Samsung Continuum Just Passed By The FCC’s Desk?

While it is a boring Sunday for tech news and Halloween for some, that doesn’t stop me looking for the best stuff to put out for you guys to read, does it? The Samsung Continuum, recognized by me in its unusually long-profile, is seen above and the label insides the battery compartment is after the break. This recent filing, along with others using the same model number, possibly variants, made on the 28th shows proof that the Samsung Continuum is in fact the device we’ll be seeing on the 8th of November. Now I just have to be there to figure that out, which I will.

Via: FCC

Coming Up This Week On LaptopMemo: More Reviews & News Than You Can Shake A Broom At

It’s Halloween, my least favorite holiday! Don’t flame me, just listen on what’s coming up this week on LaptopMemo, besides my travel to New York for CES Preview and Samsung Mobile’s highly-anticipated mobile event. First off, the Epic 4G will be in the house, along with the unreleased Motorola DEFY, some new laptop reviews, a little Windows Phone 7 (possibly a very sexy slider with the name “Venue” in it), and lastly whatever fun that might pop up within the upcoming week of tech news.

Meaning that you’ll have to check this site almost everyday. I know you can squeeze time though to fill us in.

Alienware M11x R2 review

Ah, the Alienware M11x. You see me talk much about it on my Twitter handle (@stefanetienne) and how much I adore it. It combines gaming, with battery life (a favorite feature of Stef) with good looks and build quality. Not much has changed since I last took a look at the M11x and shot it in Central Park, but it’s most definitely worth an extra look, this time for the new 2.26GHz Core i7 processor and Nvidia Optimus graphics. Join past after the break!

Quietly Rich: HTC Reports Record Q4 Earnings Of $3.3 Billion

So HTC is quietly brilliant, quietly rich. HTC has posted record profits for Q4, topping $3.3 billion on shipments of 9.9 million units. The company reports that it shipped almost 25 million total units in its fiscal 2010 year, planning to keep Android as its main building platform, but also keep Windows Phone 7 in the cards as “We believe the overall pie is still big enough to have at least three to four tier-1 players enjoy the growth momentum,” the company said in a recent statement.

And with new product launches on the 8th of November with the HTC Surround and upcoming HTC Merge, things really do look quite brilliant for HTC. Via: Reuters

Proving They Can Do Battle, U.S Cellular Announces Their Own Galaxy Tab

Interesting. A regional carrier is now the fifth to offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Loaded with Android 2.2 and TouchWiz 3.0, that mess of shiny and colorful albeit sometimes very pleasing user interface is coming this holiday season for an undisclosed price. On the flip-side of all of this, it’ll be 1 out of 6 possibilities to review the Galaxy Tab from Samsung (one for each carrier, and one from Samsung).

Angry Birds Plush Toys Go On Early Pre-Order For Release In December

Huzzah! The Angry Birds plush toys are in fact, very, very real. I’ve seen the little suckers plenty of times, and now it’s time for them to debut. Each one costs about $14.99 and are 8″ tall; they come in Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and White (you know, the Angry Birds, duh) and they make the usual “ahhhh-hingina” noises that actual come in the game.

In the meantime, I guess John Biggs will need to buy one for his 5-year-old. Via: ToyWiz

HTC Surround and Samsung Focus Pegged For That November 8th Gig

A bunch of awesome things happening on the 8th and 9th of November you ask? Call Of Duty: Black Ops launches on the 9th, while the Samsung Focus and HTC Surround launch on AT&T on the 8th along with Samsung’s possible Nexus Two or Samsung Continuum press conference (which we’ll be attending). LG’s entry into the Windows Phone 7 landscape, the LG Quantum, also launches the 8th. It’ll be one hell of a week in tech, eh? Via: PhoneScoop

New Rumor: Samsung To Launch Coveted Nexus Two On November 8th?

I don’t know how plausible the rumors swirling around the webs are, but as I know it, Samsung is launching a new Android device on the 8th of November and has begun inviting members of the press, me included, and I can report that I’ll be there for the launch. Originally I planned to be there for CES Preview a day later, but hey, the plans changed.

Now back to the “rumor”, the possibility of a Nexus Two is heavily disputed, as Google CEO Eric Schmidt dissed the idea after the web sales-only Nexus One, which ultimately succeeded in showing the new face of Android to the world, but failed in sales. At the moment there are conflicting reports that the Samsung Continuum would be launched on the 8th, although inviting all the major press to a critical event for something very mid-range like the Continuum may not be what Samsung has in mind; for one thing, all their recent product launches for Android have been big, and only big, although that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room left for one last, smaller event.

As for the idea that Google would only reside to HTC for the building of a new Nexus Two, that can be debunked due to the fact that insider info points to Sony Ericsson earlier this year for being put in charge of building the original N1, but then refused.

Even though we don’t know the entirety of what Samsung has in mind, you can bet that I’ll be at the conference, live-blogging, hands-on reporting, and blasting away on all our gadgets to bring you everything from the event in NYC.