BlackBerry Style 9670 Is Another Flip Out Of The World Of Practicality

Yes, RIM has outed that strange-looking 9670 flip phone with Blackberry OS 6, 624MHz processor, a 5 megapixel camera, GPS, and Wi-Fi b/g/n. It contains two screens: one 2.7-inch QVGA on the inside, and on the outside of the flip phone, there’s 2-inch QVGA. It’ll cost you $99 on a 2-year contract from Sprint starting October 31st in either Royal Purple or Steel Gray. Needless to say, would you really buy this Blackberry Style, even though it is one of the least un-stylish smartphones out there? Press release after the chop.

Studio XPS 14, 15, and 17 are some of the coolest looking Dells yet

Like, just look at it. Look at it! These are the new Studio XPS laptops which should be launching in the U.S soon, and they look great. They’ll contain very pretty and reliable shells from anodized aluminum and brushed aluminum palm rests, NVIDIA Optimus switchable graphic that go up to the mighty Nvidia GeForce GTS 445M on the Studio 17, options for Blu-ray drives, 16GB of RAM, and some Core i7 CPUs. No pricing as of yet, but when the pages from Dell are live I’ll be sure to update this.

Via: Logicbuy (XPS 14), (XPS 15), (XPS 17)

What’s Coming Up This Week On LaptopMemo

As many of you may remember (and enjoy according to emails and reactions), “This Week On LaptopMemo” was covered every Sunday, and mentioned what went on that particular week. It got me thinking: let me stop it (as I already have), and instead give you a sneak peek of what’s “Coming Up This Week On LaptopMemo”.

In this particular case, let’s cover reviews, because for one thing, a certain e-Ink watch is inbound, the Epic 4G, some Acer, Toshiba, and Alienware laptops, as well as an ASUS review that I’m currently working on. And of course all the bits of news and short quips  that come along for the ride. In the meantime, sit back on this slow news Sunday and enjoy — whatever that you can do that you enjoy.

AT&T Is Giving Free Windows Phone 7 Hardware To Staff

When the iPhone was introduced, all Apple employees were given iPhones to introduce themselves to what they were actually selling. In comparison, AT&T was allegedly giving out 100 Samsung Focus handsets from AT&T in Minneapolis at a corporate event (according to anonymous sources). It is the first WP7 device to ship on November 8th, and possibly the one that I might buy myself. At the moment it is unknown if this is a country-wide “policy” for AT&T employees, but congrats to those that do get them. And don’t forget to tip us about what they’re like.

Via: Ubergizmo

What To Do At A Gadget Blog When There’s No Gadget News

Rule number one: a gadget blog becomes boring unless there’s gadget news, editors saying or doing funny things, or John Biggs looking at watches that he only dreams of owning. And original content of course.

Rule number two: when it’s Saturday, and a gadget blog doesn’t knock on your door with a fresh pile of news, introduce your face to sunlight. You’ll see a lot of interesting things outside.

Rule number three: visit LaptopMemo, regardless of the aforementioned.

Rule number four: comment as you see fit, but don’t be a troll.

Why An 11.6-Inch Macbook Air Would Sell: It’s Obvious

Taking the Macbook Air in as family to every Apple fanboy (and non-fanboy) has been quite hard. In a few days, a new version of the OS X operating system will at least be previewed, if not announced and shipped. Along with that, the possibility of refreshed Macs and an 11.6-inch version of the Macbook Air, with a Core 2 Duo processor (boo!), have glass trackpads, and an aggressive price. At the moment, th only 11-inch laptop out there that really sells is the Alienware M11x, which is one of the most perfect laptops ever created, available in Core 2 Duo and up to Core i7 options with 6 hours of battery life at the least, and in the newer models, Optimus graphics switching.

If a new Macbook Air with an 11.6-inch screen, “aggressive” pricing, and the simple satisfaction of owning a Mac was offered, then everyone would go bonkers. And it would be the iPad all over again. I can see myself as a customer already. Over at AppleInsider, they have a full spec sheet (or close to one).

Mobility and Apple mix; starting with iPhone, continuing with iPad, boosted by Air. A cheap Macbook Air would sell. It’s just so simple.

New Version Of Android, After 2 Other Versions of Android, Will Be Called Ice Cream

When Android 2.0 was released, a few 1.6 phones took months to update to the new OS. When 2.1 was released, the same thing happened again. When 2.2 Froyo was released, all 2.1 phones now are still updating to the new OS. With Gingerbread next, and then Honeycomb, there’s another version of Android that might cause more pain, amongst more improvement: ice cream. That’s right, soon your Android phone three full versions away from now will run an operating system codenamed “Ice Cream”, possibly with a 4.x or 3.xx naming scheme.

That is awesome. The source of the naming comes from ARM president Tudor Brown, who blurted to Forbes that Ice Cream would be the name Google would choose once they get to “i”.

Study Finds Your Phone Is Dirtier Than A Toilet. How Surprising? Oh Really?

As if no one thought this was possible: your phone has 18 times more germs than a toilet handle after you’ve been using it, washing your hands, but not disinfecting your phone. The study, studied by Stanford University students found that:

“If you put virus on a surface, like an iPhone, about 30 percent of it will get on your fingertips,” Julian said. In turn, “a fair amount of it may go from your fingers to your eyes, mouth or nose,” the most likely routes of infection.

So rule number one: beware of the phone at display at your local Apple Store or friendly Radioshack. And don’t touch other people’s phones. And for crying out loud, don’t be a filthy pig, because the Angry Birds will get you.

Via: Sacbee, The Oatmeal (image)