Nvidia Still Working On Punkbuster/Optimus Fix, And They’ll Let Me Know

See, if you’re a gamer or uber-nerd, you’ll know about the following three different things: Nvidia Optimus, a technology that seamlessly goes between a discrete and integrated graphics card so you can play games on-the-go without munching up your battery. Second is Punkbuster, an anti-cheat program for popular first person shooter games, and three, how I’ve gotten both Nvidia and Punkbuster to wake up and start fixing the incompatibility of the aforementioned technologies to work together, so people with say, an Alienware M11x R2 (that I’m typing this on now) can actually play these games with multiplayer.

The whole problem is too long and confusing to explain here, so let’s just say Nvidia released a new driver today (that doesn’t fix it), but above they promise me it’ll come in a future release.

You’re welcome nerdy PC gamers. Via: Nvidia Twitter Account (1), (2)

Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Tab To Cost $399.99 On A 2-Year Agreement

So this is interesting. The Wi-Fi only model of the Galaxy Tab will cost $499.99, the Verizon version $599.99, and now the Sprint CDMA variant will cost — $399.99 on November 14th? This is seemingly strange, considering that it’s the same device, priced differently by different companies. As for data pricing, you’ll be paying $29.99 for 2GB a month, on an agreement.

Press release after the break. Via: Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung’s Wi-Fi Only Galaxy Tab To Cost $499.99 At BestBuy?

While many of you were unhappy with Verizon’s insane pricing of the new Galaxy Tab, the Wi-Fi only version will cost the same price as a Wi-Fi only iPad: $499.99. This version of the Galaxy Tab has the same specs as the CDMA model from Verizon, and will come in a silver coating. Surely this makes the Galaxy Tab slightly more “reasonable”, no? Via: Pocketables

Macbook Air 2 Can Be Considered The Future, Even Though We May Not Feel It

The Macbook Air 2 is full of surprises. One, that it’s an Apple netbook. Two, that it uses the old Core 2 Duo (but still retains amazing speed). Three, that is uses flash memory, to make it like an iPad with a keyboard. And lastly, how it may represent the future of computing, in the same way that the iPad makes a niche for itself.

Say what you want about the new Air, but if you’ve ever used it, would you ever know what it’s like? How can any gadget blogger force a certain “view” on its capabilities, when even some of them haven’t even used it themselves? How can you say a Mac is better than a PC, when you’ve never used a PC (or vice versa). And if you’ve owned and used both platforms, do they not perform the same tasks (i.e being a personal computer)?

I’ve been very cold to the Air (no pun intended), but then I actually used it yesterday, and I was slightly more impressed by it. While it may not come in handy for gaming, heavy Photoshoping, and other tasks in those areas, the Air exactly performs like what it was designed to be used for: like Air. That is, free, in the sense that it can go with you anywhere. Light, so that it fits into a manila envelope (if strangely needed).  Eventually, the future as we know it will not aggressively dominated by Core i7 rigs running at a blistering 3.06 GHz, but light and equally-powerful, cool machines that might even play games. That category will become the everyday PC. Notice that I mentioned “PC”, instead of Mac, as a way of suggesting that all PCs will become lighter and more energy efficient (which is what they should become).

You can disagree with me, you can say I’m an Apple fanboy (and in my defense, I am most definitely not), or you can say I’m weak, and succumbed to the Macbook Air 2 because I’m a 14-year-old and thought it was going on my Christmas list (that would make you a troll in my book). The Air is something cool and new to everyone. Nothing more, nothing less. Many do not like and accept the new, but you know what? You’ll be using a computer like it in the next 10, if not 5 years. And perhaps, and I say perhaps, without your precious CD drive.

Macbook Air 11-Inch Hands-On Video

While this clip is no more than 40 seconds, I completely scroll through a page, put the Macbook Air on standby, and give it an “instant-on” test which successfully works. This is the base $999 model with an 11.6-inch screen, a 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor, Nvidia Geforce 320M graphics, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, and finally 64GB of flash storage. On an editor’s note, so to speak, I have to mention that I am ultimately buying this Macbook Air, simply due to the practicality of its thinness, speed (yes, it is fast running OS X), and decent price for a Mac.

And then there’s just that feeling of having the latest gadget. I am a gadget blogger, aren’t I?

Note: This was filmed with an Android phone, hence the shakiness.

A Gingerbread Man Statue, Android 2.3, And Some Cheering Googlers

To know your Android A-B-C-s, then please read as follows: cupcake, donut, eclair, froyo, and gingerbread. Those are the version of Android named after desserts, 1.5, 1.6, 2.0/2.1/, 2.2, 2.3 or 3.0, respectively. Some Googlers and a giant truck bring along what can only be described as a giant Gingerbread man to stand next to the FroYo sculpture. Keep in mind every time a figure like this is erected, members of the press (LaptopMemo, somewhat included) are invited to check it out.

The video, available in full 720p HD is down there for you gadget-loving newcomers to look at.
Via: YouTube

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Available For Pre-Order On Steam…Now.

Just in case you were wondering, Steam is now offering Call Of Duty: Black Ops on Steam for the outrageous but-oh-so-normal $59.95 price tag. Keep in mind this is for PC, and not PS3 or Xbox 360. The game also uses Steamworks and Valve Anti-Cheat, which is a million times better than Punkbuster, but not any better at the same time. I’ll be pre-ordering the game soon, my Steam ID is Stef_LAPTOPMEMO.

Immediately expect that you will get pwned once I meet you in-game, because well, I’m just good at games (proof).

Via: Steam