so think of it as a Pre Plus 2 in some cases. So far SFR in France gets the Pre 2 on Friday, Canada sometimes in the coming months, and U.S in the coming months as well.

ViaHP and Palm

Steve Jobs Goes “Epic Ranting” On An Earnings Call

Today Apple made $20.34 billion in revenue and $4.31 in quarterly profits; that’s $4.46 per diluted share. This is incredible. 3.89 million Macs were sold (a 27% increase year-over-year), along with 4.19 million iPads, and finally 9.05 million iPods (an 11% decline year-over-year). About 57% of this business comes from international business. Holy smokes.

And then Steve Jobs went ranting. About Google, hinting at Microsoft, and banging on Google’s Android is “open” policy. Just hit up the YouTube video above, you’ll enjoy every minute of his 5 minute barrage, whether you like what he says or not. Just give the guy credit for coming out and putting his foot on the gas pedal.