iTunes App Store Now Houses More Than 100,000 iPad Apps

That’s great news out of Cupertino this morning. The iTunes App Store is now home to 100,000 apps optimized or specifically made for the iPad. Is it unusual? Not in Apple’s case. Does it belittle other tablet makers and their app offerings? Very much so. With tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and HP Touchpad debuting with only a few hundred or thousand apps, to see this milestone come at the launch of said tablets either is infuriating or inspiring for them. Via: MacStories

Awkward: RIM Replies Anonymously To Open Letter By “High-Level” Anonymous Employee

If things couldn’t get worse for RIM than its falling stock, execs losing income, software flops, managerial crisis (as seen from the outside) and overall disapproval of their products, then it’s the open letter sent to BGR this morning regarding a long and candid look at where and how bad the company’s current status is, purportedly all written by a high-level employee who has been verified as an actual employee, but not to the point of a name or title.

On the other side, RIM published a blog post today in response to the letter — without anyone in the byline. Just another anonymous. Awkward. However, it’s good enough to know that despite all the negativity around the BlackBerry RIM is still up to responding to some of it.

Minecraft Beta 1.7 Is Out

Another set of Minecraft news! Minceraft Beta 1.7 is out and ready for download, and adds the following:

+ Added pistons
+ Fire or redstone is now required to trigger TNT
+ Fences can be stacked
+ Added shears
+ Shears can be used to pick up leaf blocks
+ Shears can be used to shear sheep without hurting them
* Sheep no longer drop wool from being punched
– Removed Herobrine

Windows Phone 7 Mango Now Available For Devs

Good evening, developers. Windows Phone 7 Mango is now available for all your geeky needs. You can make sure your apps are ready for the new releases, which severely adds speed, multitasking, and a wealth of support for HTML5 in the browser along with more capabilities for more internet-enriched applications. Starting now would give you guys the time you need to get the app ready in time, no? Go get ’em like a boss. Via: Windows Team Blog

Google+, The Social Network From Google, Is Here

This is better than Buzz. This is more intuitive than +1. It’s Google+. Google’s very first social network with great features will have to play catch-up with Facebook, but with an amazing interface and a mix of great features, it may have a chance. While I have not personally handled Google+ (but of course will), I can’t say what I like about it myself, but I will go into what Google+ has: Circles, which allows you to group contacts together in various social circles and share things only with the particular circles of your choosing; Sparks, which are topics similar to Twitter’s hashtags, and Hangouts, which are video chat rooms. There is also a mobile element/app to Google+, and for now focuses on text updates, photo and video sharing, along with good old location. It is currently in a private beta. A video after the break demos and explains Google+ features.

NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 580M Now In Alienware, MSi, And Origin Laptops

NVIDIA is having a great day at the office. Turns out the GeForce 580M can be touted as the “world’s fastest mobile GPU”, capable of running Crysis 2 on the new Ultra DX11 settings without much of an issue whatsoever. Meanwhile, the NVIDIA 570M is slightly weaker but is able to fit into more conventional systems, rather than large and power-hungry gaming rigs. It too is powerful, but not at all like the Crysis 2 performance seen on the 580M. Both 40-nanometer cards support DirectX11, OpenCL, PhysX, CUDA, 3D Vision, Verde drivers, Optimus, SLI, and 3DTV Play. As for manufacturers actually putting the chips into their notebooks (the power of each GPU can be altered by the OEM as well), Alienware has put in a fresh GTX 580M in their M18x laptop, while their older M17x will get a single-core version of the 580M with Optimus support rather than the defualt quad-core GPU that the normal 580M has, on top of the 1.5GB of GDDR5 memory, 384 cores running at 1.24GHz each, and a 256-bit memory bus. MSi and Origin have also released laptops today with the new GTX 580M as well.

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