iOS 5 Has Been Jailbroken — Wait, What?!

It has only hit “Beta 1” of its short life, but iOS 5 has been jailbroken by none other than the almighty Dev Team’s “MuscleNerd” on an iPod Touch. At the moment, the jailbreak is of the tethered variety, meaning that it must be connected to a computer to initialize the jailbreak, but that also means this version will never be released to the public. A full jailbreak is currently being worked on so it will launch in time for iOS 5’s release in the fall. Via: Twitter

PlayStation Vita Made Official, AT&T Will Carry The 3G Model

It’s the Next-Generation Portable (NGP) with a final name, specs, and price as according to Sony’s E3 2011 keynote. The PlayStation Vita costs $249 for a WiFi model, while AT&T has the exclusive 3G model in the United States, which costs $300, which is rather well-priced, which also means the PlayStation Vita has access to over 20,000 WiFi hotspots hosted by AT&T across the country. Final specs include front and rear cams, Wi-Fi with optional 3G, the amazing 5-inch AMOLED display, GPS, six-axis motion sensors, three-axis electronic compass and touchpads on both sides, which can control games and perform rather amazing things. The launch for the PS Vita is this holiday season.

iTunes In The Cloud Also Has iTunes Match

Hey, more news from WWDC 2011, if you can take it! Something that was very much expected was iTunes in the cloud. You can sync your songs to the cloud and have them mirrored to your all your iOS devices (up to 10) at 256kbps quality. Previous songs that you did not purchase from iTunes can be accessed for $25 a year via iTunes Match, which will have the DRM overlords happy. The special thing about iTunes Match i that it matches your songs with the ones seen in the iTunes music store, which means nothing is uploaded, just copied in a few minutes. It’s a smart move, even though it’s DRM-focused.

Via: Apple

iCloud Also Announced At WWDC: Kills And Conquers MobileMe

If today’s tech news cycle could get any better, than it would be about the next iPhone. iCloud is a universal hub for iOS devices to sync apps, documents, mail, and more across all iOS devices in Macs. You can store just about everything on Windows PCs, iOS devices, and Macs. It’s the fully-integrated system that desperately wants to kill the traditional file system, and has a good chance at it. Your email, calendars, apps ad contacts can also be resubmitted to any new iOS device you have just with a few clicks to keep everything tightly packed and watched. While all forms of documents are stored on the iCloud, photos, due to them consuming large amounts of space, are stored on the iCloud for only 30 days for devices to access the while they permanently stay on your Mac or PC. Oh and it’s completely free.  By default, there’s 5GB of storage for mail — apps, books, and Photo Stream (which allows you to take a picture on your iPhone and have it instantly show up on an iPad) don’t count. Via: Apple

Apple Announced iOS 5: New Notifications, iMessage, Twitter Integration, And More

It’s hot and happening at WWDC 2011, and iOS 5 is mainly part of it. New features include a new notification system dubbed Notification Center, Twitter integration, Reading List (exactly like Instapaper), a new Camera app (which also can be activated from the lockscreen, include auto-correction, red eye reduction, and cropping), location-based reminders, a split keyboard for people who type with their thumbs (on iPad), wireless syncing and updating (which are Delta updates, and only updates what has changed, rather than the whole OS), the new Mail app which supports rich text formatting, flagging, indenting, more enterprise support along with inbox management, an improved Game Center with photo-sharing, game recommendations and comparisons among friends and such, and finally tabbed browsing in Safari, along with Safari Reader, which is essentially RSS. That was rather long, wasn’t it? Well, there’s more.

iMessage is the IM program for iOS 5. Think of it as a RIM-killer. Instant messaging among iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads. You can share photos, videos, text, and have group messaging as well, which all works seamlessly with the new notifications system. Also included is Wi-Fi syncing to iTunes, multi-touch gestures to switch between various apps and all that jazz. Moreover, the dev seed is available to iOS developers now, with a full release coming this Fall to the iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4, iPad 1 and 2, and iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation. Via: Apple