HTC Merge/Lexicon Leaks Again, Won’t Be A Droid You Look For?

Strangely, yes. The upcoming Android 2.2 Sense UI-laden, HTC Merge/Lexikon high-end QWERTY-slider by HTC, due on Verizon sometimes this October will not be part of the Droid line, and perhaps will feature Bing search as default, and very hopefully being able to download the Google Search widget from the Android Market, as all Froyo-enabled smartphones can. A few more user manual shots are seen in the source link.

Source: DroidLife

Google Launches Its Planned Android Phone Showcase

Remember the good ‘ol days when you could go to the catchy URL and get a Nexus One? those days are long gone, and today Google has made a fitting replacement for that all-too-good page: an Android phone showcase. Better yet, according to the Google Mobile Blog, all Android phones featured use only Google services, so the Fascinate (which will get Google Search in Android 2.2) is not included, nor are any Yahoo! enabled phones. The site also allows you to compare Android phones, even overseas. Give it a try and knock yourself out, m’kay?

Via:, Official Google Mobile Blog

Gmail Conversation View Gets An Off Button

If for some odd reason you don’t like Gmail’s conversation view, you can now turn it off. The conversation view, inside of Gmail, threads messages into one. If you have a thread going with a specific person it will be put into one conversation box, instead of being sprawled out across your inbox. If for some reason you enjoy it being sprawled out, an off button will be available in the next few days for you to turn it off.

PayPal iPhone App To Get Check Scanning In The Next Couple Of Days

Today, at TechCrunch’s Disrupt Conference, PayPal’s Laura Chambers said that you will be able to deposit checks into PayPal, via mobile pictures, in the next few days. The new app, on the iPhone, will allow you to take pictures of both the front and the back of the check, and it will deposit the money into your PayPal account.

What a cool functionality to have!

Source: TechCrunch Disrupt

Epic 4G Upload Speed Bug Is Being Patched Tomorrow

If you are an owner of the Epic 4G you might have experienced the unbelievably slow upload speed the phone has been plagued with. Today, a Sprint employee has said, on their forums, that an update is going to be released tomorrow that will fix the speed issue. The update will be OTA (over the air) and will take about four days to come to all users.

Good news – an update will be released tomorrow 9/30. It will be rolled out over a 4 day period so not everyone will get it on day 1. I will have the standard MR information (fixes included, rollout schedule, etc) available tomorrow morning and will post it in a new featured thread.

Sprint Forums- Sprint Admin

The slow upload speeds were caused by a 150kbps upload cap set on the Epic 4G. You will soon be free at last!

Source: Engadget

BlackBerry Curve 3G and BlackBerry Pearl 3G Coming to AT&T

AT&T has announced today that RIM’s BlackBerry Curve 3G and Pearl 3G will be available on their network. The Curve 3G will be available for $99, and the Pearl 3G for $149, both with 2-year contracts. The Curve 3G will feature BlackBerry 6 and there is no comment on if the Pearl 3G will feature BlackBerry 6 or not. What a great addition to AT&T, along with the just released Torch!

The Pearl 3G will be available on October 17th, and the Curve 3G by the holiday season.

Press Release

LaCie MosKeyto Overview (video!)

Remember that small, inexpensive, 6mm USB 2.0 flash drive called MosKeyto, built by LaCie? Well, here it is in our sweaty palms, ready to be tested with over 22GB of photos and videos. This tiny little gadget is almost unboxed above, but although to some technical difficulties (read: me not charging the DSLR), we’ve had to resort to the Samsung Fascinate’s 720p HD video recording camera.

Also, this particular model is the 4GB version that retails for $18, an 8GB variant that goes for $28, and lastly a 16GB MosKeyto that has yet to be priced. Another feature worth noting of is that the MosKeyto comes with 4GB of free online storage, but first requires you to signup using the serial number of the hardware.

Stay tuned later this week for the full review!