Sprint taking HTC 7 Pro pre-orders on December 8th, employees only

So this is rather interesting. You have The Samsung Mobile Event on the 8th, you have Windows Phone  7 launching on the 8th, you have several Android devices like the MyTouch 4G launching on the previous week, and if what Sprint is confirming is true, pre-orders for the HTC 7 Pro for Microsoft employees starts on December 8th. I’m just saying, 8 seems to be rather popular.

This rumor/confirmation seems real enough, as Microsoft said no CDMA Windows Phone 7 phones until 2011, and Sprint themselves stating no HTC 7 Pro until sometimes in 2011. Either way, I wouldn’t mind seeing it in action, rather than a non-functional hardware prototype when it was announced.

Via: MSNerd (Twitter), BGR

NPD: Apple Overtakes RIM, Android Pummels Both

While the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the U.S, Android is now the most dominating platform. RIM, creator of the Blackberry line saw its share go down by 6 points leaving it at 22 percent, while Apple saw a rise by about 1 point, to make it 23 percent. In the above chart, RIM on a year to-year basis is seen to have dropped dramatically, while Apple much less so. Android as a platform on the other hand, saw a surge to have 44% of handsets using Google’s operating system.

This proves that Android is moving faster at the pace of quarters than anyone might have perceived, and as for RIM, let’s just say they don’t look to well. Via: NPD

Samsung Official Busts And Crushes Nexus S Rumor

If you remember the saga that is the Samsung Continuum on November 8th then a rumor turning it into the Nexus S or Nexus Two, a Korean site by the name of danawa.com quotes a Samsung official stating that the entire rumor is a false alarm, especially when Giz created the mockup above representing what was seen in person. This begs to be argued with, because Google did deny they were in the process of making the Nexus One — when they were making the Nexus One. In the same way Facebook denies a Facebook Phone, but they’re holding a mobile event in a few days (although it really doesn’t look like they’re making one).

But now, the only way to figure this all out is to follow LaptopMemo from the November 8th press event and see what happens, right?

Sprint 4G Arrives In New York City, Makes Geeks Feel Warm Inside

Since most of the geek tech blogging population resides in New York City, then the recent rollout of Sprint 4G to the area will make all of them feel giddy. On the 6th of November I’ll be in the Big Apple for a week, enjoying 4G on WiMAX on an Epic 4G test unit lovingly loaned by Samsung, which I’ll post results to in the final review. Sprint also shared their intense love of 4G to Hartford; CT, New Haven; CT, New Brunswick; NJ, Trenton; NJ, and Tampa; FL. Since both the Epic and EVO 4G have a mandatory 4G add-on for month-to-month service, you can start using 4G right about now.

And if you don’t reside in the aformentioned cities, then Sprint president of 4G Matt Carter stated that “Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Denver and Washington DC to name a few” will be rolled out at the end of the year.

Via: Sprint

Sponsored Post: Another One Of Those CashForMobile Sites

At least this one works. See, as a mobile tech blog, LaptopMemo talks a lot about new mobile phones and technology, but not getting rid of the old and getting in with the new. If you’re a UK reader (or possibly the service even works in the U.S.) CashForMobile lets you sell mobiles for cash and let’s you pick from a list of manufacturers, displaying the suggested prices for that said manufacturer and phone. As I found out, interestingly, there’s a lost of low-end Android phones in there; looks like no one really likes them.

After you’ve recycled your crummy old phones and you get cash for mobiles (the way those Brits say it, weird) then you can feel as good as you like, because you’re steadily helping the environment, even if it’s just one handset in particular. And the site’s user interface seems very reasonable to use, albeit slightly “purple” for those of you that don’t like purple.

In my opinion, you could use a site like this to figure out how much your phone is worth, then sell it on eBay. That way, using this mischievous idea, you could get away with not only cash for mobile phones but make the whole process quicker. So yeah, that’s CashForMobile, a recycling phone site built and hosted in the U.K that reportedly works pretty well and supports Samsung, LG, Nokia, Apple, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, HTC, and others besides the big guys in the mobile industry.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, written with my own opinion that is completely unchanged.

Samsung Continuum Just Passed By The FCC’s Desk?

While it is a boring Sunday for tech news and Halloween for some, that doesn’t stop me looking for the best stuff to put out for you guys to read, does it? The Samsung Continuum, recognized by me in its unusually long-profile, is seen above and the label insides the battery compartment is after the break. This recent filing, along with others using the same model number, possibly variants, made on the 28th shows proof that the Samsung Continuum is in fact the device we’ll be seeing on the 8th of November. Now I just have to be there to figure that out, which I will.

Via: FCC

Coming Up This Week On LaptopMemo: More Reviews & News Than You Can Shake A Broom At

It’s Halloween, my least favorite holiday! Don’t flame me, just listen on what’s coming up this week on LaptopMemo, besides my travel to New York for CES Preview and Samsung Mobile’s highly-anticipated mobile event. First off, the Epic 4G will be in the house, along with the unreleased Motorola DEFY, some new laptop reviews, a little Windows Phone 7 (possibly a very sexy slider with the name “Venue” in it), and lastly whatever fun that might pop up within the upcoming week of tech news.

Meaning that you’ll have to check this site almost everyday. I know you can squeeze time though to fill us in.

Alienware M11x R2 review

Ah, the Alienware M11x. You see me talk much about it on my Twitter handle (@stefanetienne) and how much I adore it. It combines gaming, with battery life (a favorite feature of Stef) with good looks and build quality. Not much has changed since I last took a look at the M11x and shot it in Central Park, but it’s most definitely worth an extra look, this time for the new 2.26GHz Core i7 processor and Nvidia Optimus graphics. Join past after the break!