Palm Pre 2 Docs Seen At Verizon, Don’t Mention Release At All

While the Palm Pre 2 is nothing amazing — same form factor with 1GHz processor, HP webOS 2.0, and an improved camera — Verizon does have Q4 2010 plans for it. Probably in time for the holiday season, the Palm Pre 2 will launch. And of course, I’ll try and convince my contact to let me review it (Palm didn’t quite like how I thought the Pre felt cheap. Right.) Via: IntoMobile

New iOS 4.2 Gold Master Release Fixes iPad’s Problems, Ready For Release

Earlier today we reported on the Wi-Fi issue plaguing iPads. This delayed the iOS 4.2 launch, but not for long; thanks to the speedsters at Cupertino, iOS 4.2 Gold Master edition (meaning final developer version) is out and ready again, without any Wi-Fi issues. The build number has been changed to build 8C134b, as opposed to the previous 8C134, and iTunes 10.1 is already released as of now with support for AirPrint, yay!) so now all that’s left is for Apple to make the move.

Via: Apple

Ah, Shoot! iOS 4.2 Delayed.

Interestingly, as with all Apple releases, when a new version of Mac OS X comes out (even if it’s just an update) we’re approached by a new version of iTunes or something. Today should have been the release of iOS 4.2 to the iPad and all iOS devices, but unfortunately, Cupertino and Jobs may have hit a snag. There’s talk of a Wi-Fi bug that is serious, and therefore the release will have to be delayed, along with our hope of AirPrint being included. This meaning iOS 4.2 will have to launch in the next few weeks, or (hopefully) days. Via: MacRumors

Start Praying: Gran Turismo 5 Release Pinned Down For November 24th

I don’t know anout you, but Gran Turismo 5 is the holy grail of video game delays besides Duke Nukem. But finally, a release date has been nailed for November 24th, so by then you’ll have th emost realistic racing simulator to date, along with nearly 1:1 realism, along with real-life tracks, 700-1000 cars that are fully destructible, weather effects, and day/night cycles while in-game.

Now let’s all just hope this stays solid. Via: Playstation Blog U.S.

Why Smartphones Will Start To Change In 2011 (Like The Continuum)

This post is essentially an opinion. A futuristic way of looking at things if you will. The Samsung Continuum was announced on the 8th, and debuted the 11th. It’s the first phone with a “ticker” display. And other handset manufacturers should start engineering similarly weird technologies as well.

Just think of it: the phone you have right now uses one screen. So does your TV, laptop, desktop (if you still have one), and just about anything else you may own. But starting now, your next smartphone might just have a second screen. The Samsung Continuum Galaxy S series phone is just one example. It has a ticker screen that is used for notifications and RSS feeds; you turn it on by gripping the bottom of your phone. This bit of engineering isn’t much (it’s just a second screen with messy Touchwiz, man), but when you think about it, if Samsung can be crazy enough to create something like the Continuum, then what else is everyone coming up with? What’s HTC doing in their Taiwanese labs? What about Apple in the dungeons of Cupertino? Heck, even Motorola (perhaps making a perfect R2-D2?)!

While we are still in the age of 1GHz phones with screens the size of a small piece of paper, technology moves very fast, and with that speed will come unfinished, crazy ideas that no one thinks might work. And just in that same matter, Android was born. So was the iPhone with its price and features. And let’s not forget the Palm Pre, either (although that wasn’t a success story, so let’s move on).

I may have not thought this post through correctly, but let me prove my point: I expect we’ll all be seeing some pretty crazy and cool phones on the market, starting the holiday season, and into 2011. I’m just saying.

HTC Incredible HD/Mecha seen with LTE, Verizon, and Sense

This is very sensible. Have an LTE 4G handset on Verizon, with Android 2.2 and the newest Sense UI, and every single spec matching that of the EVO 4G — sans front-facing camera (strange, I know). According to Android Central’s source (you know, the secret guy who took this photo), the phone currently gets 9Mbps down and 5Mbps up right now in testing phases. Nice!

Now how will Verizon hold up when everyone is using 4G at the same time? Via: Android Central